Blogger of the Week: [field notes]

Hey guys!
This week's Blog of the Week is [field notes] by Brooke. She was one of the very first blogs I started following and I have loved it ever since. She's from Alaska where she met my sister and became IRL friends with her, that's how I found her blog. She is always doing fun things outside, making mouthwatering recipes, playing with her adorable puppies, or decorating her cute home. So read her post, then pop over to her blog. I know you will love it!


hi there! i'm brooke from [field notes] and i am so happy to be here on gentri's space with you!

a little about me: i'm alaskan grown, but am currently living with my husband in central illinois. we were looking for an opportunity to spread our wings when we landed ourselves in this unknown territory. everyday i am learning new ways to love life, trying to make the most of each moment. i miss the mountains, but i find the new-to-me landscape of cornfields beautiful in it's own way. 

i love to blog! i post a few times each week about my favorite things in life, which include our two furry pups, playing outside, date nights, eating good food, and finding adventure in every day. i love bike riding, photo taking, picnicing, traveling, home decorating, and baking. just your average girl i suppose :)

next month we are traveling back to alaska and have so many great adventures planned! i can't wait! pop on over if you'd like to say hi :) hope to see you again soon!

xo, brooke


Isn't she so great?! And those puppies. They get me every time. :) So go visit her blog! Now, go!


Morgan said...

those pups are the sweetest!

Chrissy said...

Love all the photos and her puppies are just the cutest! Heading over to her place right now! Happy Monday xxx

Elisha(: said...

all her pictures are perfect!! checking her out! (:


Katharina said...

Absolutely sweet. I'll visit her.


→le cours des choses

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

Oh, Alaska. How I long to visit. Gentri, lets go.. and invite her.. deal?

thompson said...

ahh, the pics of the pups are so cute! sucker for a sweet pup...! really enjoyed reading both of your blogs!

The Students Wife said...

She is darling.. It makes me want to visit alaska!

followme@ www.studentswife.com

Chablis said...

SO glad you got Brooke to do this! She's adorable. :)

Beverly said...

BROOKE- you are adorbs!! I love you b/c you love your pups so much... same here girlfrannnd!!


jennifer lane designs said...

she is lovely and i love her blog!

(Ri)Charmed said...


brooke field said...

thanks gentri!! it was so fun to be featured on your lovely blog :) so glad we're blog pals.

tara polly said...

oh, she is absolutely charming! looking forward to following her blog.

bridget anne said...

honestly she's so cute, i can't stand it. been following along with her adventures for some time, but really she's a just a sweetie. xo.

Sue said...

I absolutely love your blogger of the week series. Brooke is adorable! xo

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