Mountain Style- LOTM

I have been SO excited for this new series!
I am a mountain lady, and some of my closest blog friends are also mountain ladies. And we want to share the mountains with you. So welcome...

the Ladies of the Mountains
LOTM for short

For our first post, we wanted to share some Mountain Lady Style.

Being in a dress is one of my favorite things. I love feeling fancy... but not TOO fancy. I always have to dress it down with something more rugged.

This jacket is my favorite. I pretty much throw it over any outfit. It's my "adventure jacket". It comes with me everywhere.

I also love the brown leather belt (that you can't really see). I bought it in Alaska last year and wear it all too much. It's one of those awesome native beaded belts.... it's probably meant for children.

Plus, the mountains are cold, so you've always got to have a jacket around.

Us mountain ladies do not sacrifice style because we live in the wilderness. NO sir.

Check out the other Ladies and their versions of mountain style!

We will be posting twice a month featuring different things like- our favorite hikes, favorite products, mountain music, etc. Be sure to tune in every other Thursday to get your fill of mountain-awesomeness!


Chablis said...

You look darling. :) I like your "au natural" makeup...it looks sweet and fresh!

dailydoily said...

How fun! I'm so excited about this series. I'm a mountain girl at heart too. ♥Lindsay

Gypsy in Jasper said...

Hello gorgeous! You look fantastic in your mountain wear. I'm super pumped that this series has come together. Thanks so much for all of your effort. I think it has definitely paid off. xx

Gypsy in Jasper said...

Hello gorgeous! You look fantastic in your mountain wear. I'm super pumped that this series has come together. Thanks so much for all of your effort. I think it has definitely paid off. xx

Candace Stevenson said...

your hair is so so pretty, G :) And obvi in love with the outfit. Man, you're making me miss Utah! Arizona mountains are weak compared to Utah. Or compared to any mountain hah

Shannon said...

What a cute idea for a series. I love your look and I also love the mountains. :)


Karm said...

hahaha SO AWESOME! I just adore the whole LOTM things, when I first read your title, my first thought was "Lord of the Mountain"...? hahaha
Your jacket and outfit, if so cute and fun.

The Students Wife said...

I love it! You always look so cute :)


Kelley Spurlock said...

That dress? You're freaking rocking it, and I kind of want to steal those shoes right off your feet! Thanks for being the mama G to this whole LOTM thing. I'm so incredibly excited!

Jenny Stokes said...

i LOVE that green jacket!!! So cute! Lovely outfit!

maitĂȘ said...

I try to be more fashion with my sports coats, but never had the same success as you. You're super cute with this jacket. :)

ms.composure said...

omg this so so so awesome!! so excited to read more!


Ashley Slater said...

LOVE that dress ;) ;) ;) wherever did you get it?! haha, glad you are rocking it out-- it looks awesome on you!

kellyelizabeth said...

this is awesome!! I love the outfit, perfect mountain style :)

p.s. having my first ever giveaway!! stop by :)

kelly elizabeth

birdie said...

Ok I think I love this series a little too much. I went way outdoorsy this summer, climbing all over AF canyon and backpacking and whatnot, and I can't remove that organic mountain style from my wardrobe even now that school's started. Love love love your dress.

Elsha Bodily said...

ahhhh! I love this! And you look so amazing and happy in these pics :) Please never stop these posts

Shay said...

LOVE this series- I am in love with the mountains as well! Those pictures are darling- I love the third one, you are gorgeous!

Kaycie Eddie said...

Um, gorgeous pictures! And what a gorgeous lady! This look like the little park behind your house. Mountain style! I'm ALL over this! So fun!

Anonymous said...

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Joy Shana said...

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Lucia said...

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Meg said...

Super cute look! I'm loving your blog :-) Consider me an official follower! Xo

sasha said...

That's one thing I will always love about Utah. The mountains here are absolutely beautiful! And what a great little series! I'm excited to follow along. ;)

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