Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 15

More sunscreen?!
Yes, more sunscreen.

It's the end of Summer, we still have some days left in the sun, and I want to make sure you are educated! haha!

Did you know that about 80% of the sun's damage to the skin occurs before the age of 18?

It is so important that you educate your children on the importance of sunscreen. Most of the damage happens from day to day sun exposure. It's important to make it a habit early.

I know, some kids throw a fit when you try to put on sunscreen. A solution for you might be to use sunscreen wipes. They work just as well and there's no spraying in their eyes or rubbing on heavy creams.

If you are ok with a spray on sunscreen, I've been using the coppertone brand and it doesn't even come off when I shower AFTER swimming. That's when you know you've got a good sunscreen. haha! But truly, I haven't burned even a little this Summer, and I live in the dessert.

Remember that you can reverse the damage caused by the sun by daily sunscreen use. It takes a while, but it is possible.

Random Fact:
Did you know Coconut Oil is very comedogenic? That means it clogs pores... So if you use it and have acne, that could be why. It's great to ingest internally, and maybe to put topically on the hands and feet, but I'd suggest you steer away from using it on your face. That doesn't mean it'll be that way for everyone, but just know, in most cases, it clogs pores.


Rhianna Nelson said...

Coming from Australia I know the importance of sunscreen! Leave the house in summer without it and you're almost guaranteed to come home looking like a tomato and feeling a lot worse. Good work for spreading the sunscreen message, it's great stuff :) Rhi xx

The Wildest of Dreams

steph kelly said...

i just started using coconut oil to cook with (it's SO good on popcorn), and sometimes for lotion if my legs or arms are really dry. i read somewhere that it doesn't clog your pores, so it's ok to use on your face. i thought that was really weird, but tried it anyway. ha, definitely wrong! my face didn't react horribly, but i have little breakouts that i know are from the coconut oil. lame, lol.

thanks for setting the record straight! also, i love these esthetician or aesthetician posts :)

Amy said...

I've started using coconut oil when I have sunburns, but that's good to know not to put it on my face!

Stesha said...

my friend who is an esthetician always is on my back about sunscreen! I wear it always, everywhere! I dont want to look old!


Stephanie Hyde said...

Great tip! I def need to be better at wearing sunscreen.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the Coconut oil tip. I will stay clear of it with my sensitive skin. I have Mary Kay sunscreen that I've been using on my face and haven't had trouble with breakouts. Coppertone is what I usually buy too, except for this year I got a different brand and I have ended up burnt or super greasy. I haven't figured out the right balance of the instructions to "apply liberally".

hannah margaret said...

Coconut Oil, I find, is the best cooking oil. Light and wonderful. I also am an avid sunscreen wearer considering I am pale and freckled.

xoxo, hm

Elisabeth @ Imma Walking Fashion Crime said...

This is SOO true! I know a little girl who has permanent freckles on her face BECAUSE she got sunburned SO bad. The permanent freckles were mini blisters. Gross. Totally putting on sunscreen!!!

Emmett Katherine said...

That's really gross about the coconut oil! Good thing I ne er use it. I'm really bad about sunscreen, I know, I know :/

dusanabotswana said...

I am def sunscreen's biggest advocate & love that you did this post! As a little one I remember my parents slathering it on all the time so I feel like you just gotta make kids get used to it. One tricky thing though my doctor told me... lots of sunscreen actually has carcinogenic properties. so you won't get skin cancer but get little traces that can lead to other cancers so best to stick w/ all natural ones, although some are more waterproof than others and i can't remember the one he recommended....

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