Where Have They Been? Pt. 2

To make this recap of my year of BOW's a little more fun, I had all the girls send me a photo featuring them with a "Bow" of some kind (blog of the week= BOW). I forgot to mention that yesterday in part 1, but these girls have done an incredible job of being creative with these bows! I love it. :)
So enjoy group 2 and get excited for group 3!


Hi guys! This is Courtney from vintch. Since being sweet Gentri's Blogger of the Week, I have spent my days loving on my husband Robert and sweet pup Pablo. We still live in our little cottage out in rural North Carolina, with our porch glider and azaleas. There has been one major new feat recently, however. On my birthday in April, I gave my master's defense presentation. With my speech impediment, this was something I have been dreading for more than two years. However, through much prayer and a special ear device, I aced the presentation! God is good. I know this through my blessings. Thank you, Gentri!

Hi Gentri's readers! I'm delighted to be back sharing what I've been up to since I was blog of the week...
Well, lots has happened since November. There has been a lot of change happening in my personal life, which I'm still navigating day by day. I've also been traveling a fair bit. Since November I've been to Bali, New Zealand, and now I'm back in my hometown of Vancouver visiting. In a few weeks time, I'll fly home to Sydney, where I'll be settling into wintertime.
I'm still happily blogging and teaching yoga, but I'm also working hard at my freelance translation business. All in all, things are good. Messy and chaotic at times, but good. Thanks again Gentri for featuring my little blog and for writing your sweet blog!
Hello again, fellow Gentri Lee fans! I'm Ashley from Hudson's Happenings, and I was honored to be sweet Gentri's BOW on Halloween of 2011! Day to day, things are much the same for me now, as they were last Fall. I still enjoy little adventures with my family, and soaking up the amazing (and fleeting) moments with my sweet little boy. In the winter, we sold our cozy little city bungalow, and embarked upon a huge adventure:
building our dream home, which will be tucked under shady trees, near the river's edge, and just far enough out of the hustle and bustle to feel like we're living our very own little fairy tale.

The House of Shoes
I haven't been up to much since being on Blogger of the Week; I have 2 jobs that keep me busy now and Husband and I are as happy as ever in our vintage little house in Idaho. I still enjoy blogging often about my vintage inspired style. Thank you so much Gentri for making me one of your Bloggers of the Week!

Hi Gentri Lee blog readers! I am Lo and I have recently created a new blog called Marigold Made, maybe you know my old blog Little Somethings. Recently I have very much been in the mindset of out with the old in with the new. This new blog will be a lifestyle blog but will mostly consist of my love for DIY's and crafts. I have really enjoyed crafting and continue to grow in the process of blogging. I own a shop on Etsy called, Printed Peaks, which will be going through some changes in the next few months as well. I've become obsessed with leather crafting, which will be certain to show in the shop. I am so happy to have such a clean slate in both the blog world and in the future for my shop. Thanks so much to Gentri for having me and the other lovely bloggers once again! Isn't she the best?!

Hey Gentri Lee readers! Our blog, Awkward Girls, is still goin' strong and we've gained some wonderful readers since being a part of Blog of the Week. In March, we planned and hosted a blogger meet up for all the bloggers in our area and have met some amazing people and made some lasting friendships because of it. As for our lives outside of blogging, we just completed our Junior year of college, and are venturing into the unknown as we begin our final (but probably not) year of school. It's a scary thought, and sometimes we're still not sure what the heck we're doing. But we're excited for whatever lies ahead!

Since the honor of BOW, life got super hectic, 2 jobs, a boyfriend, and moving into a new apartment! I've become a crapy blogger, it's sad. BUT spring brings new goals for this girl :) I solemnly swear to be a better blogger and friend to all! I promise to only blog about cute, girly, and silly things filled with plenty of awkward. xo -C

Since I became Gentri's Blog of the Week, a lot has happened. And at the same time, not so much has happened.
I haven't traveled the world, or experienced one big adventure after the other. But I experienced little adventures...like visiting my boyfriend's family in Tunisia for the first time. I now have two little nephews, who I love to spend time with. And I am *this* close to being done with Uni. Finally!
I have changed blogs as well. After feeling uninspired for a while, I closed down Odds and Ends and opened up Making Memories. I now enjoy blogging even more than I used to. I freed myself of blogging out of obligation, and I only post when I want to and have something to say. Making memories is purely me, and I love that.

Hey it's Melissa from My Soul is the Sky here to catch with all Gentri's great readers. Since Gentri featured my blog as "Blog of the Week," my husband and I moved to a new city, went through a job promotion for the husband and now finally work the same schedules. I'm still working as an executive secretary and blogging my little heart away. I've been focusing a lot more of my posts towards new and creative hairstyles but keeping the fashion focus and of course writing details about my life with AJ and my dog Gucci.

Hi Gentri Lee readers! Since being featured on Gentri's fun blog awhile back so many amazing things have happened! My husband Dave and I have moved down to Austin, Texas and are LOVING it! I've met so many amazing friends (who are also bloggers) and we've kept super busy with all of Dave's music stuff. Dave's album (Love via Music), has been picked up by MTV, VH1, E! (including the Kardashian's), Oxygen, and the Discovery network! Like I said, lots of amazing things happening :) My shop has since moved to Storenvy and is doing well, I've added some of my photography prints to the mix. I'd love it if you all would stop by and say hi, I enjoy reading and appreciate every comment and make sure to respond to each of you :)

Well since being one of Gentri's BOW gals I've still remained incredibly busy with school and work. Actually I think my stress level has just increased all the more now that I only have under a week left till I graduate. But during that time I completed my first spring collection, The Honey Line. Feel free to take a sneak peak of the my garment, Part 1 and Part 2. I'm also starting to dream up my summer collection and looking into what it will take to balance work and possibly starting up my own Etsy shop with the summer collection. I'm loving that I'll be able to further my love for sewing and design into my future. Well that's it for now folks. I hope you drop by my blog and say hello. I'd love to get to know you a bit more too! :)

P.S. One of my past BOW (she is also in the first year group) is the lovely Katrina of Katrina B. Photography. She is looking for some extra photo shoots for the end of July in the SLC area, and is offering my readers 20% off! Go book now! She's amazing!


twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i've never heard of these people, however yesterday, i recoginzed lena, who i friggin adore.

so....your opening me up to some newbies.

dearsafia said...

Hope I wasn't the only one that sang the title of this post Rihanna style....?

Super cute :) hope I can be on there one day haha!

Elsha Bodily said...

Gentri, I love when you do this! I've never seen any of these gals and they are all awesome so obviously I need to look harder-but there you go making it all awesome and easy for me :)


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

So happy to be a part of this awesome group of girls....THANKS again Gentri!! xoxo

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