Send Something Good Participant Link Up

Hey guys!
Today we're having a link up for all those participating in the Send Something Good Project! So exciting!

We have over 160 bloggers participating and I know it's going to be such a blast! So take a look at who links up and make some new friends- whether you're participating or not. :)

(only those who signed up for the Send Something Good Project may link up)

Not only does this create a list of all those participating, but it is also a chance for the participants to tell us a little about themselves. :) SO, here is my list:

10 of my favorite things:
1. Foxes
2. Mountains
3. Pretending I'm a photographer
4. The Color Taupe
5. Lace
6. Rose Gold
7. The Outdoors/ traveling/ exploring/ roadtrips
8. Items that hold their beauty in the details, structure, and architecture rather in the embellishments. Does that make sense?
9. Bowties or items that can be worn around the neck of a collared shirt and peter pan collars
10. Reading

You can link up here, with Kaitlyn, Kristy, or all 3! I believe it'll show up on all three blogs regardless.


Morgan said...

i LOOOVVEEE rose gold

steph kelly said...

we totally have #3 in common :)

memory said...

So fun! Wish I could have participated :|


Amy said...

Gentri, we were ALWAYS destined to be blog friends, I heart your entire list!

& So excited for the link up to have more fun poeple to follow!

LolitaRose said...

Pretending to be a photographer is always fun! :)

Punky J said...

Hey all.. how did you get the link list to show up on your individual post? My link it is on the list, but I'd like the list to display on my blog as well... help? Gentri? Katilyn? Kristy? Anyone?

Thanks :)

Beverly said...

Great idea to share our loves! This is so exciting.. thanks again for having a great link up party!

Shannon said...

Such a wonderful idea!!! I love this so so much. Keeping the blogging world positive. Yay!


patience said...

you rock.

Kristy Lynn said...

you ARE a fox ;) ow ow!

Jane said...

I love that #1 was foxes!

lauren elizabeth said...

yayayaa :)

Amanda Cobb said...

I know exactly what you mean about #8! Totally makes sense to me, and I feel the same way.

I'm also obsessed with lace.

lexi said...

how flipping fun!! i just read about this on another blog, can't wait to see what you receive!

Geri said...

I love that "foxes" is number 1 for you! This is such a neat idea & great way for people to connect - glad to be a part of it ;-)

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