I'm gone camping, but I'll be back soon.
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Ann. said...

I wish! I haven't been to mine all summer because I was so busy.. have a wonderful time! :)

Lisa said...

have a great trip!!!

The Egg said...

can't WAIT for photos!

xo the egg out west.

Shannon said...

Lucky girl! Have fun!


sweet harvest moon said...

have fun!

The Adventurer said...

Ohh GL. I am so so seriously jealous. Maybe because you have sent me a bajillion pictures of the cabin and i want to be THERE NOW!!!

One day. ONE DAY this will happen.

I still promise. I do.

Love you and that baby faceee

Melanie Lea said...

Jealous! Can't wait to see pictures from your weekend little lady!

xo, Melanie from My Billie

Treasure Tromp said...

how fun! so jealous of your camping adventure

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