Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 10

It's time for your weekly skin care tips. :) This week includes hair health too. Exciting! haha!

Do you ever get those red bumps on your arms or legs? Well they're ingrown hairs and can be caused by clothing that is too tight or not enough exfoliation. To get rid of them- exfoliate! haha! If they're really bad and seem infected, you're probably going to need to use a product with salacilyc acid (I'm realizing that salacilyc is an amazing ingredient), or of course- speak to your dermatologist.

If you're having hair problems like thinning, lack of shine, or brittleness it's probably caused by something internal, not necessarily your hair product. So check your diet, and if it's serious, talk to your dermatologist.

So you know how when you are cold, you can warm up by moving around? Well that's why you get goosebumps. When you're cold, your skin contracts to warm you up, causing goosebumps. Our bodies are amazing.

The reason laser hair removal has to be done in stages is because it only works when the hair is in the first stage of growth, and your hair grows at different rates (otherwise it'd all fall out at once. No fun). It also doesn't work as well on blondes because the laser is attracted to the pigment in the skin, so the hair needs to be darker than the skin.

Well, that's all I have for you this week. Hope you learned something new!! :D

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Alyx said...

Whoa - I seriously never knew that about laser hair removal - that's pretty cool!

SaffaKate said...

Thats what those bumps are??!!??!!?? I have been wondering for so long and lately I've had so many appear on my arm and have been wondering what is going on? I definitely learnt something new today. THANK YOU! I need to exfoliate more!

Along Abbey Road said...

I've had those bumps since I was like 12! The dermatologist said to use this green bottle of stuff from Walgreens (can't remember the name) and I still haven't picked it up. AND I do not exfoliate, but I am going to start immediately! I hate those stupid bumps! I look like I'm diseased or something!

Along Abbey Road
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Carolin said...

Gentri, this condition is also called (medical term) Keratosis Pilaris. (I have this) Its when your skin produces too much keratin and causes in-grown hairs. "DermaDoctor" (they call it chicken scratch) has great products to treat it. Anyone who has this will notice that there is less redness and less bumps using it. :)

Tiana said...

ouchies! thank you so much for sharing this information - now i know what to do if this every happens :) xoxo

tiana of l'esthetique

Kristen said...

Goosebumps are also a defense mechanism, back when we were cave people, and we thought we were in danger, we'd get goosebumps, and at that time we had more hair, which would cause us to look big to the predator! Our bodies are pretty amazing how they work!
And for the arm acne, it's horrible! A few of my friends have it, and they always have trouble trying to get rid of it! I think it is their diet-


defense mechanisms

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

You are going to be such a great esthetician! I love reading your posts :) I worked in a med spa before I started my own thing and I looooved laser hair removal (major perk of working there). I did my underarms and the hair is still super thin there woo hoo to that

Lena said...

I'm currently in the laser hair removal process and it's amazing. I realize that I didn't reallyyyy need to share this information, but there it is. I'm so excited!!

{[Jessica]} said...

I just did my first treatment of laser hair removal.. OMG the MOST amazing thing in the world!! I feel sorry that blondes can't have it but than again they really don't suffer from the pitch black under arm hair..

& i never knew that the thinning of our hair is from internal. A few years ago I lost ALOT of hair and randomly it all came back. I wonder if it was my diet.. but thank you for sharing!!


Amber said...

I get those little bumps all the time and thought it was a heat rash. thanks for the tip. I'm going to start exfoliating and see if that works.

Lisa said...

ohh good info to know! thanks for sharing!

april millar said...

I read this then walked straight upstairs and exfoliated my arms. Thanks!


Beckie said...

As a matter of fact, I did learn something new. Thank you for sharing : ]

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