Up to the Mountain

A few weeks ago my friend, Mikelle, and I decided a hike was in order. We didn't have a ton of time, so we just headed to a nearby trail. It's also one of my favorites.
Photobucket It was the peak of the fall colors. Perfect time to get outside!
Couldn't help it.
As we approached the meadow, we looked over to see two does hanging out. We didn't scare them off, but a dog, belonging to some hikers coming down the trail, did.
I tried my hardest to get a good running shot of them, and this is as good as it got.
I like this one too.
Gorgeous right? The trail is under a canopy of leaves the whole time.
And when it's not, you have views like this.
And at the top? There's a gorgeous waterfall and this is only a small part of it. I didn't get a picture of the large fall.
Our feet were hot from the hike and dirty from the dry trail, so we decided to cool and wash them off in the river. It was ICE cold. But it felt so good. After the first sting it wasn't that bad. We wanted to just jump in... but I was a little worried about the light, so it was time to head back down.
Down in that valley is where I live. nestled up against the mountains. How did I get so lucky?
Chances are, if you come to visit me- this is the hike we will be doing.


Megan Wait said...

Do you even realise how blessed you are? This is so amazing!

Emmett Katherine said...

Beautiful shots, the pics of the dors remind me of when I first started reading your blog and you had a lot of photos of Alaskan wildlife :)

Ash said...

chances are... i am on my way to visit you. because this hike is gorgeous.

Emily said...

Wow! These pictures are gorgeous. I need to get up in mountains one fall...it has been too long!


Chrissy said...

Beautiful photos! What a wonderful hike! xxx

Sara Harris said...

oh gentri you are so cute. and all these pictures make me want to go hike a mountain of my own!

Janette said...

You have NOOOOO idea how jealous I am.. Once again, I'm showing these pictures to Lovey.. Did I tell you I showed him your other ones? He said it was the best place on earth! lol Amazing!!!


Stephanie said...

so, so beautiful! I bet the water was freezing yikes!

Van Nguyen said...

Gorgeous! You'll have to tell what trail this is. I attempted Bells Canyon but failed to find/get to the waterfall.

Kallee Mae said...

So pretty!! I Love Utah!!

sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful colors! Lucky girl!

Allie said...

i wish i lived somewhere with fall! these are such beautiful photos!

Christine@Mavy May said...

Yes how did you get so lucky!? Beautiful pictures! Once again I am extremely jealous!
Christine :)
Mavy May Designs

Tereza said...

great shots, looks like such a lovely place to hike!

Karm said...

I envy you soooo much right now. You need to take me on a hike in this area!!!
Gorgeous photos Gentri!!

Treasure Tromp said...

oh this is so lovely!!

Dawn said...

All of those pictures are so amazing! Fall is definitely my favorite season, so seeing these pictures definitely made me happy. The waterfall had to be refreshing to see (and nice to listen to, really. I always am mesmerized by the gallons upon gallons of tumbling water). And the deer! Wow. I love them; they are such peaceful animals.

Dusti Kemp said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures. Love them.


Alyssa May Edwards said...

This looks like such a fun get away! Ahhh I want to go there!



Beckie said...

Gentri, I have no idea how you got so lucky. I am sure you deserve it though! It sounds (and looks) just magical. : ]

And! I will hold you to that "chances are" for the hike!

Jessi said...

Gorgeous photos!! Where is this?! I love hiking in good ole Utah! We see deer All. The. Time. Around here. Its pretty cool. But also kind of creepy when you're driving at night. Haha.
Oh, to answer your question, you probably didn't find me on Flock together because I got added to the group later :) my intro post is just barely going up today!

Ashley said...

I always love when you share pictures of how beautiful your state is! I bet that water was ice cold... I just want to dip my feet in it too. (:

Amanda said...

so many beautiful leafs!

Claire said...

lovely colours, the area looks beautiful

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