Staycation Pt. 2

On Thursday we headed to our cabin.

This is seriously one of my favorite places on Earth. First, Katrina was so so sweet and came all the way up to take our family pictures (but I won't have those for a few weeks). After pictures, we took her home, and set up the fire.

Hot dogs and s'mores. Yum.


Just as we were finishing eating, a thunderstorm rolled in. So we grabbed our things and ran inside.


My dad had been out on the 4wheeler when it started raining, he was soaked.

To pass the evening time, we decided to play charades.

Don't you love the s'more streak on his cheek?

They were being the triplets from Brave.

Then it was time to start the "scary" stories. Oh my, Henry's stories were so cute...

"It was a scaaaaaary Halloween. And there was a good thing, and there was a scaaary giraffe. And there was a good bear. And the good bear ATE the bad giraffe!"

They all sounded similar to that, and it was so cute. One of his stories, unfortunately, involved a witch. As soon as he said "witch", my mom thought it would be funny to "cackle". Well, her cackle was pretty believable. Henry stopped... looked at her... and said "don't do that.", then a few seconds later he started to cry. aaaaaaaaaw! Poor thing. But it was pretty funny.

Then my dad shared some of his childhood stories and the story about how he and my mom met.

After story time, we all settled in for the night.


Elsha Bodily said...

Those rainstorms were insane!!! I was expecting a little more mud in that pic though:)

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Love the idea of story time...sounds like so much fun.

Becca said...

looks like a relaxing blast! beautiful pics.

Sarah said...

I love when you post about the family cabin. What a beautiful place to get to spend quality time with your family. How old is Henry? That's how my 5 year old's stories and jokes go. So cute and so funny!

Liz Kantner said...

Looks like such a fun adventure with your family!

Thanks for following along with my New Mexico trip on Instagram :)

indie by heart said...

Adorable family photos and lovely moments. :)

Indie by heart

Anna said...

looks like such a blast!!

Sammantha said...

I am incredibly jealous of all of this! Looks like a blast!


The Adventurer said...

I want to come on a family vacation. Like, for reals. Especially if there are going to be scary giraffe stories.

And s'mores.

Mostly the s'mores.

Beckie said...

I love this part of your staycation too! I would love to be able to do something like this semi-often in the future. Getting away from the city can be so refreshing : ]

And your pictures turned out fantastic! Both the people in the foreground and the trees in the background are awesome. It's been too long since I've been to any woods. These are a nice reminder of nice they can be to visit : ]

Stesha said...

looks like you had a great vaca! I am catching up on your blog, I have missed you!

xxClassic & Bubbly

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