Little Golfer

So, I haven't just been at my cabin for the past week (oh how I wish I had been), I was only there for two days. But I've been with my family. I didn't even have time to line up a BOW. But I'm pretty sure this video will make up for it.

This is my nephew, he's a pro golfer...

He tried OH SO hard to make that shot.
With all of his strokes, he still somehow beat us all. Go figure.
Ignore my annoying "Yeah" and laugh at the end. Uck, I tried not to make any noise, so the little noise I did make sounded creepy.
Sorry i shot this in portrait instead of landscape, my hands were full.


Daryl said...

Oh my gosh, he is soooo cute!

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Yay!!! Cute little kid! Makes me miss my nieces & nephew!
Glad you had a great week off!

Benlovesting said...

Ah beautiful blog! x

Lacey in the City said...

Oh that was so darn cute!!! And once he got it, he was just so calm!

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