Rad Rag Designs and Little Penelope Lane

Hey guys!
Do you know Danielle who blogs over at Rad Rag Designs? Well, she has a LOVELY little shop (as I'm sure you saw if you entered the giveaway) and KINDLY sent me this beautiful Poppy Brooch.

I've worn it a couple of times now and always receive compliments on it.

Not only is it beautiful, but it's beautifully made! You can tell that there was lots of love put into it. :)

One of my favorite parts (that nobody but you really sees. But I love it all the same) is the cute tag on the back! I want to start a shop just so I can have cute tags! haha!
Thank you again, Danielle!! I love it!

I was also sent some adorable hair wraps from Sarah at Little Penelope Lane. They're each so cute and well made, plus I had so many people stop and ask where I got them!

I wanted to wear it a little differently than expected, so I tied it upside down and LOVED it!

My esthetics school BFF wanted to try them out too, so I brought one for her to wear.

There are so many different ways you could wear these, the possibilities are endless, really.

Thank you, Sarah! Love them all!

If you haven't yet, you should probably enter the Valentines Giveaway. It includes one of Danielle's pretty brooches as well as one of Sarah's cute hair wraps! Go go go!


Elisha(: said...

I love both of those blogs!!! :)

Stesha said...

sooo cute! loving them as a headband!!!


Amanda @ Raising Miss Mommy said...

How cute! Love the head wrap! Thanks for sharing, I'm off to check out the giveaway and her shop! :)


Lauren said...

That is such a pretty headband. I like how you tied it upside down. So cute!


Melu103 said...

you and your bff look super
cute with the headbands ♥

they are such a great accesory!


Samantha said...

These are so cute! Definitely checking out her shop now!

littlepenelopelane said...

So fun! I love how you wore it! Thanks so much! You are such a doll!

Sunny & Star said...

Oh that is so darling. Very pretty.

Chablis said...

props to you for wearing it upside down - really unexpected and lovely!

I like how you used "salutations" a few times. :) I hope you knew I was being sarcastic - it was cute just the same!

Ariel said...

so cute!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

Ahhhh that headband is too cute on you!! I love that you wore it like that. BTW I LOVE the Frankie magazine!!! I love their style. So indie,so hippppster! Thanks for bringing that :D

diary of this girl - megan said...

i love the headbands and pin! GORGEOUS! and i love finding new blogs to follow :)

Daryl said...

Oh gosh. I've never been quite into headbands but this makes me rethink that!!!

Cait Emma said...

LOVE the head band with the pink flower xoxo i want i want!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

wow wow! SO CUTE! I especially love that headband on you, Gentri...but I have a feeling you could make a paper bag look cute. :)

Hope you had a happy LOVE day! xoxoxo

Alexis Kaye said...

ooohh good idea to wear it upside down!

Candace Stevenson said...

I really like wearing it upside down, lookin super deece :) haha and I also loveee the three baby beads in the poppy. It makes it even cuter!

jessica said...

SO cute. Love them both!

Annie said...

Love love love that flower pin - such a cute way to jazz up an outfit :)

The Other Side of Gray

Allie said...

Oh man I'm in love with the hair wrap and pin!

Polly Bland said...

they're all so beautiful!!!!!!

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