Blogger of the Week: Punky and the City

This week's BOW is Miss Punky J, from her blog- Punky and the City. She's pretty awesome, hilarious, and I know you'll love her. She is about to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams, and I'm so excited for her! So happy that she is actually making it happen, unlike so many other people in this world. She's an inspiration. So read her post, and then head over and wish her the best of luck!!


Ah, hello all! First of all, I have to say YAYYYY! As a newbie blogger, this is really exciting for me to be featured as the BOW, not just cause it feels pretty awesome to be celebrated, but because I'm huge fan of our friend, Ms. Gentri here. In fact, she's one of the very first bloggers I ever sponsored and even without this award, I feel so blessed to call her one of my most genuine blog friends. It's a tall order: keeping on top of this blogging business, while still engaging with all your readers and making them feel appreciated and loved. And celebrated. And somehow she does it. So brilliantly. I think we should give Gentri an award. The BOC. (Blogger of the Century.) (Amen?)

HI ! :) I'm Jen. Or as many have come to call me: Punky. I'm a recent college grad trying to make it in this jungle of an economy with a theater degree, while trying to stay true to myself and follow the things in life that make me feel the most inspired and passionate. Though a lot of things are still up in the air, one thing is for certain: I wanna live in New York City. I think many of the reasons are self-explanatory.. but for me, it just seems necessary as an aspiring playwright. Plus, I really love pizza. And bagels. And Liza Manelli. 

So, in three days from now, I'm going to attempt this dream of mine as I board a one way flight to the Big Apple. The details of it all are quite daunting as I don't have a job lined up yet or official housing.. or even a nice little savings to help me get along at first. And yes, I have definitely already bitter sweetly hugged the great possibility that a. I am completely out of my mind and b. I may definitely return home to California in a few weeks and give it another go at the "savings" part..... but the point is this: I will someday live in NYC, and my blog is basically my place to document said journey. Along with whatever else is going on in my twenty-something life. Which most definitely includes some wild adventures in dating, and many failed attempts at current fashions and DIYs. Spoiler alert: I'm.not.crafty.at.all.

I hope you'll click over and say hi! Aside from blogging about my adventures, I blog to connect with others, and to offer up the things that I have learned in my own short life. Though I am young, my experiences in this life have been rich and plenty and on my blog, I share it all! Which has only allowed me to learn that I'm anything but alone in these trying twenties. I'm thankful for the friendships, the clarity, and the opportunities that blogging has brought to my life and I can't wait to meet all of you and check out your blogs as well.

Happy week and many thanks again to Gentri for giving me this super duper award! #yay #yay and #moreyays


Aw, I just love her, and I'm SO excited for her to fulfill that dream of hers! SO hop on over to Punky's blog right now!


Emily said...

I love punky! She makes me laugh. Everyone should read her blog.

Garage Sales R Us said...

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Tif said...

Definitely going to her blog!

Ramblings of a Southern Belle

Tere Shake said...

i love her blog!
i thought i followed you a while back and realized when i was reading punky's blog that i hadnt been following. sad days.

kellyelizabeth said...

love her!! shes so pretty! congrats jen!

kelly elizabeth

Meagan Murtagh said...

love her!
xo the egg out west.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Great choice. I lurve her. Now following Punky (do you think that's as in Brewster?).

Polly Bland said...

aww she looks very sweet and cute!


love, polly

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