Everyone Loves Fall

...especially my sponsors! Check out some of their favorite Fall activities!

Baking/eating chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

Well.. we don't have much of a fall here. =P We basically have really nice summer weather until November.

Going on long walks with my husband.

One of my most all-time favorite things to do in the Fall is to watch the leaves changing colors (and of course take pictures of them changing too!)

My favorite Fall activity is traveling, since that is when we are usually able to take our vacations!

I LOVE everything about fall: scents, colors, fall fashion...but the best thing is it means seeing family more often with lots of holidays and {Hawkeye} football!!

I know biking isn't exactly a "fall activity," but with a few extra layers, I can enjoy the crisp autumn air and ride my bike a few months longer than I would originally!

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Emily Elizabeth said...

Awww, what a perfectly adorable sponsor post! Love this.

MissKate said...

You've got some great girls in here. I especially love Tammy :)

Freya Lily said...

My favorite fall activity is baking :)

Whitney said...

this is such a cute and creative fall/sponsor post!
love love looooove your blog!


Beckie said...

I'm so proud to be part of your sponsors this time around Gentri! I hope to be back again in the future : ]

Alex Butts said...

I want that bike!

SarahJane Miller said...

um, pumpkin chocolate chip bread is one of my favorite things!

just found your cute blog through the big giveaway, I am excited to follow and read more! Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)



I am DYING to make chocolate chip pumpkin bread... It's recently become a favorite of mine :)

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