Weekly Favorites #2

Happy Friday everyone! It's time for my favorite things I've seen in blogland this week. I got the idea from Busy Bee Lauren and her "Totally Rad on Tuesday" series. It was one of my favorite posts to read each week and so I decided to start my own. Here we go...

These photos from Just Us are absolutely STUNNING! Katrina's a great photographer!

This photo of Polly is perfection!! Not to mention the song she has you listen to during this post is a new favorite!

Lena and her husband went on an AMAZING adventure for her hubby's bday. I'm oozing jealousy.

Out of all the amazing year in review posts, my favorite was done by Piril. All of her photos are so bright and pretty and I loved the organization in her post.

Christen is one of the MANY bloggers I've seen rockin' this coat (I'm super sad I never joined the party), and i love the way she styled it.

Katie pulled off the faux bob PERFECTLY (lets be honest, what can't she pull off?)! Didn't work half as well when I tried it, she's given me inspiration to try again.

Kaitlyn teamed up with Kate Gabrielle to honor "National Letter Writing Week" (January 9th-15th) by creating these limited edition flapper stationary sets. They're adorable and there's so much more!

I love this outfit by Kendra. That hedgehog t-shirt is adorable!

Alana's dream catcher collection is... well, dreamy!

Sydney shared this WONDERFUL product with the blog world the other day and I can't wait to order some of my own. 20% of the profits go directly to an anti-trafficking organization. Trafficking is a big problem (like 2nd biggest soon to be 1st) and it's nice to be able to help. They talk all about it on their website: Radiant Cosmetics.

And last but not least...

Lex shared an adorable chair makeover she just completed. Makes me want to paint something...

What were some of your favorites from this week??


bethani said...

those chairs are terrific. would be perfect in a sunroom or little nook.

& the dream catchers make me want to curl up under the covers and doze all day. :)

Elisha(: said...

cuuuteee!! & beautiful!!<3

Melu103 said...

oh great reviews
i really like that chair!

i hope you have a wonderful weekend
hun! Any plans?

Melina ♥

aleisha said...

i loved the photos at the beginning...stunning! and everything else too, it makes me want to do something awesome. :)

Kate said...

I'm loving checking out all of these awesome blogs! Thanks for sharing!

Whitney said...

You always post about so many wonderful blogs I end up following. This post didn't disappoint me either! :)

Erin said...

Alana's dreamcatchers! Seriously the coolest thing I've seen!

memory said...

I love Christen's coat! so cute<3

thanks for you comment! i've missed them (:


Kendra said...

Thanks for the love! Great reviews! :)

xoxo, Kendra

Mrs. Ham said...

i can't believe how many dreamcatchers she has! wow!

hope you're feeling better!

Gaby said...

That chair is awesome, and the dream catchers, wow! So happy to be reunited with my computer and be back in blogland :)

Ashley Eliza said...

i love all of these so much! now i want to redecorate something or go buy that coat! its to die for. happy weekend girl.


shefoundstyle said...

Oh man! You just introduced me to a bunch of new bloggers - yippee!! Can't wait to check them out. Great collection you have here.

Kylee Noelle {blog} said...

I love the chair makeover! But I don't see a link.. Who is Lex?! Do tell so I can find her :)

Thanks for sharing! I'm excited to go and visit some new bloggers!

--Kylee Noelle

jessica said...

This is really an awesome idea. I love the recap of everyone's awesome posts this week. Might have to do this myself because I read ALOT of blogs and I love sharing cool stuff!

I love the pink coat, I've been seeing it everywhere as well! She definitely styled it perfectly, the skirt looks gorgeous with that pink.

Polly Bland said...

Aww! Thanks for the mention, Gentri! It's been so great working with you so far and it's only been 6 days! :)

love, polly

Natalie Suarez said...

this is far too adorable! i love it :)



Krista Lynn said...

I just discovered your blog! I love this post!!! There are so many blogs out there I have yet to discover!

Thank you for sharing!


Two Happy Hearts said...

just saw this beautiful post! thanks for the shout-out, gentri ;)

Pia said...

Oh, I love these posts!! I'm looking forward to more next week! :)

Diana Smith said...

That chair makeover is to die for!

tourist in my town said...

this is a great list, lots of good things to read- thanks for sharing.


Shalyn said...

That faux bob is BLOWING ME AWAY! So adorable!

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