Staycation Pt. 1

Staycation= Vacation w/o the traveling

Last week, my sister and her family were visiting from Georgia. They were meeting some friends in Southern Utah, and lucky me, I live(d) there! I was able to take them to some favorite restaurants and adventure spots.

We ate at the best breakfast spot in town, and then headed up to hike the "narrows". (mini version)

The men weren't able to make it through. But despite their doubts, my sister and her friend made it through, and the kids walked through, no problem.

You may remember the narrows from THIS post. It really seems like you're going to get stuck at certain points. haha!

This is what it looks like when you come out the top. So crazy!

Afterwards, we hung out at the temple, then I went home to pack and get ready for my last day at school (for two weeks). My sister and her friend, Ashley, came in and received facials and spray tans.

The next morning, we headed to see my friend's goats. My sister remembered all of my goat posts (here, here, here, and here <-- That's the post where they were the smallest), and wanted to show the kiddos. They were a big hit!


They're not quite babies anymore. It's crazy how quickly they grew!

Remember how I would love a pet goat? Well, I think I'm allergic. I always get itchy when I get close to the goats. Sad day!

We then ended the Southern Utah adventure with lunch at In-N-Out.

We headed back to Northern Utah, to spend the week with the rest of the family. Posts to come...


GingerPeachT said...

Ok, you walked through those rocks?! Like in that tiny space? I'd be so scared! Lol
Those goats are so adorable. :-)
Oh and I have a posh facial I want to send you to get your opinion on it! It's part of the take home facials we just started to sell (in the cute take out box lol). So let me know if that sounds fun or not!

Allison said...

Aw I love staycations. Looks like so much fun!

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

It all looks like so much fun! I don't think I could ever make it through the narrows, I'm pretty sure I would be way too claustrophobic.

Beckie said...

What an awesome staycation! It's always fun to see new sites when you're visiting someone, but it can be just as fun showing visitors sites you're already familiar with. It looks like it was a hit! I mean top it off with goats and In-n-Out? How could it not be?! If I ever go to southern Utah I'll just hire you to show me around haha.

And I LOVE the video of your nephew! I laughed and smiled quite a bit. Too cute : ] And it actually reminds me of the last time I went miniature golfing. I was trying to hit the ball up a hill and into the hole that was sometimes blocked by the windmill arms. Yeah, I took like 15 hits before I gave up and threw it in instead. The guys that were waiting applauded me and were just like "Hey, that works!" haha! I love mini golf : ]

Freya Lily said...

Oh those narrows look so scary!

Brooke said...

Haha seriously cracking up that you might be allergic to goats. WHYYY???? That would be so sad! (I swear I'm not laughing in a mean way.. it just kind of figures, right? Like, that WOULD happen)


Happy Labor Day dear!

Shalyn said...

I am literally ITCHING to visit Utah! :) My layover there simply was not long enough! Looks like such a fun stay cation! XOXOXO

LaynahRose said...

Um, do you realise how insanely lucky you are that hiking the narrows consists of a STAYcation for you?! So gorgeous. Looks like you had sooo much fun

brooke field said...

The Adams!

Jana Faith said...

Just looking at The Narrows makes me nervous... I'm semi-claustrophobic and I can imagine myself hyperventilating and getting stuck in there. Oh, you're so brave! Looks like ya'll had a good time though. :o)

maitĂȘ said...

I can't walk between that rocks. I'm a little bit chubby. That's an amazing place :)I can't walk between that rocks. I'm a little bit chubby. That's an amazing place :)

Christine@Mavy May Designs said...

I don't know if I'd walk through those rocks :s I'm so sad to hear about your possible goat allergy. Looks like the kids loved them though :)

Elsha Bodily said...

The kids! The goats!!! Stop the cuteness :)

Sarah said...

The goats (so sad you could be allergic) and kiddos are adorable but those rocks are crazy!! I know I could never get myself to walk through there!

The Adventurer said...

That baby and the goat. Almost kissing.

I feel like it could be a greeting card about BFF's or something. You know? I know you know because thats how our friendship works :)

Beverly said...

oh.my.gosh.... you just had to tease us all with that shot of In-N-Out, didn't you?! WAHHHH I miss being home in Cali!!! I had no clue they have one in Utah!! Maybe there is hope for Oregon???

xo, Bev

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