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This is a very special Ladies of the Mountains post. Why? Because it is the first time we're having a guest Mountain Lady join us!! Woohoo! From now on, each month we'll have a different mountain lady joining us. So look out for lots of fun!

Today for LOTM we are sharing our favorite hiking items. I'll be honest, I'm not one who has a closet full of gear. Old tennis shoes, worn out tshirts, and jeans with holes in them is how I roll. Maybe one day I'll be a fancy hiker.

BUT I do have one thing that I always take with me. The Autoseal Contigo Water Bottles. These things are awesome. Granted, camelbacks or something similar are great for long trips. But for hikes like THIS one, these are perfect.

You don't have to stop to take off the lid on your water bottle, or touch the straw to close it with your dirty hiking hands. One push of a button= water. Let go of the button= automatically sealed. I don't even just use these for hiking. I use them all. the. time. Plus, they come in awesome colors.
They also have ones that hold the necessities that you don't want to carry while on a run, here!
So there you have it, my favorite hiking item! Be sure to check out the other mountain ladies!

Lena- on vacation
and our special guest host


Alyssa said...

A compartment in your water bottle?! That's so smart!! While I don't live near mountains, that would come in extremely handy on runs! I may need to look into this...

Amanda Ellexson said...

Haha apparently we like the same things, because I definitely wrote about my water bottle hahaha!

So happy to be a part of the lovely LOTM's this month!

Breenah said...

I don't run or hike or do anything outdoorsy, but I want one of those water bottles!

Gypsy in Jasper said...

Water is definitely the number one thing on any hike... or on any day. I bring a bottle of water nearly everywhere I go!

Alyssa May Edwards said...

Those water bottles look awesome!!



GingerPeachT said...

Thanks so much for posting!! I know now what to get for my hubby as one of his gifts :-)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

oh my gosh i want this, i lost my water bottle and i've been feeling lost, this looks like a good replacement.


chestnutmocha said...

I haven't picked a perfect bottle for myself yet. Ben has his favorite thought :-) It's so sunny today! I wish we could go hiking and I also wish it could stay as pretty and light till the weekend. I want to go hiking sooo much!
PS: I want to be a guest blogger, too! What are you posting about next month?

Kai Mercado said...

I have the last bottle you posted in pink and LOVE it!!!! I would suggest it to anyone...so nifty!

The Egg said...

i love that extra holder for cash, etc!!

xo the egg out west.

sweet harvest moon said...

Wow, this sounds amazing!

The question is; where to find this Europe?

Claire said...

that looks like a great idea! and nice looking too!

The Adventurer said...

That secret spot for your keys and stuff is GENIUS. I need one of these babies!

Girls Run Faster said...

LOOOOOVE the water bottle with a compartment! awesome.

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