Talent, Pure Talent

I have some amazing sponsors this month! I wanted them to share some things they've made, with you. :) Take a look then head over to their blog's to see the rest of their brilliance!


This gallery is one of my most favorite house projects to date. All re-used frames, SLICK spray paint, maximum results, minimum work, and complete with a smoking mounted antler set? How many people can say that? Not many folks, not many. This makes no sense. Which says a lot about me and my blog.

I love a Spanish drink called Horchata; made from rice, sometime vanilla and always with cinnamon. It's such a tasteful and refreshing drink I decided to make cupcakes with it, and they came out delicious! Hop on over and try out the recipe :)

Kintage is a fun, whimsical online shop featuring handpicked dress, jewelry, accessories and decor for your home sweet home.

Treat jars for my dog Sherman; buy jars and paw print stickers from hobby lobby and assemble in 25 seconds. :)

This is a bracelet I made my mom for mothers day this year!

I don't have a crafty bone in my body but I can bake with the best of 'em!

I designed this t-shirt for a Harry Potter road trip we took last summer!

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The Adventurer said...

okay, this may be one of my favorite features. And its not because I love Tiff and that Sherms.

Or maybe it is.

Either way, I lo-oh-ove it.

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