Blog of the Week: Nestful of Love

This week's BOW is Allison's blog- Nestful of Love. Allison is always doing something fun and exciting and I love reading about all of her adventures. She also posts delicious looking recipes, quite frequently. I know you'll all love her as much as I do!


Hi I'm Allison and I blog over at Nestful of love. I'm so honored to be featured on Miss Gentri Lee's fabulous blog this week! I just might have done a happy dance and shouted the news to my husband when Gentri asked me because one. I love her blog and two. I love her blog. Yes I said it twice.
My blog is sprinkled with all the things I love including my sweet husband and our two furbabies, cooking Pioneer Woman recipes, crafting my heart out, crossing things off our Cincinnati Bucket list and just living life one adventure at a time.

If we are going to be friends you should probably know...

-I love food and look forward to every.single.meal (Chipotle is my biggest weakness followed closely by Nutella)

-My husband and I have been together for 11 years and counting

-I love Jesus Christ and seek to be more like him

-I did not cook before I got married (macaroni & cheese and cookies don't count)

-I am a second grade teacher and this year my school was in the Red's Opening day parade!

-I've watched all 10 seasons of Survivor

-I'm obsessed with animals...I will ALWAYS stop for a lost pet and not rest until they are safe. Read this if you don't believe me

-I would rather go hiking than lay out by the pool (throw in the ocean and I might change my mind)

-I know how to shoot a gun and have my conceal carry license (don't mess with this girl!)

-I am directionally challenged...really! I get turned around so easily and rely on my GPS too much. Have you seen that episode of the Office where Michael Scott drives his car into the pond because the GPS tells him to? Yep that's me.

I started my little blog about 2 years ago and am so thankful for this community of wonderful, talented, inspiring, sweet and caring people! I would love to "meet" you so come on over and say hello!


She is so awesome, so hop on over to her blog right now!


Katie Price said...

Yay for Allison! I loved learning a little more about you + discovering a great new blog in the process :)

Sierra said...

She's so cute! Girl! I want to be one of your blogs of the week :)

Emily said...

Great choice! Allison is the first blogger I connected with. I think her blog is amazing - almost as amazing as her.

vintage grey said...

What a great blog of the week! Allison seems very sweet. Heading over to her blog. Have a great day!! xo Heather

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