Blogger of the Week: Siri Elaine

This week's Blog of the Week is Siri from Siri Elaine! Not only is she an awesome blogger, but she's an esthetician/ aesthetician/ makeup artist! So, basically my idol. haha! She shares posts about her daily life which happens to include photo shoots that she directs and makeup tips. I know you'll all love her blog as much as I do!


Hello Gentri Followers and Friends. I am really excited to meet you! Thank you Gentri for asking me to be a guest on your amazing blog!
I am Siri Elaine.

I am a makeup artist, and Master Aesthetician. I love blogging about my experiences with makeup, from tips and tricks, to trends, and product reviews. I love wearing lipstick, and have over one hundred shades. I think all girls should own a red lipstick!  I work for Aveda as a master aesthetics/makeup artist educator. I also work as a freelance makeup artist. I absolutely love my job, I am able to work with and meet so many creative people in the industry.  I have been doing makeup professionally for about 7 years. I have worked for NARS, and MAC Cosmetics. I enjoy doing all types of makeup. Some of my favorite aspects of being a makeup artist include, perfecting the skin, highlighting & contouring the skin, shaping eyebrows, and perfecting the lips!
I have begun dabbing into photography; I love being able to take photos of my own work. Here are a few photos from my most recent photo-shoots.

As a makeup artist I am asked many questions by women who are wanting to know how to create certain looks in the least amount of time, one of them being “The Smoky Eye”.
So here is my tip for creating a quick smoky eye at home. All you will need is 2 eye shadows, and 3 brushes.

Here is the formula for Success:
One light eyeshadow
One dark eyeshadow
Three shadow brushes: a dense flat shadow brush, a fluffy blending brush, and an angled defining brush. 
Mascara and, a black kohl eyeliner.
I recommend starting with the eyes, beginning with the eyes, before your foundation -- that way, if any falls from your brush to the skin, it's easier to clean it up [and] then apply the foundation and powder.
Put a small amount of the lighter color on one side of the dense flat brush and use a small amount as a wash over the entire eye. Then apply the dark shadow with the same brush to your lids. Unless you sleep for a living you wear your makeup with your eyes open. So apply it that way! Tilt your head back slightly, lift your brows, look down into the mirror and begin to apply. 
Depending on your eye shape, I recommend applying a small amount just under and on the brow-bone, especially toward the outer corners of the eyes. It may look a little harsh at first, but here's where your other brushes come in. Put a small amount of the dark shadow on the tip of your fluffy blending brush and blend through the crease with a back and forth motion like a "windshield wiper", "This will blend it beautifully. Then adding the dark shadow to your angled defining brush and lining the lower lash-line. Apply mascara, and voila you have a sexy smoky eye!

I hope you enjoyed this makeup tip. Visit my blog for more tips! Siri Elaine

I have asked Gentri to come work on set with me for one of my upcoming photo-shoots, so stay tune for her awesome debut.
Have a wonderful day!



Um, did you read that last part?! Ya, it's happening... and I don't think I could be more excited!! AH! So yes, you all need to hop right on over to Siri's Blog... now. :)


bridget anne said...

thanks for highlighting her! i love her & her blog.

Emmett Katherine said...

I'm so excited to check out this blog!! Her photos look amazing. My friend is Aveda certified so I understand the hard work and high expectations they have of their stylists!

Emma Frances said...

This tutorial is awesome! Elaine seems awesome and I can't wait to see your big debut Gentri! Woohoo!!! :)

Allison said...

Thanks for introducing her...I'm excited to check out her blog. And how exciting you get to be on set with her!!! Yay!

simplyevani.com said...

Such a cute smokey eye! I love it!


Siri Elaine said...

Gentri! Thank you for all of this! I cannot wait to collaborate on a shoot with you! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow, loving that eye makeup~! wish i could have her come over and do mine every day! ;)

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