I have been wanting to build my makeup portfolio, so my friend Aly came over, let me do her makeup, then snap a few pictures.
These are not me trying to be a photographer, fyi. Just building my makeup portfolio.





One of her best friends came along and they had a lot of fun. :)


We took the pictures up on the mountain that burned a few months ago. Everything is still ashy, but it's amazing how much new life has already started to grow.



I really wanted her makeup to be on trend for Fall 2012. The mulberry lip is all the rage!







Aly is always so fun to work with. She is such a great model!


Emmett Katherine said...

The lighting in these photos is fabulous and the makeup is gorgeous too! Schools going well I see!!

Alisha said...

She is gorgeous, and you did a fab job on her make-up. Lovely pictures, G! xo

Maria DaintyandDecadent said...

Gorgeous photos! They look like they are out of an Anthropologie catalog :-)

Elisha said...

She is gorgeous!! And you are a photographer without even trying to be! Great job!! (:


Nada Diaa said...

I love the makeup , the pictures , the photography quality , the model , the outfit and of course the post <3 you have done amazing job :)

Check out my latest post :)


Kelsey Elizabeth said...

stunning work! that lip color is so dreamy

Megan Wait said...

Absolutely gorgeous

Kate said...

You did such a great job! I LOVE that lip color!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

you are the best friend to have. i want a friend that comes over and makes me feel pretty and then takes pictures. youre the best. i love all of this.


Jenna said...

Beautiful work, Gentri! Now I want you to do my makeup. And I'm dying for a mulberry lipstick. Holy pretty.

Suzzie V said...

That color screams fall. It is perfect!

diary of this girl - megan said...

oh my gosh, you can do my makeup any day! these photos are gorgeous!

Tereza said...

I think the photos are awesome, and the makeup you did is stunning! she's gorgeous girl!

Amber said...

pretty shots and the make up you did looks fantastic. I love the lip you did on her. I need to find a lip color like the one you used. Its gorgeous.

Kaycie Eddie said...

These are gorgeous, Gentri! Looks like that camera's doing the trick!

maitĂȘ said...

I think you should invest in photography. You have a good eye for composition and can do very interesting editing choices. Looks like a magazine editorial. Go girl.

jennifer lane designs said...

looks like so much fun! love that lipstick

natalie blair said...

not only is the make up gorgeous but so are these photos!!!!!!!

PS.. what type of foundation are you using????? I need the perfect one!!

Melissa said...

Saw the sneak peek on Instagram and honestly, I'm blown away. So so beautiful! You are so talented!

Beckie said...

Ok, so this post is not about the photography, but really it should be ; ] Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Is it ok to be jealous that you have such stunning spaces to photograph in?

And of course the makeup is equally as beautiful! The color of the lipstick really looks great on her. And then the reds in her lips and skirt really looks nice against the colors in the background.

Beautiful work Gentri!

Wanderlust And Such said...

Wow! She is stunningly beautiful! And your awesome work with the make up just enhances her beauty! The lighting/scenery is gorgeous as well. Come to Holland and do my make-up, pretty please!?

I've missed reading your blog - hoping to catch up today and this week.


Beth said...

very cute denim vests! i think it takes a lot of courage to pull that off but you both do it so well!



Jana Faith said...

Great makeup! It looks natural while still enhancing her features. Would you say Mulberry could be a universally flattering lip color? I tend to stay away from lip colors because I've yet to find one that's flattering for me...

Treasure Tromp said...


jen said...

i love your fashion photo shoots!

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