Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 12

I often talk about oily skin and how to make it work for your advantage. But what about dry skin? Well, I'm here to help you.

There are generally two types of dry skin-
Water Dry
Oil Dry

Most people you will meet will be water dry- or dehydrated skin. Even if you're oily- you can be water dry. Your body is lacking water therefore your skin is lifeless, dehydrated, and can even overcompensate for the lack of water by producing more oil- causing you to break out.

The best way to help water dry skin is to replenish that water loss. Your best friend will be water. I've been experiencing this lately (moving to the desert doesn't exactly do wonders for your skin), and I've been using an awesome toner and water based moisturizer to lock in that hydration. Drink plenty of H2O and make sure you're eating foods packed with water. Then of course there's sunscreen. The sun is super drying on your skin, again, causing it to over produce oil to make up for the dryness. Protect yourself! Wear that sunscreen!

Then there are those people that are oil dry. You'll know them by their small pores and flaky skin (not saying they'll all be shedding, but you know what I mean). Because of your lack of oil your skin is missing that natural hydration it needs to stay young and healthy. If not taken care of properly, dry skin tends to age quicker than oily skin. And just because you don't produce as much oil, doesn't mean you won't have acne. On the contrary- you'll have dry acne. You need to stay so hydrated with an oil based or a more heavy moisturizer to give your skin that drink that it needs. When choosing a makeup, go for a more cream foundation that's going to keep you hydrated and a mineral powder to set it in place.

My best tip for those with dry skin- MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE

Here's what my daily routine would consist of if I had dry skin:
exfoliate (2-3x/week) to break up those impactions and slough off the dead skin
moisturizing masque (1-2x/week to really hydrate that skin)
eye cream (did you know most women should be wearing an eye cream starting at age 19?)
moisturize with a heavier or oil based moisturizer (apply while skin is still wet from the toner to lock it in)
cream foundation (one that's non-comedogenic- won't clog your pores)
mineral powder

All of that moisturizing talk may have you worried that you're going to break out. Remember- your skin is either A) over producing oil because of the lack of water or B) not producing enough oil to keep your skin hydrated. BOTH of those things can cause you to break out. You need to moisturize to balance your skin out. Trust me. Your skin will thank you. :)


lori said...

thanks for the tips! mine is dry, sensitive and prone to breakouts (basically, REALLY awesome) so i have a hard time finding the right mix.

i would love to hear your suggestions of eye creams :)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

good to know!! i'm always good on the oil level, so i know that when i get dry it certainly because i'm water dry.

i defintely don't drink enough water and i definitely don't use eye cream. who would have thought to use eyecream already?

Tara Welgraven said...

I love your beauty advice! What would be a good eye cream for us young ladies to start using?

Alyx said...

I'm definitely the oil dry. ugh... it's awful, but THANK YOU for this advice!!
I'm with everyone else - eye cream recommendations??

Shalyn said...

This is so helpful! I am clueless when it comes to skincare- I feel like I am going to pay for it when I am older:-/

Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

thanks for your tips gentri - i love reading these posts :)

Corina.:Lynn said...

I love reading your tips on skin! I know I have my fair share of skin troubles! and it beats going to a store and having the salesman try convincing you to buy $300 worth of product to get your skin looking good! Thanks!

Beckie said...

Thanks Gentri! I have super complicated skin (dry/oily forehead, normal cheeks, oily nose and chin, dry around the mouth) but after this I'm thinking I ned a new moisturizer. I've been thinking about trying a new one and this post confirmed it. Thanks again! I'll keep all of this in mind when looking for a new product or 2 : ]

Elsha Guthrie said...

Your posts like this make me go "shooooot!" under my breath because I realize how many things I do wrong. I'm going to end up being old and wrinkley because I didn't learn these fancy tricks of your until now! Gah!

Katherine said...

I really enjoy these posts. I feel like I learn so much from what you're learning! Thanks :D

Lindsey A. Turner said...

great post! I'm an Esthetician too! I find myself explaining this to clients quite a bit! So many people don't get this.

Lindsey Turner

Emma Frances said...

This might be super embarrassing to admit but I wouldn't even be able to identify what "type" of skin I have in order to figure out what I should be doing. Any tips for that?! Haha.

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