Kiki La'Rue

So, I've had this shirt for way too long without doing a proper review. I feel terrible about it, but it just didn't fit me correctly. No matter how hard I tried. So finally, I was able to see my sister and let her style it. She LOVES this shirt!

While this shirt is no longer available (doh!), Kiki La'Rue has a TON of other cute items to choose from! Head on over and pick one out. :D

This is her "really, Gentri? It took you this long to post about this top?" face...

But seriously, look how cute it is on her!

Makes me jealous that it didn't fit me.

Kiki La'Rue is an awesome company and has amazing product. This shirt is excellent quality. Dainty yet sturdy. :) You'll love their site! For sure!


Stesha said...

I LOVE it!!! she is so cute!

xxClassic & Bubbly

Laura said...

That looks great on her! You have such a stylish sis. :)


Felicia said...

that top is absolutely stunning! I want it :)

The Students Wife said...

it really is a cute top!


Alli said...

She looks great!

Alisha said...

Loving the scalloped detail and lace. Way to go, sister! I just bought a top from Kiki a couple of weeks ago. Loving in!

Hope you're doing well, G. Happy weekend. xo

danica + stephen said...

very cute! she looks so much like you!

Emily Elizabeth said...

Love that top! I'm sorry it didn't fit you, that's a bummer. But it looks great on her and she looks just like you so it's basically the same thing right?! :]

♥ Emily

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

That top is so pretty. I love it!


Deidre Edmunds said...

This top is beautiful. Clearly I will be stopping by their store. After my next paycheck. Ha!!

Deidre // lovetheskinnys.blogspot.com

Alexis Kaye said...

That shirt is cute! So is your sister!!!!!!

Chablis said...

Hello, you should have let me try it on before Kenna. Sheesh!

Hanna Lei said...

Aww your sister is so pretty! http://www.hannamarielei.com/

Che said...

That shirt is adorable! You and your sister are just gorgeous :]

I finally noticed your comment on my blog lol! I hardly ever get on. But I'm still working on changing that. :D

Jana Faith said...

I love that shirt! I love how she paired it with the plum jacket. Too bad it didn't work out for you but at least you got to gift it to someone you like. :o)

LarasVintage said...

Super cute outfit!!
xo sandra

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