Where Have They Been? Pt. 3

Last group of BOW updates!
Obviously it's not all 52 of my first year of BOW's, but it's definitely a good helping! All of these ladies are SO fantastic and seriously some of my favorite bloggers and friends. :) 
Remember to look for a little "Bow" in most of their photos!
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hi lovelies! here's what's new over at the deer circus since i was featured as miss gentri's bow: i finished up an editorial internship at a big colorado magazine, and just quit my part-time job to focus on photography full time! robbie finished his first year of pharmacy school, and landed a sweet intern position at a big hospital -- go robbie! & as for the pups...well, archibald the frenchie has a newfound love for pulling on my skirts, devouring my shoes, and chewing the buttons off of sweaters. but he's still a big-eared, bug-eyed cutie, so we'll keep him around. as the summer rushes swiftly by (can you believe it!?) we're looking forward to piecing together our new apartment with lots of diy's, trying our hand at film photography, and lots & lots of bike rides through denver. 

I was so grateful when Gentri selected me for her Blog of the Week award. It was a great opportunity to meet so many wonderful people! Since being Blog of the Week much has happened - my blog has taken on the role of travel blog as I continued to find new places to visit: Turkey, the Czech Republic, Malta, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria to name a few...and the adventures keep on coming! I write about life in Germany and share projects and recipes that I love as I dive headfirst into the role of housewife. On that note, my husband and I just celebrated our one year anniversary! 

Fancy meeting YOU here! Hello again dear gentrilee readers and friends. I count myself lucky to be a part of the BOW review. Gentri has become one of my greatest friends and inspirations, leading me to lovely people like you to inspire me as well! Its such an honor to be grouped with the likes of so many fabulous bloggers. I know I was only recently BOW so I'll make this short and sweet! I am in the process of having my blog Sittin Pretty redesigned (eeeeh!!!), will soon be accepting sponsors, my etsy shop (vintagecreationgirl) is up and running, I'm currently working at the job of dreams as an instructor at Taylor Andrews, and I am singing and performing in two different bands. I will also be posting monthly tutorials, and traveling to different countries as a spokesperson for a new product from Making Memories. Needless to say I am a busy woman and lots of new good things are coming! So hop on over to my soon to be new blog, show me some love, and await the exciting events and posts that are coming soon! 

Hi lovelies! It's only been a couple months since I was Gentri's BOW, but a lot of exciting things have happened! My fiance, Donovan, graduated from the University of Montana & got a job working at a bank in Chicago. We moved into a beautiful apartment that was built in 1888! I've also been touring the midwest with my mobile shop selling vintage & have been very lucky to meet so many of my amazing blog followers!  We went on a few fun summer vacations.. our most recent trip to The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island was amazing. It was so nice to relax by the pool, eat yummy food & bicycle around the island! I'm looking forward to sharing more about my tour with RoseVintage, our wedding plans & my outfits in the city!

Since I was featured for Gentri's BOW,I landed my first job in retail!! It's been quite the experience. It's hard and I hated it,but as I've come to know the products,it's been much better and it has been so fun! I also got engaged,which is quite the milestone. So I've been trying to plan and prepare stuff like crazy!! Life is good!

What have I been up to since I was the amazing Gentri's BOW? Well, my gosh, where to start. I finally finished the hardest post-bacc year of college that I have ever experienced and am now only 11 months away from applying to medical school! These next few months will be full of application preparation, MCAT studies and ENJOYING my social life again. Oh, and running 50 half marathons because I recently began a journey to run 50 races in 50 states - one in each state within the US. I just ran the first of fifty this past weekend and run the second in September (Missouri) and the third in November (Washington). If you're out there running half marathons and want a running partner to endure those 13.1 miles with, you know where to find me. Besides all that good stuff, I've been busy waiting for Ms. Gentri to get herself to Oregon so we can have a longtime overdue blate! :)

A year already? I can hardly believe it! Since I was last on Gentri Lee, it seems like everything has changed though things are still pretty much the same. The biggest change is that I went and got myself preggers, and will be having a baby in less that 4 weeks, though I'm in denial about the whole labor part of this experience; I'm still imagining a scenario where the magical timer goes off and he just "pops" into my arms, so don't anyone tell me different. Still working, and still blogging, though the craziness has made both a little more difficult. Thanks Gentri, your such a great part of my blogger community!

Hello again!  I recently returned home from spending two weeks in Alaska, where I filled my time with so many great adventures, including camping, hiking, kayaking, and running a marathon! Alaska is such a breathtaking place, I'm so lucky to say that's where I grew up.

I want to thank the beautiful Gentri for picking me to be one of her first BOW.  I was more than honored since we all love Gentri's blog and I never considered my little blog to be half as anything she has. When I was BOW, I don't think I had even hit 200 followers yet. I am now currently sitting at 574, wow what a difference.  I think the most important thing I have learned through blogging is to blog just for yourself and no one else. If you miss a day thats ok, and if you are stuck on a subject just pick what is on the very tip on your mind at the time! For me, blogging has become my escape from real life and I kinda like not living in real life! :)


Ina Emma said...

Beautiful pictures! xxx

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Stesha said...

Thanks Gentri for having me as a BOW! LOVE YOU!!!


Chablis said...

You know what - that black lab makes me miss Zeus so much!! I totally got teary eyed...my heart hurts and I miss him. :( The kids want a bunny so bad, I would love an animal to love, but I am nervous for the responsibility...what to do?

Brhea {NoPlaceLykeHome} said...

Love getting these updates, Gentri.

Sorry for being so MIA - I have had a lot going on but I just got the chance to read a bunch of your posts and it felt like catching up with an old friend :) xo

Nicole said...

Thank you for BOW, Gentri! I so appreciate it and love reading all these updates from previous BOW.

brooke field said...

Gentri, Your BOW series is such a good idea. And I know you make each blogger you feature feel so special. Your blog is so fun and positive. Love it all!

PS: you had asked where my boots are from - Banana Republic like 2 years ago. A lucky find because they go with everything, but the liner just wore through (sad day).

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