7 Questions #2

Hey guys!
It's time for the second "7 Things" post! I'd love for any and all of you to participate, so just link up below! Also, Loren of Pandora's Craft Box made this lovely button for you to use in your link up! Hooray!

First, my funny photo:
I know, this outfit is fantastic. It was a while ago... The funny part would be my eyes. I have hyperthyroidism/ Graves Disease and this photo was taken right after I found out that it can lead to bulging eyes.

1. Pick a boyfriend: Edward Cullen, Peeta Mellark, or Harry Potter
Such a tough question... But I have to go with Edward. Best BF material.

2. If you HAD to have a crazy hairdo, what hairdo would you choose and why? (mohawk, mullet, etc)
I'm thinking something like this:
Because who doesn't want woodland creatures on their head? Although I'd definitely need a fox on there. Because, you know, they're my favorite.

3. If you could be a celebrity what would you like to be celebrated for? (Dance, Singing, Acting, Reality TV [ie no reason], Political Leader, etc)
Well, blogging obviously. But if that weren't an option... I am a great actress. I've never been in any plays or anything... but I should have been.

4. Be honest- do you brush and floss your teeth daily?
I HONESTLY do. :) Can't stand going to bed or leaving the house without brushing & flossing.

5. What is one fear you are working to overcome?
Oh I have so many... I guess my fear of fear then. I really wish so many things didn't scare me.

6. White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or Semi-Sweet (isn't that just dark chocolate)??
Milk Chocolate. But I know Dark Chocolate is much better for you...

7. What is one trend you wish you could pull off? 
The big floppy hat. I'm so little it would just look ridiculous. :(

That's all from my end! Can't wait to read your answers!


Live.Love.Random. said...

This is so cute! I think I will post this friday :)


GingerPeachT said...

I'm still thinking of my answers. I really like this though! :-)
I had thought you would be a peeta girl ;-)

Emma Frances said...

Baha! That first picture is HILARIOUS! You make good faces. {Also, I'm joining this next week because I already had two posts lined up for today :( Or maybe I'll just do it tomorrow. Haha. I guess we'll seee} I LOVE the hairdo you chose. So unique and awesome! Especially if it had a fox! I know I would NEVER have enough hair to do something like that. I guess it doesn't have to be real though, does it? Okay, I think you should be brave and try the big floppy hat trend for me. I haven't wanted to try it because I'm small too but is that ridiculous? I wasn't sure why it made sense but I just feel like it might look weird. We should both be brave and try it sometime though! How about whenever I come to visit?!

Lottie said...

I love your hair--something like that would have to be my choice too.

And I think I would be a Peeta Mellark gril, purely because I love bread and cake and he bakes so really it made the decision for me.

And am I the only one who equates Harry Potter with Daniel Radcliffe and I couldn't go out with him, but maybe the real Harry would be different?

Christi Lynn said...

i love that hairdo! haha. And you could TOTALLY pull off a big floppy hat. I will be linking up a little later today! Thanks for the post!

Kelly @ Live Laugh Rowe said...

Not sure how... but I just happened to find you Gentri Lee -- and I'm pretty tickled silly that I did. Great blog!!! Newest follower:)


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

LOVE this idea, Gentri! I linked up! And I'm totally with you on Team Edward. :)

Teaka said...

Haha fun post! I like how you said you wish you could pull of big floppy hats. Honestly those are the only hats that sort of look good on me but I feel slightly silly wearing them so I rarely ever wear hats.
So sad really!

Ketrin Jones said...

& Linked.

Okay so question :) how do I add that button to my blog post? I tried a million different ways, but it just showed up as text. HELP! I want people to be able to get to your blog directly!!

Have a great rest of the week!

Wesley said...

I love the big floppy hats too!
I found one for $2 at Target. I didn't think it'd work for me either, but hey, it was $2!

Mel said...

Nice post ! It's funny I would have answered the exact same thing about fear... It ruins my life sometimes, a real pain in the neck.

Anyway, these questions were great !!!

Have a nice evening !

Amber said...

Edward all the way for me too. There really is no competition.

Stop by & enter my Vedette giveaway!

JRuud said...

Yes for Edward, even though I love the other two as well. And I look ridiculous in floppy hats too!! Hmmm.

Great post hun!!

Elisha(: said...

adorable you!!! :P

Melissa Vega said...

Oh my goodness, I had so much doing this! Definitely count me in every week :)

Can't believe you chose EDWARD as a boyfriend. Ugh. Kidding kidding :)

And kudos for flossing + brushing everyday. Speaking of.... I should go do that.

Fear is some times fear itself.

And I definitely think you could pull off the floppy hat!

Lena said...

I literally burst out laughing over that hairdo. You could rock that..for sure. :))

P.S. Can you tell I'm catching up on my blog reading? Double yay for me!!

Megan said...

is that hair even real???? that is crazy!

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