Breathing Space Blogger Retreat- Day 1

Well, I just had THE best weekend...
And, as promised, here is a recap... well, of the first day anyways.

As most of you know, I spent my weekend at a blogger retreat. It. Was. AMAZING. We were treated like royalty. The retreat was held in Daybreak, Utah. This place couldn't be more perfect.

First, it was check in...
From the very beginning, everything was set to perfection.
There was the cutest little snack bar and swag bags for everyone filled with amazing goodies from all of the sponsors!
After check in, it was off to the classes.
First up, Megan and I headed to Style taught by the INCREDIBLE Becki of Whippy Cake. Pretty sure I was completely star struck. She's AH-MAZING and I am NOT exaggerating in any way. She taught us all about dressing for our body shape and coloring.
Then Megan and I headed to the Cupcake class taught by the inspiring Megan from Sweet Tooth Fairy. Not only did she teach us how to frost cupcakes the Sweet Tooth Fairy way, but she told us all about her experience on a little TV show called "Cupcake Wars" I'm sure you've heard of it. Which, btw- She WON!
They were delicious, of course!
Since it was a two day event, we all stayed in the Model Homes of Daybreak. Here is our home. It was picture perfect and the inside was even better. So after the classes we headed there to get ready for that night's dinner party.
After getting ready we walked over to the Stepford Wives Dinner Party. It was, of course, a little TOO perfect... ;)
Dessert was served by none other than the Sweet Tooth Fairy. YUUUUUM.
Here is Savannah, Megan, Alycia, and myself in our "Stepford Wives" attire.

One of the most exciting parts of the evening was mingling and stealing a few photos with the blogging celebrities! Oh. My. I was giddy! They probably thought I was so silly.
left to right:
A couple of the master minds: Aly (far left)- Style Please; Cameron (the gentleman)- Daybreak 
During dinner they announced the INCREDIBLE project they have coming up. Guys... they are making a DIY Blogger HOUSE! Yes. I cannot wait to see it! It's going to be amazing. All of those masterminds you saw a few photos back are contributing. I expect nothing less than perfection. So excited!

After that exciting announcement, we heard some inspiring words from Survivors own- Dawn. She's from Utah and was on Survivor when she was in her late 30's. Super woman. It was so fun hearing about her experience.
 The lovely ladies I spent the evening with...

We were SO not afraid to ask the blogging celebrities for pictures. They were all INCREDIBLY sweet and happy to join us! (some of them may have even followed me on instagram and texted me... woah)
Becki from Whippy Cake is Incredible. Seriously, she's my hero. haha! Not only did she take a ton of photos- silly and non silly, with us, but she also joined us in our dance party and made up a dancing game that we played until the DJ had to go home.
(note: I'm never looking at the correct camera)

Here are the roomies
and our other roommate Cynthia (whom we loved!) with miss Alycia.
What an incredible day!
No worries, it's not over yet. I still have a few more posts JUST about this retreat to share with you!!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

all photos by Jenny K Photography


Haili Hunter said...

um. gentrie...next time you hear about something like this...PLEASE tell me! I never know how bloggers hear about these retreats, and by the time they post about them, it's too late for me to sign up! :(

Angel said...

How beautiful, thank you soooo much for making us feel like we were there with you! It looked like an awesome time! Everything was so beautiful... for those of us stuck in an office during the week... we bless you for allowing us this glimpse of a breathing space! :)

kandice said...

oh my goodness WE LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO DAYBREAK! when seeing your photos on IG, i had no idea you were not two miles away. so, so cool! that big blue house is my absolute favorite in all of daybreak :)

kandice said...

oh my goodness WE LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO DAYBREAK! when seeing your photos on IG, i had no idea you were not two miles away. so, so cool! that big blue house is my absolute favorite in all of daybreak :)

Alyx said...

loved reading about the retreat! I so want to go on one someday! They look like a blast.

Nicole said...

Oh my GOSH! How fun!!!!

The Students Wife said...

um wow!! it really was perfection!


The Students Wife said...

um wow!! it really was perfection!


Shane said...

Wow this looks like such an amzaing experience! So many familiar faces I see :) I hope to attend one of these some day!! Hope you had a blast.

xo Shane

LolitaRose said...

That looks like SOOOOO much fun!! I love the color scheme too. And how incredible to be surrounded by so many amazing ladies!! Color me a bit jealous :)

Shannon said...

I'm with Haili Hunter! Next time you hear of one of these babies, FILL ME IN GENTRI GIRL! :) looked soooooo awesome. And talk about sexy pics! Especially the ones with YOU in them cute girl :) xoxo


lori said...

everything looks absolutely beautiful!! i definitely want to go to a retreat one day... looks SO fun.

The Vox said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm may only be one into blogging, but I want to go on a blogger retreat already!

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh my gosh!! the event looked amazing! so well decorated!!

Brittany LeSueur said...

how fun! I love blogger meet up. Cute blog!

Freya Lily said...

This looks so amazing! How do you find out about these things or things like this?? I'm new to the world and would love to spend some time with people who are more developed to see how tey work and to just be inspired!

Alex Butts said...

Are you joking??? That house is so precious! This looks like the most fun weekend of all time. I must go to a blogger conference thing!

Barrett Family said...

Wow! What an amazing event. I'd LOVE to do something like this. I must found one around here (Florida) so I can meet up with some of my new blogger buddies. How did you find out about this retreat?


Sami said...

This looks absolutely amazing! I am so jealous! Why can't there be any awesome blogger retreats in Colorado :)

P.s. I'm having an awesome Anthro giveaway on my blog today.. check it out :)

Leah said...

Ugh. I am beyond jealous.
But it looks like you had an incredible time!

Kelley Spurlock said...

This is SO fun! I didn't even know stuff like this existed!
PS: your blog looks crazy AWESOME!!!

becki said...

What a fun post! I can believe how thorough and detailed it is. Simply awesome! So fun hanging out and shaking our groove thing! XoXO!


Emily Hope said...

The weekend looks amazing and beautifully decorated.

I saw the picture of Dawn and I was thinking - that lady looks so familiar....sure enough she graced my TV every Wednesday.

I am glad you had such an awesome experience.

Lena said...

This looks crazy amazing. Like whoa. Double whoa. A thousand double whoas.. this needs to stop. But seriously, how much fun was this. Andd the cupcakes......!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha King said...

Oh my God! That looks amazing!

Courtney B said...

AH! I missed out on sooooo much. Dang it! Ha ha. I'm so glad you all went and had such an amazing time!

Cinthya said...

It looks like it was an amazing experience. I hope to one day meet some amazing men and women in this fun blogging world which I'm now a part of.

Beckie said...

One word: amazing!
Amazing set-up, amazing decorations, amazing pictures, amazing outfits, and amazing people! I felt like I was looking at a board on Pinterest. Everything looks great!
Truth be told, I would probably never go to a blogger retreat because I am way to shy and quiet, but I am loving going vicariously through you : ] : ]

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