Opera Outfit

I needed a fancy yet not too fancy outfit for the night at the Opera. I had been dying to have a leather a-line skirt, so I was super excited when I found this blush colored one at H&M. I love having a touch of leather in an outfit.
This shirt is from Sexy Modest Boutique. They're an awesome boutique in Utah, but you can also buy their items on their Facebook page!
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I wanted to do my makeup a little different than normal for the evening event. So I decided to do a smokey eye. I usually keep my eye neutral and do a bold lip.
But I really enjoyed Doing the smokey eye for a night. I used to do it all the time, I think I'll start doing it more often, again.
I wanted to balance the smoky eye with a lighter lip. This color is called "Peach-Stock" from MAC. I looooove this color!
What do you think? Fancy enough for the Opera? I already wore it, so it doesn't really make a difference. haha!


Nelle Creations said...

Super cute and your make-up looks amazing.

Hope you can check out my latest post and enter my giveaway.

Hima said...

Definitely opera material :) I love your make-up! I can never pull off any kind of eye shadow.


Janette said...

Oooh! Hot mama! Loving this! And that blush color is perfection! I would love some pants in that color..


Rachel Sayumi. said...

I LOVE this outfit!!!!!! love love love. so sophisticated. you look so hawt! I wore something almost exacly the same here:


so it made me smile when I saw you wearing this (: hehe even twinsy cheetah shoes!


Ashley said...

Can I send you my address so you can send over this skirt??? I LOVE it. I say yes! Perfect outfit for the opera.

Amber said...

you totally look fancy enough for the opera but not stuffy fancy. :)

Rolled Up Pretty said...

AGHHH! You look so pretty! LOVE the makeup, LOVE the nails, LOVE the outfit! How was the opera? FUN!?

Dearest Lou said...

I love this look Gentri you look stunning! Perfect outfit!


Kallee Mae said...

You look darling!! Love it!



kristine parrish said...

Gaw-Gus!!! Love the outfit, it's a perfect look for the Opera! Wish I could do my eye makeup like that....and now I'm seriously wanting to get to MAC for that shade of lipstick!

Justina F. Lee said...

Really cute outfit! I love nights where I can dress up.

Elisha said...

And the new look is so clean and cute. :)

Rachael-Marie said...

You look fab - don't EVER think otherwise - round are you not hehe Absolutely fabulous - you have the look for the season ehhe xxxx

Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

Love this outfit! Fancy but not to fancy. I love the colors and those shoes are beautiful!
Almost Endearing

buttonsbeadsbeauty said...

gorgeous! i especiallly love the smokey eye and the gorgeous wedges!!ive never been to the oprah it sound amazing! xoxo

Sabrina T. said...

such a cute outfit:)
nice place

check mine out and follow if u like it..kiss

Patchwork à Porter

Allison said...

So cute! Can you come do my make up please? ;)

Heidi-likes said...

Those shoes are beautiful, I love the whole look! X


briannelee said...

Love your leopard wedges!

Don't forget to enter my Phoenix & CO. jewelry giveaway!!!


Mika said...

I love it! Hope you enjoyed the Opera! :)

jennifer lane designs said...

such a cute outfit! love the colors and the sassy shoes :)

Magda Fleurimond said...

Cute outfit well put together, very elegant :)
Wanna follow each other let me know, I would be glad to follow back :)

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh gosh, i adore the color of that skirt you are wearing! it is perfect.

lindsey louise


Head to Toe Chic said...

LOVE this outfit!! Your skirt is gorgeous on you and I love the color!


Bridgette Nicole said...

How have I NOT followed you before? Seriously. You are darling. Love the opera outfit. Good choice! :)
Follow me back @bridgettenicole.blogspot.com

Lauren Cooper said...

Those shoes!! I'm in l.o.v.e with them! And could you be any more beautiful!! Sheesh!! Maybe you can show me some make up tips!! ahh! Is it Thursday yet?!

Hannah Lynnelle said...

such an awesome outfit! You look super cute! :)
PS. I'm loving you new blog design! Very Nice!

The Bookness said...

Yay for leather skirts. =)
And yes, the opera must have loved you!

Mandy & Spencer said...

i am so glad the blouse worked out! you look so cute! it was lovely to meet you gentri and to chat ;) come into the store again soon

Chymecindy** said...

You look amazing.

Jenny said...

I love the smokey eye look on you, so pretty :)

Daryl said...

so cute! AND I'M JEALOUS, because I tried on that skirt or at least a very similar one and it was wayyyyy too short for me to wear!

Dorien said...

What a gorgeous outfit, I love it!

Margaret said...

Wow looking fierce!
Gorgeous skirt and makeup <3

stephanie said...

So cute!!!

Kelsi @ Brighter Sides said...

Beautiful! I love your hair too, I can't wait til mine gros out.

Tereza said...

This is such a cute outfit I love those pumps!!

kcomekarolina said...

that looks fab!

xoxo from rome

natalie blair said...

So cute!!!! I love your eye makeup! Did you do it??? It's gorgeous!

Ashley said...

I love your outfit! I have been wanting to find a skirt with a cut like that... I love how yours is leather but not black leather.

I love your look though! Great colors, definitely dressed up enough, and your makeup goes great with the clothes.

chestnutmocha said...

very cute! Love the watch and the skirt. I hope you enjoyed the opera))

goodbadandfab said...

Amazing! Keep up the fabulous work!

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