Indian Summer

As you may have noticed, Gentri Lee got a little (or drastic) makeover!! It's just what I wanted. Clean, professional, yet full of personality. Lula from Lulapalooza was my original blog designer and I was so glad when she was back on the blogging scene. I needed her artistic genius! Thanks, Lula!!


I am loving this dress from Sugarlips and these earrings and necklace from Jennifer Lane Designs! They made the perfect combo for an Indian Summer outfit.

The dress is super comfortable and will easily be worn in Summer or Fall.

It might be pattern overload, but I paired it with my leopard wedges. I just can't get enough of these babies!

This locket has become a new favorite necklace of mine. I love the antique brass and design.

And the earrings are light and definitely something I could wear for an entire day! I usually stick to studs because long earrings give me headaches (lots of things give me headaches... womp womp) and make my ears feel like they're falling off. But I forgot I was wearing these! That's how comfortable they are.

If you're looking for the perfect new Indian Summer dress or Antique inspired jewelry, then I highly suggest these babies!


Eeny said...

cute outfit.

by the way, i love your new blog design.

Ellie Kornexl said...

I can't read the text? Is it just me?

Sarah Bear =] said...

Hey lovely. Gorgeous dress! :)
Just one thing, you may want to change the colour of your font! i can't see it :P
Sarah xox


eryka {from abcde} said...

i love the new design and love this dress! XO

Abbey said...

Hey girl, just a heads up -- something funky is going on with your new layout colors! I had to highlight the text to be able to read it.

Mary ♡ Fashionbirds said...


Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

Molly said...

LOVE-ing the new design. You are such an inspiration, and it is so fun to see you move on to the next chapter of your life! Thanks for loving what you do, and sharing it with us. I hope to meet you one day, Gentri Lee!

Heather Belle said...

Loving the print on that dress! So cute!!
xo Heather

Denise Pacurar said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! And your new layout looks great! :)

VOGUELE said...

Hi girl!
You are so cute!
ANTIQUE! thats right!

Karm said...

oh my! Your blog design is awesome. I am diggin the look.
Also, that dress makes me miss summer... and I can't believe I just admitted that, because all summer I complained about how much I wanted it to be Fall haha

Kallee Mae said...

You look so cute! Love this dress especially with those shoes!



Laurie said...

I love your new blog design! It is simple, clean, and easy to navigate.

I have been thinking of giving my blog a little "face lift" too. I have had the same design since i started blogging last October, so it's time for a change.

PS: I love your earrings too!

Nowak said...

At first the Blog-layout is great! and your dress is beautiful!

Nowak said...

love such vintage shots! they look great together :)

The Braided Bandit said...

I have been eyeing that dress- you look gorgeous in it and the lighting in these is so pretty, you are glowing!

Lindsey Marlor said...

loving the look!! i am too into the indian styles these days!! :)

olga said...

I so in love with your blog, you have great sense of style! You look very chic and elegant
Would you like to follow each other? Will be glad to hear from you ;o)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

Gentri, between the new, ultra modern and slick blog design plus your darlingest outfit post i just don't know what's better! perhaps i should call it a tie cos i'm loving each very much!! haven't worn earrings much over the years but sometimes headbands give me the aches. can't stand the vice grip feeling i guess.

love the sweet locket and that patterned dress with leopard flats. great mix lades!

um, i think it's cool cos your header is a similar color combo as your pretty eyes, Lula nailed it! awesomeness reverberated again and again. xo ♥

Mish Rendon said...

that dress is so pretty! :)

XO, Mish

Alexis Kaye said...

you are a beautiful girl! And the outfit is perfect for you :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

umm hello you are so gorgeous. seriously.
love this outfit. perfect indian summer dress.


Beckie said...

Whew! Ok, I am finally playing catch-up again. I've had a busy week!

--Beautiful dress here Gentri! I love the color and pattern, and it looks so great on you. And I'm diggin the makeover. Not going to lie, I liked the layout before, but I totally understand the need for change and this is a pretty nice change : ]

--Woooooooooooooow. Those pictures you took of the changing leaves? Just wow! All the words you used were perfect, but "breathtaking" was the most accurate. I can see why you love Utah so much. I'm entranced! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. (I'm so jealous!) ; ]

--I am super jealous of your new sunglasses too. I have been wanting floral frames like for awhile now, but I just can't justify paying for them. Gosh darn it. Maybe I'll Modpodge some I already have or something! And I think this is my favorite outfit of yours so far. So grown-up but still young. I love it!

--It's SO cool you got to go to an opera!! I have been wanting to go to one for just ages, but tickets are oh so expensive. Really, very cool. And how is your sister so much taller than you?! Does shortness show up in any of your other family members?

--And finally, Salvage West makes some beautiful things. I love what they're all about too : ]

I think I say this every time, but I'll try not to get so behind again haha!

jennifer lane designs said...

ahhhh! i am so glad you love the necklace and earrings! that outfit is sooooooo good :)

Sarah@AlpinePoppy said...

I love the new design!! Stylish, clean, absolutely fabulous!!

Jana Faith said...

Hey cutie patootie, love the dress. Saw some hiker boots with high heels at Target tonight and thought of your style. I'm diggin the new layout.

Ashley said...

No, seriously...this dress if fantastic!! I need to check out this Sugarlips.

Chloe said...

Wow I love that dress, you've styled it beautifully with the jewellery. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Would you like to follow each other?

Chloe xx

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Loving the new design! Your blog reflects your style and I love that. And how adorable are you?!

Bekuh Browning said...

You are so cute, as is your new blog design! I love it.

ZxM Style-Squared said...

Oh what a beautiful dress!!! Love the pattern! Comfortable yet stylish! My favorite combo!!!;)))

Ps. Let us know if you would like to follow each other


Michael Z said...

Diggin' the new design! I need to get one done myself. I'm tired of usin Blogger's templates. They're so restricting!

As for that dress - it's adorable! It can definitely be used into fall. Pair it with leggings and boots... good to go!

Katrina Sophia said...

Loving your new layout!! You look gorgeous too

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Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} said...

I love the new design!!!! Everything is so organized! I like coming across blogs that are easy to read like this. She did a great job!

Harley said...

love the print and you look fab in red.

The Adventurer said...

I'm off to buy that dress now. BAH this girl LOVES aztec prints!

Amanda said...

super cute dress!

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