Blogger of the Week: xoxoRachel Sayumi.

Hey guys! This week's BOW is Rachel from her blog- xoxo Rachel Sayumi. Not only are Rachel and I good blog friends, but I'd say we're good real life friends too! Yup, we've met, and she is just as great in person as she is on her blog. :) So read, then hop over to her blog to tell her hello!


Heyyy lovely friends of Gentri!! My name is Rachel,and I blog over at xoxo Rachel Sayumi.
First off, can I just thank Gentri for having me here? I started blogging summer of 2011 and I've wanted to be featured on her BOW since then! And I've even chilled with her a few times,she is the greatest. It's a blogger's dream come true (:
So. Here's a lil bit about me.
I like clothes. Wait a second,no. I LOVE clothes. Like a lot. But I don't like buying expensive things. My blog is a creative outlet for me. It helps me to wear my clothes in several different ways! Once in a while I'll have random tidbits and gold nuggets of life,such as music or Instagram photo's,or just whatever is cool in life at the moment.
I'm not even ashamed to say,I definitely wear certain shirts more than once a week. But to me,it doesn't matter because I create a whole new outfit with it. It's fun,kind of like a game!
My favorite places to shop would have to be... Forever21. Target. Old Navy. Thrift Stores. And random online shops,such as gojane.com... or ebay!! Honestly I have some of my favorite wardrobe pieces from these stores. Before I purchase something online,I ALWAYS look for discount coupons on Google. I can usually find something,like a 20% off code or a free shipping code. It's such a great feeling to buy something for less than what it's being sold for.
By the way,if you couldn't tell,all the pictures I've used are of me wearing the same lace shirt I got from Forever21. That's what I mean by making the most out of the clothes I already own (:
Thanks for reading,guys! Stop by anytime and say hello over at my bloggy.
& Thanks again,Gentri for havin me! Love youu.


SEE?! She's so cute and LOVE her style! GO tell her hello!


Ben & Cassie said...

She is gorgeous! And as far as i can see amazing style, heading on over to your blog Rachel!

Alisha said...

LOVE her lace top from F21 so much I want it!! Great feature, G. :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Leah said...

She's so adorable! Definitely going to say hello : )

I am Megan said...

Too cute! I will say hi now!

Shannon said...

She is so adorable!


Beverly said...

she is too cute.. love her style!! going to her hood right now :)

Melanie Lea said...

She's PRECIOUS! Checking out her blog now : ) Thanks for featuring her Gentri!


Andrea D said...

What completely adorable style! Stopping at her bloggy to check it out right now! :)

Samantha said...

Thanks for the introducing her! On my way to check out her blog now! :)

Sierra said...

Not fair! I want a guest post! Hahaha
But she is adorable!

bridget anne said...

she's so cute, it's kind of unreal.

Rachel Sayumi. said...

Thanks to everyone who has commented!!! It really really made me so happy! Everyone is so kind. Thanks,Gentri!!!!!!!!!

JRuud said...

Cutest sense of style! WOW. Coming to say hello :)

Yuli Conversations said...

I love love love that shirt!


Bri Rios said...

I just love Rachel and her blog!!! I'm so glad you picked her, she totally deserves it!! :D

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