Oregon Pt. 5

So sad that this is my last Oregon post. Really makes it feel like the trip is over. :( Even though I've been home for over a week...


1. Snapped this from that hidden trail my dad and I found
2. Still missing those waves
3. Taking Flight
4. I have a pic just like that from Alaska. It seemed appropriate to do it again
5. My dad found this "fossil" (he's always on the lookout for things like this) and asked me what I thought made it. I told him a very tiny shoe. We decided it was a little cowboy.
6. I just couldn't find that waterfall. Good thing that sign was there.
7. One of the days my mom took me thrifting, I found this vintage photo album that I'm going to use as my portfolio.
8. One night miss Nicole picked me up and we went to dinner and then out for ice cream. It was SO good and the flavors were so different! Not to mention FINALLY meeting Nicole was awesome! She's so sweet and it was just like we'd known each other forever. She is one of my oldest blog friends, after all. I loved the ice cream place/ location so much that I brought my parents back a few nights later. If you're ever in Portland- GO to 23rd street. So many fun shops and restaurants!
9. You know you're from Utah when you make your own fry sauce every where you go.

For some reason, Oregon has an obsession with making gross souvenirs.
10. Dissect owl puke? no thanks.
11. napkins (and more) made from recycled poop?? NO. Thanks.
12. Bacteria Buddies. Stuffed toys shaped like different types of bacteria... Athletes foot, diarrhea  bad breath, and more... NO!

That's it for my Oregon trip. If you've been considering taking a trip there, I highly recommend it! Where should I go next?!


Sarah said...

Napkins made from cow poo?!? Seriously? Ewww!!

Amanda said...

I simply adore Oregon and it looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time!

Freya Lily said...

Ah my first love, Oregon :)

Emily said...

nooooooooo don't be over!
i'm pretty darn sad, now.
p.s. the leather photo album was probably my favorite instagram of yours ever.

meandmr.com said...

Cute! I love all your pictures girl! Looks like so much fun!

Chrissy said...

Ah, gorgeous photos! I really enjoyed all the wonderful Oregon posts! xxx

Lindsey Marlor said...

how do you have such pretty handwriting in the sand hah! :)

Nikki said...

WOW gorgeous pics!! It looks so beautiful :) Xx

Alyssa Ann said...

My favorite is #4 the heart in the sand! Looks like an epic trip and uh I would touch that owl dung with a 10 ft pole! LOL

Amy Reed said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay in Oregon. I know I'm incredibly biased but they call the NW "God's Country" for reason! And how could you seriously wipe your mouth with those napkins? Seriously?

Kaytee Lauren said...

Your blog is looking amazing! Not sure how I missed the new layout......is it super new? or am I just late?

ps. do you have a twitter YET? :P


Brandi said...

Loving ALL of your pictures! And I'm just like your dad- collecting fossils and rocks from various adventures :)

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