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Hey guys!
Today I am introducing you to this week's "Blog of the Week"- Bridget from her blog "Deer Circus". Bridget is beautiful inside and out, as is her blog. She posts about her adventurous life with dreamy pictures to match. It's uplifting, inspiring, and incredibly optimistic. AND she works at a magazine. Awesome! :D So read, enjoy, then pop over to Bridget's blog. I KNOW you will love it!


blogging in the presence of gentri’s followers? excuse me while a blush. (a lot.)

i’m bridget, and am delighted to share my little slice of the blogosphere with you!
i may be the penman behind the deer circus—a blog about life as a bashful but adventure-seeking book-nerd-turned-portrait-photographerbut my husband is the looks behind it.

i’m a better person for knowing him. robbie has cystic fibrosis, a fatal genetic disease. but despite being saddled with its complications, he’s becoming a pharmacist. and he’s been my best friend since we were 17. and he’s a dapper dresser. and we love being optimists together.

actually, we’re big on optimism. we like to think that happiness is a choice & it’s all in the details: bright lipstick & a top knot for me, a bowtie for him. together, we love forts & thrifting & fondue.

we also love our dog-children, bernie & archibald.

most of all, whether we’re corn-mazing or grabbing a midnight milkshake, we like to photograph & document every little thing. for us, blogging is mode of remembering. and i’m always on the lookout for other bloggers to share & remember with!

from the bottom of my humbled heart: hello!


See? Simply lovely. :) Now click on over to Bridget's Blog and say hello, you will be SO glad you did!


Elisha(: said...

Definitely now following her!!

Mrs. Monologues said...

Oh thank you for the fabulous blog suggestion. Just looked at her blog and kept thinking "oooh pretty". Thanks for the suggestion! I am always looking for new blogs to follow.

Jaclyn said...

i love your blogger of week! she is darling!

Stesha said...

she is sooo sweet!! I love her!

Classic & Bubbly

Melu103 said...

she is adorable!
and takes amazing pictures
ill definitely check her blog ♥


boyishchic said...

Loooove all of these images. So amazing. Definitely going to check out her blog asap!
xx. Jillian

jessica said...

I've been reading her blog for a while now and I just love her! She is so sweet and the images on her (their) blog are simply the best!

(Ri)Charmed said...

She's great!

Melanie Lea said...

Bridget is so cute! I love her pictures : ) Thanks for introducing her Gentri!!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Just checked it out, SHE IS A DOLL! :)

Shannon said...

Her blog sounds really wonderful. What a cutie! I'm off to check it out right now...


Shannon said...

Her blog sounds really wonderful. What a cutie! I'm off to check it out right now...


Dearest Lou said...

Oh my gosh she's so cute! Seriously Gentri you ALWAYS pick the best blogs for blog of the week (;

Paige Renae said...

I just ran across you through Bridget's wonderful blog, and I wanted to say you are simply too adorable! I love your beautiful layout and entertaining posts, your blog definitely put a smile on my face tonight.
I would greatly appreciate if you would take a moment to check out mine!
Thank you,

Cait Emma said...

awww love her! xoxo

brooke field said...

i think she is my favorite guest blogger of yours to date. good pick!

memory said...

New follower of hers and I must say I'm officially obcessed. Her blog is dreamy.

Have a great weekend, Gentri!


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