Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 3

It seems like you guys really like these posts. Last weeks esthetics post received double the views my normal posts do. haha! I guess that means I should keep them up? Ok. :) It's nice because I write these the night before my weekly test and it helps me remember everything. So, thanks friends!! haha!

This week we learned about extractions. I'm sure a lot of you know this, but I thought I'd just reiterate it. People always say don't pop your zits, you'll just make it worse. And they're right, to an extent. You can pop zits, black heads only, and only when they're ready. DON'T pop the ones that are under the skin and hurt. I know they drive you crazy, but don't do it. Wanna know why? Remember this:

If it's not exploding out, it's imploding in!

That means that all the junk you're trying to get out of your face is just spreading to the inside. Nasty and not fun. You can pop black heads. Simply pull the skin tight and then push firmly from the sides. (pull out, then push in)

Another thing about zits is that oil does not cause zits. Bacteria causes zits. (people with dry skin get acne too!) So if your hands are dirty- don't touch your face! If you just put lotion on- don't touch your face! Hormones also cause zits. If you are having breakouts on your chin and around your mouth- it's hormonal. (pregnancy, PMS, etc) Dirty makeup brushes can cause acne, wash them at least weekly. Also, diet can affect your acne. Obviously.

They can't shrink. Sorry. But you CAN minimize the appearance of pores. That usually takes an esthetician, but it can be done. Oil is what makes your pores appear large. Hence why those with oily skin always think they have such larger pores. It's because the oil is expanding them. But with the help of an esthetician they can, over time, reduce the oil produced which in turn, minimizes the appearance of pores. :)

Healing Time-
Did you know that babies get a new top layer of skin every 14 days? That's why they have such perfect skin and it heals quickly. For those in their teens and twenties it takes 21- 28 days and for those 30 and up it takes 28-40 (probably more as you get closer to age 60). Take care of your skin!

Cellulite is not a fat disorder. It is a skin disorder. Crazy huh?? That's why even skinny people get it. They are created from toxins (all you soda pop drinkers...). It's not proven, but high frequency treatment has been known to reduce cellulite. I'm not saying go do it, but you can try it. :)

Did you know that rubbing your belly COUNTER clockwise can mess with your digestive system?? Crazy , right?! I think it has to be pretty firm rubbing, but still! Maybe you could even try rubbing it clockwise to improve digestion?? Try it! (that last part is totally my own thought. Don't go saying it's proven or anything.)

I hope you learned something new and that I got everything right. haha! I have my books and notes sitting right here, so it should be. But if not, feel free to kindly let me know. :)

Happy Friday! And remember to wear lots of sunscreen!!!
(Yes, even though it's winter. Yes, even though it's cloudy. Yes, even though your covered in clothing head to toe!)


Ugly Duckling said...

I started reading this now just as I'm eating my lunch. The part about zits was interesting but I'm suddenly not that hungry anymore, haha!

Thanks for the great information :)

Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx


Liz Brown said...

I think I fall under the 'skinny girl with cellulite' category. It sucks. I always thought I just didn't work out enough ... maybe I can't help it ...

kaitlin {bee-loved} said...

haha very informative and fun! ...now i feel like i need to be nicer to my skin, sorry skin, I know I can do better now :)

Mo (New on U) said...

This was great! I have a terrible habit of picking at stuff, but now that I know that if it's not coming out, it's going further in, I will definitely give it a second thought!

The cellulite thing bums me out. I'm a pretty clean eater, so it doesn't give me much hope that it will ever be gone. Sigh...

stephanie said...

this is SO interesting! i wish i lived closer i would let you practice on my face!!!

Nicole said...

love love love! I love Friday's at your blog :)

Bri Lamkin said...

I learned a lot! Thanks!

Emma Frances said...

Seriously this is all such good information! :] I love it!! I'm sure you did awesome on your test today!

Ashley Slater said...

I love this----- and I am glad someone is spreading the CORRECT information for once! :)

Kodi said...

So happy to read all of this every week. Like Ashley said, it's nice to have someone telling me the correct information!

Sandy a la Mode said...

great info girl! have a happy weekend!

Lena said...

I'm such a sunscreen freak. Seriously. I wear it at all times.

Kylie said...

This might be really gross, but I kind of like popping zits. Thanks for those tips though! And this might be a dumb question....but what's the best way to clean makeup brushes? What about hair brushes (not sure if that's in your area of expertise or not)?

JRuud said...

Oh zits...pores...and digestion. How I love you..NOT

Amber said...

imploding in? Oh man, my lunch is now exploding out.

GingerPeachT said...

My biggest issue about me is my acne. If I have a bad acne day I just feel so unpretty. But these tips are very helpful!!
I didn't know about the placement of pimples in relation to it being hormonal!
How often do you think it's best to get a facial? I had one on vacation in oct, and I was thinking to get another. My pores drive me nuts. Lol
And yes! My massage therapist gives belly massages and she said always massage clockwise for better digestion :-)

Melu103 said...

i am loving this posts more and more
we are all learning with you here!

:) thank you for sharing darling!

i appreciate the beauty tips ♥

Oh by the way =)
I put up the Oreo Pops Recipe today ♥
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Have a great weekend doll!

Melina ♥

ashley.warner said...

thanks for the advice.
i love to sit on my counter and pop my blackheads.....wait, did i just say that?


Gaby said...

keep up the tips gentri!

Lauren Bird said...

What an interesting post : ) I'm a new follower and visitor to your blog. I'm stopping by after seeing you on Julie Ann Art. Looking forward to stopping by your blog more often.

annaaainafairytalee. said...

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Franchesca said...

I never like to pop my zits but that whole imploding thing just made me not want to do it that much more! Thanks for that :) (so gross btw LOL!)

great GREAT post!

Alexis Kaye said...

Super interesting! I'm so glad it sounds like you're enjoying school!

richelle jean said...

cool tips !

Katherine said...

I told you to just write what you love! I hope that advice pays off for me one day too haha! Really enjoying learning what you're learning (for free...I feel like I'm pirating education a little...) Kx

Amira said...

Loved this! And now I'm even more determined to stop drinking soda, ha :-)

Melina-Lajolie said...

hey lovely!
hahaha great post :)
would you maybe like to follow each other?

Missy said...

Fascinating, loved it!
Thanks for sharing!

xx Missy

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