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This week's BOW is Bekuh from her blog- Secondhand Sundays, and what a BEAUTIFUL blog it is! Bekuh is always posting about her awesome adventures, mouthwatering recipes, easy but amazing DIY's, and fabulous fashion. Plus, she's about as nice and sweet as they come. I KNOW you'll love her blog!


Oh my goodness let me start by saying today is a pretty epic day for me in more ways than one. First I am flabbergasted by Gentri's generous offer to highlight me as her blogger of the week but...this also means I get to cross off a pretty out there goal I had for myself this year. Way back in December I told my husband that one of my goals for 2012 was to be featured on a bigger blog, and today that goal becomes a reality! Gentri is making people's dreams come true folks, I mean goals, crap now you know what a big dork I am.

Well, oh well. My name is Bekuh and I'm the creative type behind the blog Secondhand Sundays. I live in a mid-sized city, surrounded by mountains, in the southwest corner of one of the most beautiful states in the union, Virginia. Today I'm going to take you on a mini tour of what my blog is all about, which is also basically telling you what my life is about because they're one in the same.

My day starts and ends with that grizzly gentlemen you see above, that's my hubby Ryan. Ryan really hates my camera and typically avoids pictures, but he still takes pictures with me when I ask because he loves me. We were friends for a long time before falling in love and getting married last October, and so we kind of already have that old married couple vibe, stuck in our ways and all. One of those "ways" includes taking our puppy Nellie for walks in the evening together. You can see a picture of Nellie covered in pollen below. She loves to roll around in the grass, get covered in pollen, and then spend the rest of the evening sneezing in our faces.

When we're not out on walks we're usually on a newlywed adventure: hiking, shopping, or traveling to some forgotten historical landmark. And when I say shopping I mean vintage shopping and diving through bins of clothes at estate sales, and thrift shops. You see my friend Katie and I just opened a vintage shop on Etsy called the Button Factory and so I'm constantly in search of a hot finds from the 1950s to 1980s. Vintage hunting has been a favorite hobby of mine since I was a little girl.

Being a newlywed and online shop owner means I'm always trying to develop new props, accessories, and home decor items for both business and personal use. So, from time to time I get to share these projects with my readers in the form of DIYs. A couple of my past favorites include a camera strap, instagram magnets, and a dip-dyed tote bag.

As much as I love crafting and sharing it with my readers I'm equally, if not more, passionate about food. I can really eat. Ryan and I find great pleasure in creating new dishes from scratch and perfecting old recipes over years of fiddling with them. Date nights in are my favorite excuse to create a really decadent meal for two, and the blog is how I get to share these creations with the world.

Then there's fashion, lots and lots of fashion. I love clothes, love wearing them, and love experimenting with combinations, colors, and shapes. I'm a huge fan of the unexpected in an outfit, and with a vintage inventory that's always growing I'm starting to amass quite a few unique pieces for my personal collection. The outfit posts I do for the blog, found under the My Closet category, have become my favorite way of expressing my thoughts and feelings with a growing audience. I work in an office with all boys so having a girly outlet has become increasingly important.

That pretty much summarizes my life and blog in a few short paragraphs and a couple of pictures. I'm a little all over the place and that's how I like it. I love to meet new friends so I hope you'll pop into Secondhand Sundays and visit for awhile. Thanks again to Gentri for this awesome opportunity.

big kiss, bekuh


You love her, I knew it. :) So head right on over to her blog, you'll be so glad you did!


Malo said...

Bekuh, you look like French singer Fran├žoise Hardy when she was young! So pretty and natural. Thanks for introducing her, Gentri!!

Jenny Stokes said...

Followed! her blog looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Jana Faith said...

Vintage clothing is truly my favorite. I'm coming to visit you right.....NOW!

kellyelizabeth said...

I'm so happy with this weeks blog! I adore her, followed her instantly! :)

kelly elizabeth

Cara-Mia said...

What a great blogger to feature, Gentri! Bekuh's blog is one of my daily reads. Loved this post. :)

joule said...

It blobably was to work in the opposite way, but thanks to her i found your blog! I'll stay for a while.

Allie said...

yay bekuh! shes so great i LOVE secondhand sundays!

Punky J said...

Bekuh is one of my new favorites :) She so deserves this award/recognition!!!

Punky J said...

Bekuh is one of my new favorites :) She so deserves this award/recognition!!!

Melissa said...

She is adorable and her blog seems awesome!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

So cute!! I love those sunglasses :) Thanks for sharing!

bridget anne said...

gentri, thank you SO much for making secondhand sundays your bow! she is honestly the sweetest, most darling, creative, and genuine blogger around. i've loved getting to know her the past couple of months via blogging & email, and i've been secretly hoping you'd pick her soon! xo.

Kelley Spurlock said...

Love this girl. Love her!

Ciera said...

Love Bekuh! Great pick!

Kate said...

Bekuh rocks! She is totally deserving of Blog of the Week! :)

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