Esthetician or Aesthetician? Lash Serums

As an esthetician I can work with dermatologists. Dermatologists don't only treat the skin, but also the hair and nails. So when Mary Kay Consultant Jackie Saragar contacted me about testing their new Lash and Brow building serum, I quickly said yes... And then I realized that I had Lash Extensions and couldn't use it! So I asked the girls in my class if any of them wanted to try it and of course, they all did. But I gave it to Codie who spoke first. Haha! (and now I don't have lash extensions and I wish I hadn't given it away! I want to try it!)

SO here's miss Codie, being the model. :) She was great to send me the pictures, since I had graduated and moved.

The after pictures were taken about 6 weeks after she started using the Lash and Brow builder. You can definitely see a difference in the thickness of the lashes and the overall health. I know that best results are seen about 6 months after you start using lash building serums, so I'm sure in a few months these lashes will be even more stunning.

The Mary Kay Serum uses ingredients like Amino Acids and/ or Peptides. These are proteins that nourish the skin and hair, so it only makes sense to include them in this serum. They help build and strengthen the lashes to help them grow faster, stronger, and thicker.

I have never tried the medical grade lash serums such as Latisse, but I can imagine that the Mary Kay Lash and Brow Builder would deliver the same results for a fraction of the cost!

So if you're looking to build your lashes and brows but don't want to break the bank, give the Mary Kay Lash and Brow Builder a try! I know that Jackie would love to help you out!


rachel said...

i swear by Rapid Lash. I couldn't believe how amazing my results were after using it for about 6 weeks - very similar it looks like to the Mary Kay. I've tried other kinds and they didn;t work well at all....i just keep going back to Rapid Lash. I love this stuff!

Janette said...

Girly! I need this stat! My eyelashes are sparse and not very full! I want to look like doe! lol


Abbey said...

I've always been scared away because the commercials for Latisse say it can change your eye color! Have you heard of that happening with the Mary Kay one at all?

Deidre Miller said...

I sell Mary Kay and just started using this! If you want to do a tradesy I can get you some or if you just one some for half off or whatever! I love it.

Izumi Bogen said...

I've been interested to try this!

xx. Hybrid Hunter

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Jessica Belnap said...

I like your new design.

Jessica recently posted, Flashback Friday: Tale of my batshiz crazy rabbit.

Rebecca Perks said...

I'd love to try this, I'd love thicker lashes, Bec :) x

If you get time i'd love you to check out some of my pages


Elle-Living in Color said...

Hello! I just came across your blog, and I love it! I’ve decided to follow you! If you get a minute, I’d love to know what you think of my latest outfit post! While you’re visiting, follow along so we can keep in touch! :)
xo, elle from Living in Color.

Jackie said...

Hi friends, just to follow up, it's Jackie, the Mary Kay Consultant here!

I have asked specifically about the safety of this product. I have spoken with medical relations at Mary Kay Corporate, as well as Dr. Mark Barlow, a board certified plastic surgeon who knows the Mary Kay product line backwards and forwards.

Dr. Barlow and MK corp. told me that because it's not a prescription or over the counter drug, but a cosmetic item, it is as safe to use as a lipstick. (And muuuuuch cheaper!)

Also, it shouldn't effect your eye color at all, all it does is make your lashes and brows grow longer (not darker, which is what effect the color.)

I am running a special! If you jump on my website and order it with a mascara of your choice I will give you the mascara half off! Just mention this post! You also get the gift with purchase, which is a mini satin hands set! IT's a steal!

Let me know if you have questions!

Christina Christy said...

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