The Most Important Day

Happy Happy Easter everyone!
I hope you have plans to spend it with those you love, and to celebrate it however you believe.

I believe that Easter is about the most important event in the history of the world. I believe that there is someone who was willing to do whatever it took, to save me, to save you, to save us all. I believe that He loves me, more than I can possibly understand. I believe that He knows exactly how I feel at my darkest moments. I believe that He knows exactly how I feel at my loneliest moments.

I believe that He rose on that third day. I believe that He does, indeed, live. I believe that He paid the price for every sin, He suffered for every pain and weakness that we feel. I believe that He is there, for all of us, that He will not leave us comfortless, as long as we seek Him. I believe that I am strong enough to get through anything, because He is there for me, knows exactly what I feel, and because He was willing to do whatever it took to save me, you, and every living thing that has and will live upon this Earth.

I believe that we need not suffer from the pains of sin, heartbreak, loneliness, if we only lean on Him. I believe that all of us can return to Him again. I believe that He knows and loves every single one of us. I believe that He knows and loves you. I believe that I will meet Him again one day, and that will be a very important day.

My heart is full. Of gratitude, peace, and hope.


Breanna Hohenstein said...

Love Love Love this post :)
Happy Easter Dear!

Sunny & Star said...

This was such a sweet post!

I hope you are having a fabulous Easter.

Ben & Cassie said...

Beautifully said, I am going to share this video too. Your easter eggs are happiness!

Tereza said...

Happy Easter!!!
Hugs Tereza

Brooke said...

Amen! In fact, I posted this same video earlier today. Elder Holland is my favorite (shh, don't tell anyone I have a favorite). Happy Easter Gentri!

Two Happy Hearts said...

Lovely post, Gentri! Hope you're having a Happy Easter :)

Alyx said...

Love this. I hope your Easter was wonderful, Gentri!

Katelyn Rattray said...

This is an absolutely beautiful post. I agree with every word. Easter is such a beautiful day and I'm always dumbfounded at the grace and love of our God. It's amazing. Happy Easter, friend!


- Katelyn

Shauna said...

Happy Easter
Love the colorful pictures!


Cait Emma said...

happy easter love! xoxo hope it was fantastic and full of love today

Juliette said...

Your blog is a place where i always find happiness and joy.
Love it

Happy Easter!

Natalie said...

Happy Easter Gentri! Hope you had a good one!

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

Happy Easter <3

sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful post!

Happy Easter x

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Love this post Gentri and cute pictures! Hope your Easter was great!

Lena said...

Amen, friend. Amen.

Sarah@AlpinePoppy said...

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
You are awesome, love you!

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