Memory Keeping

We as bloggers do great things. We connect with people all over the world. We share dreams, ideas, and visions. We are able to reach through the world wide web and help, comfort, and inspire someone who could live at the complete opposite end of the Earth. We teach, cultivate, learn, and broaden our horizons to new and exciting adventures, and we grow not only as bloggers, but as people.

But what about the future?

Did you realize that you are not only doing good now, but you are doing good for those in your future?

We sit and daily document all of our favorite parts of life. The good and the bad. Those growing experiences and the difficult trials. We document how we do things by sharing recipes and crafts. We share the love around us and the stories that make us individual.

One day, someone is going to look back on YOUR story and be grateful that you wrote it down. They'll share your stories with others and learn from your experiences. Your story will help to make the world a better place, by sharing who you are- your posterity will know you, realize that they are not alone, they are not so different, and they will be stronger because of it.

this is one of my great grandmothers,
I didn't have the image with me, but I was able to find it via

So write away! Share those happy moments, those fleetingly beautiful moments. Share those trials and tribulations and how you learned from them. Share how you find the beauty in the world, what it's like where you live, and what you do for fun. Take a picture, share with your future family who YOU are, what you look like. One day they may look back and find they have your nose, your eyes, or your unmanageable curly hair.

In those moments we will connect in far greater ways than through the world wide web. We will be able to connect through the great spans of space and time. To continue being you and sharing who you are- forever. With people who would have never known who you were otherwise.

So keep those memories. Because one day, someone will look back, and be so glad you did.


A Tablespoon of My Life said...

What a great post! Thank you for this <3

Nikki Olmstead said...

I love this!
One of my favorite things is hearing other people's stories.
I cherish the pictures I have of my ancestors and the things that I know about them!
I don't have a lot of readers but I write anyway for this very reason! And because I like to and I just can't write my thoughts in a journal as fast or as well as I can in my blog.

Molly said...

This is beautifully and eloquently written, thank you! I happened upon your blog some months ago and I absolutely adore following it. Then I found out in a seven questions post you wrote about the last person you hugged being Mikelle Latimer, who is my cousin! Isn't she so great? I was so happy to learn that you know her. Anyhow, my blog is just getting started... but I hope we can meet someday regardless of how popular it becomes. Either way I'm going to keep writing, and thank you for confirming it such a good thing!

bridget anne said...

this is precisely why i blog! love you, girl. i think you're pretty swell.

Jenny said...

This is such an amazing post. You have seriously just inspired me!

SittinPrettyWithSarahG said...

So glad you wrote this post! I never thought of it that way. Gives me yet another reason to keep blogging

Jenny Holiday said...

Ohh Such a lovely post. I couldn't agree more. Oh how I wish I had more photos of my family and ancestors. Any that I do have, I treasure with all my heart.

I even collect "instant ancestors" :)

Love the photo of your great grandmother!

xo Jenny Holiday

Gaby said...

Beautiful thoughts Gentri! And so true, I hope that my kids read my blog one day and learn more about me x

Jessi said...

Gentri I totally agree! I am super passionate about personal record keeping, too, and think it is just sooooo important. I have this series on my blog called "Flashback Friday" where I record a memory from my childhood or distant-pre-blogging past so that I have it down for my posterity to learn from and appreciate (and laugh at because most of the memories are HILLARIOUS). I am a HUGE advocate for writing down true feelings (not just the good ones) so that people can look back and feel validated in their own feelings and gain strength. Loved this post, girl, and could not agree more!!!!!


Amber said...

I never really thought about blogging like that before. I guess I just saw it more as diary for myself but I guess in a way it could be a little history lesson for my grand-kids kids. I will have to edit it though before that time comes :)

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Sue said...

It's fun to look at it this way. I sometimes read what I wrote five years ago and laugh at silly little me- she had no idea what life was about! I wonder if my future children will read my blog and think "Man, our mom is nuts!"

Shane said...

Very well said Gentri! I only have one "real life" friend who blogs, and the rest seem to not understand the point of it. This is a huge aspect of why I hope to continut to blog throughout my life :)

xo Shane

Kaili Clark said...

amazing words of wisdom. Thank you.

Polly Bland said...

beautifully written. You are a dear grandchild :)

love, polly :D

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