DIY Mint-Rose Toner

When Sarah contacted me about getting together with her to make "a week of beauty" posts, I was thrilled! Of course, coming up with our own beauty products sounded like a blast! But a day hanging out with Sarah was why I really said yes. She's definitely on of my favorite bloggers, and has been since I found her blog over a year ago. So we came up with 5 different beauty recipes, makeup tips, hair do's, and/ or skin care products. All so easy you can do them from home.

First up, Mint-Rose Toner.

To make this toner, you'll need:
-a small spray bottle
-witch hazel
-rose water
-mint leaves
The reason for the ingredients:
Witch Hazel- reduces oil and tightens the skin
Rose Water- rose is incredibly hydrating
Mint Leaves- cooling and soothing, helps reduce puffiness

And when I say "you will smell like roses all day", I'm not even kidding! In fact... I even just spritzed it on before I went On-Air the other day, just so I would smell good! haha! And as Sarah said, feel free to spray it on throughout the day for a Skin Pick-me-up! We always need those.

Check out Sarah's post and be sure to check back for more tips soon!


The Egg said...

loving this. i'm such a doofus when it comes to anything beauty! thanks for the tip

xo the egg out west.

Deidre Miller said...

I love this. I will be making it My skin is a disaster.

Rebecca said...

I definitely want to try this. It would make such a nice gift, too!

Amanda said...

um, i kinda love this! so excited to see what the others are!

Rachel Bethke said...

im not a huge fan of toner, it dries me out soooo bad. but i am lookin forward to the other tips!!! coconut oil is seriously the only thing i use anymore but i love trying new stuff! xoRachel

Alyssa May Edwards said...

I love rose!!!! I need to make this asap!!!



Treasure Tromp said...

what a great idea!! I think that I'll be trying this soon

Jessica Wray said...

as a skin junkie, I LOVE this. I bet it smells so good!

Stephanie said...

diy makeup/skincare is always a good thing because it can get so expensive buying it from the store! thanks for the diy :)

Alynne Leigh said...

How cute!

And pretty too (: Can't wait to try it out.


Sarah said...

Yay! It was so. Much fun doing this with you!

Amanda said...

Awesome! I had no idea you could make your own toner. Very cool.

trishie said...

I would love to try this DIY. Love the scent of roses.

I would like to invite you to enter the Pacifica gift set giveaway at my blog now: http://www.underlockandkeyblog.com/2012/11/pacifica-gift-set-giveaway.html

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Need to try this asap! Where do you get Witch Hazel & Rose Water??

jennifer lane designs said...

love this!

Laura Bissonnette said...

Be sure to check out my blog, your mint-rose toner is what I'm loving this week!
XO Laura from Bissonnette Blog

Brandi said...

Gah! So making that pumpkin mask!

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