While photos from the blog retreat have all been shared, I still had some photos from other moments of my weekend...
1. This is how I pack. I stand in my closet and empty it of all the items I want to take with me.
2. No worries, by the end it's all organized.
3. Had my essentials and was ready to head up North!

After the blog retreat I spent Sunday with my family and friends and loved every minute of it. Monday I met up with a couple of blog friends for lunch at my FAVORITE restaurant- Zupas!
1. Shannon and I
2. Shannon, me, and Ashley
3. Every meal comes with a chocolate covered strawberry... best way to end a delicious meal

Monday night was spent shopping at the new (and incredible!) City Creek Mall with my sister. I got a few new items that I'm sure you'll see soon.
1. This mall is seriously cool. They even have a water show!
2. As we were driving home my sister exclaimed "You didn't take one single pic of us!". I was appalled, so we quickly snapped this beauty...
3. This, this is my sister's cat. He sits like a dog.

I've been wanting a succulent plant for such a long time. One of my roommates- Cynthia, from the blog retreat is actually a gardner/ landscaper and she brought us all little succulents! I was so excited!
1. My little Mr. Succulent
2. I bought Mr. Succulent a girlfriend. Meet Miss Cactus
3. My good blog friend Jen/ Punky sent me this CUTE necklace because she knows how much I love foxes! SO sweet and I love it!

And that's it! My trip up North has officially been recapped. :)

(items I may have missed: Friday morning, before heading to the retreat, my parents took me to see The Hunger Games again. Saturday morning I left the retreat for a bit to do makeup for my friend's wedding, she looked beautiful. Saturday, after the retreat, I spent the evening chatting with my lifelong friend Katie who just happens to be the cutest pregnant lady... ever. It was so much fun seeing a bunch of my close friends on Sunday. Monday after lunch, Shannon came to my house and we shot some photos for a couple of fashion posts, those are coming soon [so I guess the weekend's not COMPLETELY recapped]. My original plan was to drive back South on Monday afternoon. That quickly changed and I ended up coming home Tuesday morning. I just couldn't leave! It was way too much fun.) :)

Oh, and here's a little video I made from my weekend up north. It's not fancy or anything, but I wanted to put the videos I took to good use. It includes a little car singing, choreographed dancing, and blog celebrity class taking. :)


Lisa said...

You and I pack in a similar fashion. Messy at first, but then it all comes together.

Rebekah said...

Sounds like so much fun! I would love for the chance to attend a blog retreat!

Lauren Anslee said...

So cute! I just bought myself a little fern to rescue haha! And I would love to go to a bloggers retreat like this!

Samantha King said...

That is a crazy way to pack! Looks like it works for you, though! Also, I love that cat!

MeghanSara said...

Cute cactus!!!

Alyx said...

Holy moly, that is the craziest packing ever. But.... it looks like it works out pretty darn well!

JRuud said...

Zupas is the best :) :) Mmm love those strawberries!! Love the cat.

Deveny said...

I love that dress you're wearing at Zupas! F21?
That cat is legit.

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

so fun gentri! i need to learn to have fun like you haha.

GingerPeachT said...

Wow what a fun weekend! However when you said singing in your video I was waiting to hear you sing Haha
How did you make that video? Super cute.

lori said...

i tear apart every closet in order to pack. and try every outfit on. and then throw in 5 more shirts for good measure. it's a far cry from efficient.

Janette said...

OH such a fun weekend! And what a cute video! Looks like everyone was having the time of their lives :-)

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. I likey the song in the vid.. who is that?

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

My cat looks almost identical to your sister's cat...like I had to do a double take when I saw the picture! haha!

Annnd our packing routine looks about the same, too!

Happy Tuesday, sweet girl!

ms.composure said...

LOVING all the pics you shared :-)


Beckie said...

I agree with Brittany Lew Whoo^^^ Definitely me too!

And my comments: that mall really does look cool! I can't tell for sure but I think I love your sister's hair color. That cat--oh man. The only time my cat ever sits like that is when we're playing with ribbon and even then he will sit on all fours the next second. Crazy! I love your plants!! I have such a hard time with succulents...I always over-water them...But I love plants! That would be a great gift to receive to me : ] Cute necklace! And I LOVE the videoand the dancing--especially the baby haha!

Shannon said...

Awwww - I LOVE this tender little post. Good mems from lunch at Zupa's with you two cute girls. And hilarious pic of all the clothes and stuff hurled from your closet. Welcome to my life Gentri darling...MINUS the whole 'No worries, by the end it's all organized' part. Yeah, that doesn't happen for me :). And you betta believe the pics we took are comin' soon! Friday baby! :) I'll send them your way tonight or tomorrow. xoxoxo

Rolled Up Pretty said...

CUTE GENTRI! LOVE that video! :)

Ashley Eliza said...

so glad we got to meet up! it was much needed. and i loved your outfit that day!! when i'm in st.g in july- lunch is a must, just sayin. :) xoxo

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