Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 6

Okay, I know, I know, I know, you are SOooooooooooo sick of hearing about this. BUT I could REALLY use your votes for this photo contest!! Seriously, I can't afford to buy clothes that I desperately need for school and if I win- I will receive a gift card to one of the amazing sponsored stores! Kinda need that. haha! So please, if you have a few minutes here's what you do:

-if it takes you just to the Taylor Andrew's website then look at the left sidebar and click "hunger games photo contest"
-then follow all the steps including "allow app" and "like us to get started now"
-then scroll to my picture if it doesn't immediately pop up (same one that is on MY left sidebar <---) and click "VOTE!" :D

I will love you foreeeeeeeeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrr!

Ok, on to what you really came here for...

I was asked what kind of treatment I would recommend to those with dry skin. My answer- a very hydrating facial. So when they do your skin analysis tell them your concerns with dryness and make sure they pick masks, moisturizers, etc that is going to really hydrate your skin. Also they could add in a Galvanic treatment on the Positive setting because that's going to Push the product into the skin. :)

This week we have been learning about nail disorders... let me tell you, it hasn't been pretty. :P Interesting and disgusting. haha! Here are some nail care tips for you:

Make sure you regularly push back your cuticles. Otherwise they could grow over your entire nail which is a condition called Pterygium... Funny story time!

So I had my first client on Saturday (a week ago). It was a guy. All the girls thought he was so hot but no one would take him, so I did. He wanted a pedicure. (he had a toe that had Pterycium... that's how this story connects to that info above... haha!) He was very nice and all the girls wanted me to get his number. I wasn't going to do that. Especially after this conversation:

Him: "You have a very nice phone voice."
Me: "A phone voice?"
Him: "Ya, its soft and sweet. It would be nice to talk to you on the phone."
Me: "Oh... ha... I've never heard that before..."

Ya mister, not gonna happen.

Moving on...
Have you ever removed your nail polished and been shocked to see that your nails look yellow? Or some other color? Well, it's most likely just caused by your nail polish. Nothing to worry about. :) It's called- Discolored Nails. Original.

Do your nails ever split, peel (your nail is made of layers and sometimes they'll peel), or have lengthwise ridges? Well that is usually caused by- injury to the fingers, excessive use of cuticle solvents, nail polish removers, and careless, rough filing. You can fix it by softening the nails with a reconditioning treatment and discontinuing use of harsh soaps, polish removers, and improper filing.

The proper way to file your nails is in one direction. So- left to right, right to left, or outside to inside and meeting in the middle. Be sure to regularly buff your nails as well. I LOVE those filers with 4 sides. Great for buffing and making them shine!

Now, I could get into some serious disorders... Like (how it gets to these points... I have no idea)-

or Mold

But I wont.
haha! Hope you didn't loose your appetite. Just realized, that's probably why I haven't had a very large appetite this week. haha!

Have a great day and don't forget to VOTE!!


Janette said...

ok so i almost just unfollowed your blog cause I was about to lose my breakfast with those NASTACIOUS pics you posted??? I have to go look at pictures of puppies now cause Im officially scarred for life! Bahahhahahahha! And what is with that guy?????? That is the cheesiest pick up line ever. he probably thought he was soooo smooth huh?


ps. pushing back cuticles is my fave pasttime..seriously fun for some reason!

GingerPeachT said...

Omg. That was gross hahah
I heard something about lemon and nails. Like sticking your nails in a lemon wedge to get it shiny and clean. Have you heard of that?

Have a great weekend!! P.s. I'm doing a bloggy thrifty sale next week. See my latest post if you think it's something you'd like to be a part of. :-)

Courtney B said...

MY EYES!!!! NOOOOO! So disgusting! I hated that part of hair school... seeing nasty pictures of what happens if you don't take care of hair, face, nails, etc. YUCK!
Ok, when you get creepy clients you HAVE to tell me their names. I'm curious to see if I know any of 'em :) Haha!

Hilary said...

Cheesiest pick up line ever. Also, do not ever post pictures like that again.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ahhhh ewww haha! I am a little freaked out by this! Off to push back my cuticles ;)

Denise said...

Gentri... I thought I was done looking at those icky nail pictures! (from cosmetology school).. Now you're posting them too!! JK :)
You are going to make it in this world as an Esthetician !

Alyx said...

Ewwwww Gentri! Hahaha That first picture popped up on my bloglovin' and I about died! I was like, "What in the world is she talking about this week?!" So gross.

And thanks sooo much for the advice for those of us with dry skin! I'll definitely have to remember that!

Breanna Hohenstein said...

I voted for you :) Hope you have a fabulous day!

Liz Brown said...

Those are some hardcore pictures. May it never be me. Knock on wood.

Are there certain nail polishes that won't discolor my nails? I've noticed the yellow a few times.

mrs. dtf said...

that was horrible. like, i wanna vomit.


Laura said...

those toe pictures almost made me loose my breakfast! I am not someone with a weak stomach I can watch surgeries shows while eating and be fine but those toes were prob the grossest things eve, ick!

Mel said...

Oh my god, are you crazy posting such disgusting pictures ? I have a natural disgust for feet so right now I am almost traumatised, don't ever do that again. But thanks for the tips. Love your blog otherwise.

Chablis said...

Maybe people won't throw up if you make the pictures smaller. :)

carlee ellen said...

hm,, i voted for that contest already, so i decided i'd go back and re-vote for yours...yup. it was the one i originally votes for, so obviously yours was the greatest to begin with!

Katie said...

Ugh that first pic especially is sicknast! Hahaha but I like the tips :)

Laura Elizabeth said...

Done and voted for! Good luck!!!

Beckie said...

Thanks for the little tidbit for us dry-skinned folks! I appreciate your taking information "requests" : ]

And as for the dude. Honestly, that sounds like something I would say (lol) and I don't really count myself among the creepers of this world so maybe he was making a quirky observation like I would. Either way, it's kind of funny : ]

lisa said...

Okay, I WAS about to go eat dinner, GROSS.

Anyway, I totally voted for you. :) Rock on!

Lena said...

Looks like you're going to have to love me forever because I just voted for you! Naturally, you should win because you're basically the best.
And also, I don't think I'll be eating for a few days. Well, maybe I will..but I'll definitely be disturbed. What is going on in those three pictures at the end?!! I don't even know..but it's just all wrong.

Cait Emma said...

just voted for you on the photo contest! good luck hon!

Ariel Tyler said...

ahhhh! so gross! haha.

On another note, I voted! Good luck girl! :)

Laura Elaine said...

Just voted!! Good Luck! you should definitely tell us how to avoid the nail grossness! haha


Bridget Fossedal said...

voted! hope you win. xo <3

Ruby Girl said...

oh my goshhhhhh EUUU! hahah oh girl. your point is made haha :) xoxo www.rubygirlblog.com ps--- hope you are doing super well!!

Samantha said...

ohmygosh! those feet were disgusting. i just stared in horror at the nastiness! i couldn't look away, it was so gross!

memory said...

My nails have been all discolor-ish when I take the polish off...I was wondering what was causing it! :P

Shalyn said...

Hmmm...those pictures definitely make me hungry, thanks for that;-) I just voted for you- I hope I did it correctly. YAY!

Elisha(: said...

you almost made me puke. ;P

no offense ;) <3

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