Saturday Style Peek- Galaxy Shirt DIY

I leave Southern Utah (For two weeks, then I come back for two weeks, then I'm done. But I'm moving out of my apartment in a couple of days. I know, confusing.) in just a few days. So Sarah, Kelsey and I had to get together one more time!

Sarah and I had been wanting to make galaxy shirts for a while, so we decided that's what we would do! I needed a good craft night. She had also been dying to try the saltine treats recipe I posted a while ago. So, I made those while she tested out the paints, then we all ate and created.

Pretty sure they all turned out amazing. I can't wait to wash and wear mine!

Sarah was the brains behind this operation. First, we twisted the shirt in one area so it looked like a small spiral. Next, we lightly sprayed bleach on to the shirt. Then, we used different colored fabric paints (neon green, light blue, light and dark purple, and white) to create our galaxy's. :) We used a small paint brush and flicked the white on, a sponge, and saran wrap to apply the other colors in whatever pattern we wanted.

I wish I had gotten a better picture. You can hardly see Sarah's. But trust me, it's amazing.

The first time I attempted the galaxy shirt, it was a total fail. So I am so happy it worked out this time!!

I don't know what I am going to do with out these girls around. Luckily, we're all from the same town in Northern Utah, so I'm sure I'll still get to see them.


Bridget Fossedal said...

hooray! they look fantastic. : )

anna said...

such a cool idea! i love this!!!


Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

I love this idea! I want to try this.
Almost Endearing

Niamh said...

Those shirts are so cool!

Emily Elizabeth said...

This is an *awesome* idea girlies! They all turned out amazing. I definitely need to try this, they are so pretty.

♥ Em
<a href="http://teatreevintage.blogspot.com>Tea Tree</a>

kellyelizabeth said...

love this!! they turned out great, I really wanna try this!

kelly elizabeth

Autumn said...

These are so cute...and it's exciting they come from the same place. If I could take all of my college friends with me to Georgia? I would definitely do it.

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

what a fun craft with your girls! i love it.

Beckie said...

oooOOOooo so pretty! They turned out great you guys! They all look super realistic too. This is the kind of thing I would fail monstrously at and so I won't even try it. But that's ok because I don't need anymore t-shirts anyway ; ] And I can just marvel at the beauty of the ones you guys created instead : ]

P.S.--I totally went through and read everyone's responses to the last 7 Questions. I found it really interesting that I think I was the only one would would maybe choose one legendary act of service as opposed to smaller acts every day. A lot of people seemed to associate it with wanting recognition for what you do and that's why they chose the smaller acts instead. I actually hadn't thought of it that way, and instead just thought about the people I could hypothetically save (giving my life to save 100s) and saving their families from that pain, and so on. If you're dead, then you don't really get any recognition right?...Anyway! I am just babbling here and thinking out loud haha. I did love reading everyone's answers and especially what they chose for the happiness one : ]

Laura said...

Those are SO awesome! Could you possibly direct us to a link or step by step direction. My roomie and I want to try them from our craft time, too. :)


Allison said...

This is awesome. I've never seen anything like this before!

Emma Frances said...

Those shirts are awesome!! I didn't even know it was possible to make them! Also, good luck with your move and everything!!

Cait Emma said...

lovve! those are so great. ugh i want!

Megan said...

that is the coolest thing i have ever seen. so so cool!

The Bookness said...

Wow Gentri, that looks so good.
I didn't know it was possible to make those. Imma try. =)

Alex Butts said...

um pinning this, I LOVE them!

Angela said...

ooh, very impressive! better than tie-dye for sure!

Lovely Llorys

danica + stephen said...

how stinkin' fun and way cooler then tie-dye. :)

Amanda said...

Galaxy shirts! Ahhhh! These look so amazing! I think I am going to have to give these a try asap!

Katie Frank said...

oh wow! how amazing are these tshirts!?
would you like to follow each other?

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

These look STELLAR ladies....good job!! I have a feeling that if I attempted it may be disastrous. Ha.

The Students Wife said...

Those are awesome!! I've never seen anyone do one of these before.. I really am going to try this!


Juliette said...

Awesome! Totally love it!

Stephanie said...

They look amazing !!!


SittinPrettyWithSarahG said...

So much comment love! I love it! I will be posting a step by step tutorial on my blog this week you can post a link to if you want:) And ur crazy I love your shirt! Its awesome how different everyones turned out. Love you and miss you already girl.

PS I totally tried to make those saltines and failed. i think I boiled the butter and sugar too long. Cause they were hard instead of yummy and gooey and soft. Yuck.

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