Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 2

Hey guys!
It's Friday, which thanks to you guys and your requests, has become the day that I will share what I found most interesting from that week in school (esthetician school)! Hooray!
Now, know that I am NOT a professional (yet). I may get something wrong, you can kindly tell me if that's the case. :) I'm just repeating what I hear at school.

This week was full of interesting things! Like...

Nose waxing...

Why yes, I just posted a picture of myself getting my nose waxed... You're welcome

Contrary to what you're thinking- waxing your nose is NO big deal! Seriously! It didn't hurt at all! I will for sure be doing this again! We also waxed- eyebrows, lip, underarm, legs, and... downstairs. The ones I will TOTALLY be doing again are: nose, eyebrows, lip, underarm. I will NOT be repeating: legs and downstairs. The downstairs didn't really hurt so much (except for when a chunk of my skin was torn off) but I am so not someone to share that with other people. haha! The legs on the other hand KILLED! It hurt so bad that I only made it through the front of my legs and had to quit after that. But it's different for everyone!

Every week we have a business class. It helps us prepare for the business side once we graduate. Our homework for this last week was to research how much it costs to advertise. She had a list and we all were assigned a specific one to research (tv, radio, etc). I of course chose blogging/ internet/ facebook. I pretty much owned the business class yesterday. Bloggers rule!! haha!

Ok, on to the stuff that will really interest you...

Have you ever bruised after being waxed?
If you bruise during a waxing it's because your esthetician (or whoever you have doing it) didn't pull correctly (remove the wax). They should be pulling it parallel with your body. When you bruise it's because they are pulling it up which yanks the skin with it. Of course some people are just easily bruised or the bulbs of the hair could be really large making it harder to remove. But for the most part- it's because they're not doing it correctly. (I will admit- I am not good at this yet. I need a lot more practice.)

If I told you that I could reduce your skins aging by 85% what would you say??
Well, here's how you can do that- STAY OUT OF THE SUN! 85% of the skins aging is caused by damage from the sun. 85%!! That's HUGE! We had a nurse give us a presentation on wounds, which included skin cancer. Some of the most common places that get skin cancer are your hands and ears because you don't really think about them. But they sit in the sun every time you drive- even if it's cloudy. Clothing does not protect you from sun exposure. You can pretty much get skin cancer anywhere. Start protecting yourself! It's NOT worth it to tan and it's never too late to start saving that precious skin! (spray tanning is great! I learn how to do that tomorrow.) The best way to protect yourself is to butter up before you even get dressed in the morning, apply it everywhere! And don't forget your scalp. That beautiful head of hair won't protect you either. I seriously need to do an entire post on this when I learn more. Even now there's so much more I want to share and make you aware of!

You can actually clean a wound too much. Did you know that? Cause I didn't.
The main thing is to keep a wound moist (who would have thought?). So next time you accidentally cut yourself, or scrape your knee, or whatever, here's what you do:
For the first two- three days use an antibiotic ointment (like neosporin). Don't use it for longer than that because it will stop working and can actually cause reactions. After that- just use petroleum jelly to keep it moist. It's not good for a wound to dry up and scab over. It increases the risk of re-injuring or re-opening (picking at it, snagging it on something, etc) which just does more damage to the skin and most likely leaving a scar. Also, leave it alone as much as possible. The less you mess with it the more opportunity it has to heal.

Smoking slows the healing process.
You can't smoke and heal at the same time. The chemicals from the smoke will hinder or stop the healing process from major surgery or injury

Next time you get a pedicure...
watch to make sure that they completely disinfect the tub before they fill it again. Those are a breeding ground for bacteria. "In 2000 over 100 clients of a California spa developed a serious skin infection on their legs. The infection was resistant to antibiotics and caused stubborn, ugly sores that lingered for months. In some cases it even caused scarring" (that's from my school book)... Yuck, right?! You also can not receive a pedicure if you have a wart... sorry. :/ Just get it taken care of and then you can get one. :)

I hope you found these as interesting as I did!

P.S. If you have something you've been dying to ask me, leave a comment HERE and I'll answer them in a post soon! :D


Mrs W said...

Bwahaha! You, Gentri Lee, are really one brave girl! :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

LOVE it Gentri! Yes smoking is a major no no...so gross and makes your skin look so yucky! Have a great weekend! Heres to hair free noses!

Keri~Native Moss said...

These are great! Before I opened my shop, I was an esthetician for many years, and I loved it! I still have my license just in case I want to go back to that again one day.

stephanie said...

ha. love that picture of you! and miss esthetician can you please tell me how to keep my almost 28 yr old skin from breaking out?! i thought all that was supposed to end after high school or at least college!!!

