Blogger of the Week: The Egg Out West

We're taking a little break from all of those awesome giveaways to introduce this week's Blog of the Week- Meagan from her blog The Egg Out West! This girl is SUCH an adventurer. I love reading about all of her excursions, she inspires me to be more adventurous, and I'm sure she will inspire you as well!


oh hey, girls, heeeeey! i'm so incredibly honored to be over at one of my fave spots in the blogosphere, gentri lee! i'll be rocking her badge forevers and evers.

my name is meag and i blog over at this little place called The Egg Out West. i live in the most beautiful place in the country, jackson hole. its okay, i had no idea where wyoming was either, until i moved there. true story.
i document my mountain lifestyle with a little help from my boy toy...

jeffers aka "hugh" as my family likes to call him.
(hugh jackman resemblance...  anyone? anyone?)

he's been on there internet like, 4 times in his life, and doesn't understand this whole blog thing BUT he's getting better at taking photos and not making me look like a total fool except....

its a little inevitable because i often look like an idiot. dressing up, especially in 80's ski attire, is kind of my thing. you should see my costume box.

i love to take photos and document all of my adventures out west...

and all around the world. i travel, ALOT. (that's me in an elephant orphanage in sri lanka!)

gentri just asked me how i do it and i told her i make it a priority. and to start saving those dolla bills, honey.

if you wanna have fun or a quick amusement break at the office, then stop by and boogie with me! say hello and let's be besties. cus isn't that what this whole blog world is about?!


Oh to travel the world! One day I will. :) Now travel right on over to The Egg Out West!


Allie said...

YAY!!! i love the egg!!

Sunny & Star said...

A great pick! She sounds hilarious and I would love to travel the world too.

Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Elizabeth @ Love Is the Adventure said...

I've just been over to visit and I love this blog already! Although it's making me homesick for the West.

Thanks for another great blog rec, Gentri!

The Students Wife said...

I love her ski outfit.. that looks like so much fun!

followme@ www.studentswife.com

tara polly said...

well she's just adorable!

jennifer lane designs said...

elephants! love! she is great.

Freya Lily said...

I love it! She's way cute :)

Kelley Spurlock said...

Okay. I love this girl. I found her blog a little while ago and I freaking love her.

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