Mom's Best and The Children's Justice Center

Last week I was lucky to attend the Mom's Best Network event to raise money and awareness for The Children's Justice Center. It's a special home for those children suffering from abusive situations. A place where they can feel comfort, safety, and love. There were product reviews, giveaways, delicious food, lots of mingling, and best of all- an auction!

I invited Elsha and Deidre to tag along, and we had so much fun!
The event was held at The Manor, located in the Riverwood's Shopping Center.
There were lots of awesome products for the mother's in attendance...
Dollhouses up for auction (they represent a safe home for the children involved)...
But there were also plenty of awesome products for us without children.
These are so cool and perfect for all of us with camera phones.
A lot of the products were perfect for us fashion loving ladies.
They had live music and the food was delicious.
I also tried Creme Brulee for the first time!
I really wanted to participate in the auction, not only because it was awesome and they had a professional auctioneer, but because it was such a good cause, and I wanted to help. So I won the Park's Sportsmens Gift Certificate. It's perfect because I drew my BIL's name for Christmas, and everything he wants I can get there.
The Auctioneer. He was hilarious!
After the event, we walked outside to see them testing the lights for the lighting event. Sneak Peek! So awesome.
It was so much fun and I truly hope that the event made a big difference for all of the children who need their lives changed.

All of the beautiful photos (besides the last one, which I stole from Elsha) are c/o Heather Telford Photography. The event was also hosted by Edge Homes.

and for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this video of the auctioneer.


Amanda said...

Professional auctioneers are insane! I can't wrap my mind around how they talk so fast!

Marlen said...

That's such a wonderful event, and on top of doing good it looked really fun! So many stylish ladies milling about in one room- i love you and your friends pattern mixing.

And I especially liked the idea of auctioning a doll house bc it represents a safe home. That was so sweet

Alyssa May Edwards said...

Awww this is so awesome!!! The Christmas lights are amazing!!



Kallee Mae said...

K you always are attending the cutest events! I was so bummed I couldn't go to that one you sent me the invite for... but you should definitely let me know of others so I can tag along with you! haha
Oh and off subject... you asked what my symptoms were, I was having a sharp pain in my heart area every time inhaled. And funny you said you had graves disease cause they actually scanned my thyroid to see if it was something to do with that! ha but it wasn't my thyroid nor anything else! And now it has been gone for a week... so weird!
Sorry longest post ever! But what a fun event!

SarahJane Miller said...

WHat a wonderful event! LIke I said, you know how to party :)

Katie said...

what a neat event! so cool you got to be a part of it and help support them!

kelsey bang said...

oh look so fun! what a great get together!

Camille said...

So fun!! Such a great cause, too. Glad to see that there was so much support!

Kelsey Eaton said...

What a fun event! You guys look great!

Amy said...

What a wonderful event for such an awesome cause!

ohseems said...

looked like a great & fun event! i love the xmas lights!

Shannon Willardson said...

Love all those shoes!


SueAnn said...

What a fun event! I am friend with heather, she is. Such. An amazing photographer!

Jessi said...

This looks so fun! I love all the minnetonkas! That's awesome that you won a gift card! How perfect. Oh, and I can't wait to hang out again either :)

Christine said...

how fun is this?? I wish we had one here in Portland! And your pictures are AMAZING!!

Ashley said...

beautiful! That was the first time you tried a creme brulee?? Dude!

I'm in love with those lights!

Ali W. said...

This is so awesome! I would love to participate on something like this. I really need to be more resourceful and figure out when things are happening in my city. Did you like the Creme Brulee?!! It's one of my very FAVORITE desserts!

Stephanie said...

How was creme brulee?!? It looks yummy, but I've never tried it. I love the dollhouse idea representing the safe home - so important!

Leah said...

Looks like a great event, and for such a good cause.

The Adventurer said...

SO FUN!!! Ahh and the lights. Dying!

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