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

Great tips--especially the one about the tubs at the nail salon! I never really think to check when I'm getting a pedi, but you better believe I will now! :)

Have a fabulous weekend! Xoxo

eryka {from abcde} said...

haha i love this post! in beauty school we used to mess around with the wax station and we waxed our legs once and it hurt so bad!!

M. Flynn said...

I tried to wax my own legs one time and it was a DISASTER. Maybe I'll get some courage together and see a professional next time. Or just stick to (not always) shaving.

Mo (New on U) said...

I think the nose would hurt so much! I'm pretty used to the "downstairs" waxing and it hardly bothers me at all, but just thinking about getting my nose waxed makes me want to sneeze! You are a braver woman than I!

Alyx said...

Dude. You are my hero. I have always been terrified to get "downstairs" waxed. You survived! haha.
And leg waxing didn't really hurt me at all, but like you said, everyone is different! I'm pretty sure that nose waxing sounds terrible, and I have no desire to try it!
Did underarm hurt? I've heard that it's not bad, but it just seems like a sensitive area that would not be comfortable.

Alyssa Ann said...

Good tip on the pedicures! Once when I was working at a spa and old man called wanting his downstairs waxed! Yuck!


Fox and Sparrows said...

My sister in law is obsessed with waxing her nostrils after going to school to be an electrolysis! She has been trying for-EVAH to get me to do it. Yeah I have plucked some stray nose hairs and it isn't pleasant so I am in no hurry!

Catherine said...

This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Not sure if you've learned this yet, but I'd love to know the science behind laser hair removal. How does it work? Why do you have to keep going back to get all the hair out?


FEST (a new blog about food, style & travel)

Jessica Wray said...

I didn't realized you were in esthetics school! I'm an esto! Welcome to the world of skin care!

Lacey said...

That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing all your tips and I am so glad to be a bit more informed before I head to the spa,

Lacey xoxo

Harley said...

hahah you are hilarious. thank you for sharing that picture.

Katelyn Rattray said...

Bahaha! That picture made me laugh so hard! I love hearing about your new knowledge from school. It's great.


- Katelyn

Lauren said...

Love these posts so far :)
I also loved when you mentioned the wound part. Not because I'm gross or are some creep who's into wound care but because I'm a nursing student and I was like "yay I knew that!" lol.

Sal {Daniel and I} said...

Such a good reminder on the pedicure front. I am always terrified of this when ever I get one done!

I think you're terribly brave getting your nose waxed! I am far too much of a chicken to get that done!

Sal x

Jess said...

OMG I am not sure I believe you about the nose waxing...I've pulled one hair out and my eyes would not stop watering lol!!!

Bree said...

Colby's mom always waxes our noses! I thought it was so weird the first time, but now I love it!!

Kylee Noelle {blog} said...

Yes, I will choose pale over skin cancer any day. It's not worth it. If you must be tan it's worth the extra money of a spray tan. Honestly, who wants skin cancer?

Polly Bland said...

hahahaha!!! I love this!!! You are too cute. I could never pull of this type of a photo! :D

love, polly

rach. said...

oh my gosh, i can't believe you put that picture up. hahaha, brave, girl.

love, rach.

Elisabeth said...

super interesting gentri! thanks for sharing :)

Meagan Murtagh said...

waaaaaaait a minute. WHY would someone wax their nose???!!!

xo the egg out west.

Kelly said...

I love this. It was super interesting! {especially the pedicure facts}

Nicole said...

That picture just cracked me up! SO funny. Will you wax my nose hairs? hahaha kidding, kidding.

Pia said...

I have never even thought about waxing my nose, but now I kinda do...But I only want you to do it. Ok? I'll fly over, you'll wax my nose and we can hang out! Perfect? I think so.

PS: How are you??? :)

Meg said...

Gentri you kill me girl.

Ruby Shabazz said...

Gentri, what school are you attending and how many hours are you doing ? It's great that you are getting business courses with it. Very valuable.

Ruby Shabazz said...

Gentri, what school are attending and how many hours are you doing? It's great that you have business courses. So valuable.

Emma Frances said...

All of this stuff is so interesting! It really makes me want to go to beauty school...and someday I will! I just need to start saving up!

Melu103 said...

haha you are hilarious!
i been getting waxed forever
lip, underarm, and downstairs
it hurts like there is no freaking
tomorrow! so i completely understand
you ♥ I never thought of waxing
my nose haha .. i just use the
nose clipper :) the one that also
works for the ears ... that one
does the work for me ♥

thank you for all the tips doll


Alexis Kaye said...

I love all your new found knowledge! Isn't school great? And terrible, but we'll just say great for now ;)

Shakti said...

I had no idea nose waxing was a thing. Although, I know some people who would benefit from the procedure. Is that a tactful way to tell someone their nose hairs are visible and waving to the world?

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

I remember the first time we learned that you can wax the inside of your nose! It's crazy all the stuff we learned in school! Hope you're enjoying it!

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