Mavy May Designs

Christine from Mavy May Designs sent me this AWESOME headband the other day, and I LOVE it! If you're looking for the perfect Summer headband- this would be it! There are SO many ways to wear it. Plus, it goes with everything. :)

You can get your own headband HERE
or check out her blog HERE


Shannon said...

I love your headband. It's SO SO pretty!


Lisa said...

Very cute! Looks so good on you!
I can't pull off headbands very well, I feel they always make me look so childish, when they make others look so good. What's up with that?

Marissa@ Momma Rake said...

Super cute! Love how you wear it! Headbands are the greatest invention ever. :)

Sheridan in the City said...

so cute! i love the braid look and also how thin it is. thanks for sharing :)

simplyevani.com said...

Cute headband!!


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