Have you guys heard of (kno)Name? Well, their flektor watches are only the coolest new watches around!

They're chic, minimalistic, and still bold and unique.
(I'm not sure what this pose is, so don't ask)

I chose the white one, it goes with everything! I took it with me to Portland and wore it pretty much every day! But they have a bunch of colors to choose from.

When just left alone, it appears to be a mirror, but a simple press of the buttons reveals the time in digital form.

plus, it has so many other usefull functions. Use it to check your makeup (can you see me in the reflection?), use it to signal for help with the sun, or use it as a spy to check around corners. ;) Seriously though, it is the coolest watch.

So basically, everyone needs to own one of these babies. I've had people stop me to ask me about it, and even my dad liked it! And he usually only cares about $5 walmart watches.

Make sure you head over to the (kno)Name site to grab your own!

(kno)Name is even going to help you do that by offering you 15% off with the code "GENTRILEE"! 


Carrie said...

I love that watch! I saw it about a month ago on another blog and keep thinking about it - what a nice surprise to see it here, too!

Anonymous said...

Weird! Saunder (one of the founders) is in my institute class haha.

Loren C. said...

I just love what they stand for!Everyone needs a dream. I just got mine. They did not have my first choice color but they look so cool.

Kallee Mae said...

This watch is amazing!! So cute! And you look so cute!



Sarah McConnell said...

How gorgeous! I definitely want one.

meandmr.com said...

Great outfit! I love that dress :)

Hima said...

That's so cool! My lit teacher had a watch like.that in black two years ago and I thought it was the best! She was pretty imposing, so I never got up the nerve to ask her where she got it. Guess I know where to get one.now :)
Have a great weekend!


brooke field said...

cute watch, BUT the lighting in these photos is beautiful + love your outfit with those tights!

Ruth Reyes said...

Umm...so cool! Thanks for sharing this rockin' watch!

patience said...

that's so unique!

and whooaaa...looks like we both live in front of a mountain! beautiful!

circleofchaos said...

Nice outfit.:-)
Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
My Blog

Beth Mayberry said...

LOVE those mountains! GOSH we are so lucky to live close to such beauties!

AngieB said...

LOVEEE this outfit! I need your stockings! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following now.

Dorien said...

I've seen on a couple of blogs and I definitely think it's really cool. I think the same of your dress, so freaking pretty for colder days! xo

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