Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 7

So I'm sticking to my promise after last week and not posting any disturbing photos. This week we learned about skin diseases and disorders. If you want to see some of the things I saw, google "rare skin diseases".

I will however share one, because it's super interesting. This is called Dermatographic. Basically they have sensitive skin to certain writing utensils, scratches, or things like that. So you can write on them and it will swell up like this photo. It's also called "Skin Writing". A girl in my class has it so we all got to see it in action.

Did you know that the skin of the average adult weighs 8-10 lbs and averages an area of about 22 square feet? Each inch of skin contains approximately:
- Millions of cells
- 15 feet of blood vessels
- 12 feet of nerves
- 650 sweat glands
-100 oil glands
- 65 hairs
- 1300 nerve endings
- 155 pressure receptors
- 12 cold and heat receptors

Crazy right?! An INCH of skin!

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. You can prevent your skins aging by 80-85% JUST by staying out of the sun/ wearing sun screen. Sun damage is the main factor in our skin's aging. When looking for a sunscreen, pick one that has titanium-oxide or zinc-oxide. They are physical sunscreens and the bottles should say "full" or "broad-spectrum". That will let you know they're A-Ok.

Have you ever gotten those little white bumps around your eyes? They're called Milia. Don't just pick them off. You MUST use a lancet to remove them. So lightly poke them with the lancet, and then handle like you would a zit- remove all fluid then clean.

Have acne? Here are some reasons why you might have it:
- Genetics/ Heredity
- Clogged Pores
- Bacteria
- Triggers including- hormones, stress, cosmetics and skin care products, foods.

When looking for makeup or skin care products that WON'T clog your pores, go for the non-comedogenic. (non- pore clogging)

Something that I personally think is a WONDERFUL skin care tip and that I'm learning more and more about (only proving my own theories) is antioxidants. Last Summer I couldn't stop eating blueberries. My skin was clear and glowing. Not kidding. Even though I don't eat blueberries as much now (sadly, they're expensive) my skin is still better than it was before.
Anitoxidants are something that EVERYONE needs in their skin care regiment. Sunscreen can only do so much- Antioxidants do the rest. When rays from the sun make it past your sunscreen the antioxidants will prevent or fix the damage. Not only should you be putting antioxidants into your body, you should also put them on your body in conjunction with sunscreen.
Some foods that are rich in antioxidants would be- berries, red grapes, real dark chocolate, beans, and artichokes.

Not sure what type of skin you are? Here is a basic list:
Normal (lucky ducks)- good oil balance, clear of acne, medium to small pores
                               - Skin Goals: Maintenance and Preventative
Combination- Oily in areas (t-zone usually), Dry in others (cheeks, edges of face), medium to large pore size
                   - Skin Goals: Balance, treat both oily areas and dry areas
Oily- Excess oil, large pores
      - Skin Goals: Balance oil production, do not over cleanse and exfoliate. It can make matters worse
Dry- Little oil, small pores
     - Skin Goals: Extra care because it lacks the normal protection of oil
     - NOTE: Dehydrated skin lacks WATER, Dry skin lacks OIL; Big difference
Sensitive- (yes, it is now both a skin type and a condition) fragile, thin skin and redness
             - Skin Goals: Soothe and calm skin, Treat skin gently with nonirritating, calming products

I hope you learned something this week! Remember, I'm still a student, not a professional. If I have something wrong, you are welcome to kindly tell me. Or if you have any skin concerns or questions you are welcome to ask me. I'll answer the best I can!


PoppyHarleyLove said...

Very interesting!! I have super sensitive skin so I'm always looking for the perfect skin care product. I've heard about antioxidants and their "powers", but never thought too much about it...guess I know what I'll be buying this weekend!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Blytheponytailparades said...

That's really freaky and interesting!

Lauren Anslee said...

That is so crazy!! And i definitely need to ear more antioxidants.. guilty! Thanks for all of the tips Gentri!

Ketrin Jones said...

such great tips!! thanks for sharing :) I finally found my magic combo with face soap & lotion!! acne free!

GingerPeachT said...

Great stuff and fascinating for sure!!
I had a facial this week! It wasn't so great though. :-( I think it's because I live in a small town. She didn't know anything about the high frequency treatment. And used some type of cinnamon masque. Omg it burned!! Only left it on for 4 min before I asked her to take it off lol

I am eating more fruits lately, I hope the antioxidant help me too!!

I want to be tan!! But I know it's best to be pale like Bella. Lol when you learn about self tanners, tell us the best one ;-)

Emma Frances said...

My cousin-in-law totally has that random weird skin disorder. Haha. So weird! But cool at the same time! And dang my skin should be glowing right now with all the antioxidant berries I've been craving!! I basically live off of raspberries and strawberries right now!

jennifer lane designs said...

so interesting! i love reading your posts about what you are learning. love your blog!

Lottie said...

My husband has that skin writing condition and we never knew what it was and now we do--and people say blogs aren't useful ;)

Emily said...

Thanks for posting! I LOVE makeup so I have always loved learning more things about skin in general and how to keep a clear happy face. :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I definitely have combination skin and have had acne since I was 12 (I'm 28 now). HATE it.

Brhea {NoPlaceLykeHome} said...

Super interesting. I think it's awesome that you are sharing something that you are really passionate about. I want you to come and diagnose my skin :)

I used to have the most perfect skin and totally took it for granted. Then, as soon as college started, I got break outs. Bad break outs. Now I'm almost 25 and they haven't calmed down. Annoying and frustrating to say the least. I have noticed a big difference from my clarisonic and from antioxidents. But, my skin is still unpredictable at best. grrr.

Autumn said...

It would have been fun for you to be at the blogger meet-up!!

I have small pours and dry skin. Sometimes I put cocoa butter on my face before I go to bed and/or after I wash my face. I'm sure you have a better suggestion though :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

um........WOAH! that is crazy and i've never seen this condition is action like that before. what a shot! what a bunch of coolness you're learning too.

this blog is such a rad tool for you right now because it also promotes infused learning through creating these blog posts. how cool for you!

man, i'm a combo leaning towards the oily side of the spectrum. sux right now but at least later on there will hopefully be less wrinkles and crepey textures happnin'

fab lessons, thanks Gentri - girl you rock this aesthetics shiz! ♥

Amanda k. said...

A couple years ago I was super stressed from work and school, and developed dermographism. It was awful. The raised skin was basically hives, and it itched like crazy. The more I itched it, the worse it got. My bra caused my skin to raise, same with my jeans. I began taking a few zyrtec everyday, and that helped.

Eventually I found my job at Clinique, and my stress level went way down. After this, the dermographism stopped. But yeah...it's no fun at all.

Jamie said...

I love these... it brings back beauty school memories. Are you going for everything or just esthetics?

hima said...

Wow, that's so cool! I have somewhat dry, but really clear skin, but now I know exactly what to do! Thanks so much! And please do check out my blog at horcruxesandhollows.blogspot.com

Shalyn said...

I really needed the reminder about the antioxidants- thanks girl, im off to get me some strawberries:-)

Eden Marie said...

I've dealt with skin writing FOREVER. My friends used to draw smiley faces on my arms, write their names, etc. I used to find it humorous, now it's just annoying. I'm afraid that on my wedding day (in 2 months) I will get all blotchy and itchy...which leads to scratching...which leads to read bumps. EWW.

haha. A random post to write it on, but I just found your blog and I love it! :)

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