Little Moose

If you know me, you know that foxes are my favorite animal. Always have been. But let's be honest, I'm a sucker for any woodland animal. So when I saw this Moose scarf in on Teaka Marie I HAD to have it.
I've only had it for a few days, but I've worn it each of them.
It is incredibly soft and warm. I just know this is my new favorite scarf. You know, the one I'm going to be wearing in every blog post from now until Spring.
We had a ton of snow over the weekend, but it's almost all melted by now. I kind of love that about this time of year. I love the snow, but then I want it to be warm again. So I get a bit of both.
I really just think this is going to be my go-to outfit this season. This shirt is from Sexy Modest and I've been wearing it way too much. The key to that is to just not see the same people... haha!
Give me a moose scarf and some freshly fallen snow and I am a happy lady!
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Kirsten Wiemer said...

ahh i love that scarf. looks so soft!


Danielle Carroll said...

Love that scarf! I have a affinity for moose. It's true. And reindeer! I want to rush Thanksgiving every year so I can put out all my cute rustic reindeer decor!

Courtney Ramsey said...

I'm totally obsessed with deer right now...a moose is kinda like a deer right?! :) Love that scarf!


SarahJane Miller said...

I am loving the scarf! You are so stylish!

Natalie said...

OH WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous of your lovely weather!!! That photo with you and the mountains and snow behind you is PERFECT!

Wait... they are all like that... it's the 5th picture.. and yes... I went back up and counted HAHAHA!!!!

kelsey bang said...

super cute! I love the color combo with the hat and shoes to! so cute!

A Girls Kind of Therapy said...

Love your hat, you look so cute!


Rachel said...

you are too cute. I love the scarf! I fully endorse wearing it all season.

Dusti Kemp said...

I love that scarf!!! Cute outfit :)


Ashley said...

I can't believe all that snow on the ground!!!

Love that scarf! (Can't wait to see it in every post) :-)

Shannon said...


Rachel Bethke said...

this look is so adorable! and i just adore this hat glad to see it again xoRachel

Beckie said...

This is great! Another of my favorite outfits of yours. I really really love this hat on you : ] And I can tell your hair is getting longer again, but I can't decide if I like it shorter or longer better--they're both good haha.

By the way, how do you do your hair? Do you just curl it? I am looking to start trying a similar hairstyle since my hair is always so flat, and I'm not sure which way I should go about doing it.

P.S.--I LOVE that coat in your last post. So glad you're getting it!

kellyelizabeth said...

!!!! gotta have this, love the moose!

I also have a super cute Christmas giveaway going on right now, check it out!

kelly elizabeth

carlee ellen said...

haha! i'm the same way. i have an outfit that is my go-to for a few weeks...and i literally think through who i am going to see and who has already seen me in it in the past week and a half. its a terrible habit...but hey! why not?!

Kaeli said...

Cute shirt! I love your necklace too. So glad I found your blog!

The Broadcloth

ashley.warner said...

haven't stopped by your blog for ages!
you look lovely as always Gentri!

xo - ashley

ps. i am hosting a giveaway for scrapbooking supplies if you're interested:

scrapbook giveaway

Two Happy Hearts said...

That scarf!! So adorable.
And that hat is perfect, too ;)

I'll be sure to stop by for the giveaway!

The Egg said...

i saw it on your instagram and was swooning!!

xo the egg out west.

Alyssa May Edwards said...

I love that scarf so much!!! And paired with that hat equals perfection!!!



MEl :) said...

love love that hat!

Bethany Small said...

Beautiful hat! Oh my goodness, the mountains are incredible with the snow!


Stephanie said...

I've been on a fox kick lately ever since I saw this beautiful shirt in Aritzia with a fox in size xxs so yeah, wasn't able to get it. My fox craving needs to be satisfied! Love your scarf lady, and I agree with you on the snow - like it, but then I want it to be warm.

jennifer lane designs said...

so cute! i am a sucker for scarves xo

Mel said...

This scarf is lovely ! And man, you look good in this outfit, hats suit you very well !

Rachel Sayumi. said...

you = cutest thing ever.

Elsha Bodily said...

Ok you're right, you're hair looked much longer in the ponytail last night:) but I love the color of this hat on you...why do you think the dark shades won't look good?

Marlen said...

awww it's so cute, and i see you're doing a giveaway with it! i already own too many scarves than i care to count, but im really loving that adorable print. and your hat is amazeballs!! i love that color

sweet harvest moon said...


Melissa Vega said...

Hey beautiful!

Man I have missed the blogging world.. feel like it's been forever and a day since I've connected with you all. Well, of course your outfit looks fabulous! Also wanted to say its such an inspiration to see how far your blog has come! Makes me want to blog more and more :)

- Melissa, The 25th Hour Blog

Ali W. said...

I love your scarf! You look so cute as always. I really really need some new scarves. I need to definitely check out Teaks Marie stuff.

Anouka said...

Beautiful scarf! Wow, there's so much snow where you live.


Kristin Reynolds said...

You are so freaking adorable and beautiful!



Jessi said...

your scarf and your hat are both super cute! I'd probably wear them both everyday! Also I love your lipstick. It's funny that you say the key is to just see different people because I totally do that! I'm like, did I wear this recently around this person...? Haha!

Anh said...

lovely scarf! you combined it wonderfully :)
best wishes, Anh from tha.Darlinh

Annie said...

What an adorable scarf! You look so cute & cozy :)

The Other Side of Gray

two birds said...

i love the scarf! it's gorgeous and fun and unique. and i love it with your great outfit. that hat looks fabulous on you!

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

FABULOUS!!! Loving the hat - I'm always slightly jealous of girls who can rock hats. I so can't pull them off! I kinda loved getting snow in Utah - not that I do anything beneficial like snowboarding, but it gives me an excuse to stay in and watch movies all day :)

Nicole Hedges said...

I love that hat your wearing so cute!

Tiana said...

You're right. What a fabulous scarf!
I think that part of the reason it's so beautiful is because you wear it :) You always style your pieces so beautifully and you can tell that you put a lot of thought into them! Gorgeous!

tiana of l'esthetique

Jana Faith said...

You make me want to wear my hats. I have a ton but I rarely wear them. Plus, I also wish it would stop being 70 degrees and snow already!

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