Blogger of the Week: Roots, Wings, and Other Things

Hey guys! Today we have the guest post from this week's "Blog of the Week". This week it's Daryl from her blog "Roots, Wings, and Other Things". She has such a cute blog, great style, a beautiful story, lives an adventurous life, and designs blogs on the side. haha! So read, enjoy, then go check out her blog!


Hello fantastic, wonderful readers of Gentri Lee! I am so happy to be Gentri's blog of the week. Gentri is one of my favorite bloggers, this is SUCH an honor!

My name is Daryl, and I write over at Roots, Wings, and Other Things. I'm a young, loud, slightly crazy American living in Frankfurt, Germany with the love of my life. 

I'm nineteen years old. Wait, only nineteen you ask? Isn't that a wedding picture? Yes. Yes it is. I refer back now to the part where I'm slightly crazy. I met my now-hubby when I was working as an Au Pair in - you guessed it - Germany. Which, by the way, I did when I was only 17. I know, ridiculous. But like Dustin Hoffman said in one of my favorite movies: "Let's start with ridiculous and move backwards." (Name that film! Anyone? Anyone!?)

SO. A whirlwind romance, a proposal, and a wedding later, I find myself back in good old Deutschland. My husband and I have developed quite the sense of adventure as we set out to explore this wonderful continent upon which we live.

My blog is a tool through which I document the notable moments of my creative life. I blog about fashion, I blog about cooking, I blog about my observations of German culture. I tell embarrassing stories and share photos of my adventures and travels. 
 Wuerzburg, Germany
The North Sea, Denmark
Montpellier, France

I dream of becoming an event planner, of using my attention to detail and creativity to bring people's visions to life. I didn't realize my passion for planning and events until I planned my own wedding in under five months. Now it's like crack to me. You'll see this passion of mine reflected in various posts throughout my blog as well. 

I named my blog Roots, Wings, and Other Things for a specific reason, and that reason is this: I refuse to accept the notion that if a person wants to settle down - to put down roots, so to speak - they must let go of their dreams and settle for something less satisfying. People told me that by getting married so young I was sacrificing the fun and the freedom that I apparently needed and deserved. No. Absolutely not true. 

Right now, as we start off this beautiful new year, is the time to follow your dreams, accomplish your goals, go where you want to go and see what you want to see...and the best part is, you don't have to let go of your roots to do it.
Each day is an adventure as I try to find my wings.
Join me? 


Lovely, right?! So go check out her blog! :D You won't be disappointed.


Brittany Erin said...

Stranger Than Fiction. Nailed it. (Also, cute blog.)

Katie said...

I am now jealous of her life. She sends such a great message to all those that do marry young.

Can't wait to head over and read her blog.


Purposely at Home said...

i went..and now i am a follower...;D happy wendnesday, gentri!


LindsayNicole said...

Okay, already in love with this girl. Officially following. Thanks Gentri!

Alyx said...

Way to go, Daryl! Bringin' out the big guns!

Good blog choice, Gentri!

Melu103 said...

this is such an amazing blogger!
married at 19 can't believe it!
But she looks so happy and that
is all that matters. I will check
her blog out now ..thanks for
sharing doll!

Melina ♥

Chablis said...

Stranger than Fiction! I just watched that for the first time two days ago. :)
Hey, I got married at 18 and it was the best thing I ever did! Just wait on the babies. ;)
Living my dream...I'm so jealous right now.

Laurie said...

gentri, thanks so much for doing the "blogger of the week" series. you have introduced me to so many fun new bloggers who i would not have stumbled across otherwise!


Claire said...

love the last photo, off to have a look of her blog :)

Ashley said...

Thanks for Introducing her. I'm definitely gonna go check her out and most definitely be her newest follower!

Brhea {NoPlaceLykeHome} said...

Thanks for sharing! I am super excited to follow this lady. Gorgeous photos as well.

Daryl said...

Thanks so much Gentri for this awesome opportunity! I feel honored and blessed to be introduced to so many awesome people, and I am touched by the response!

Roots, Wings, and Other Things.
Enter my shabby apple giveaway while there’s still time!

Memissmolly said...

What a beautiful post. And what an awesome blog you have! I really enjoy the reading. =)

boyishchic said...

Wow, amazing story... Can't wait to check out her blog!
xx. Jillian

Kate S said...

You BOTH have cute blogs. =]


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Love them, what a lovely couple. Added the blog. :)

Ana Magdalena said...

these photos are so beautiful! I have to stop by your blog.


Bree said...

She is lovely! Great guest post ;)

Please help me win $250 for my charity! All you have to do is "like" my post on Pet Bytes ;)

Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn said...

How cute is she!!! Especially that wedding. I LOVE her style. I hope she put that shiz on Pinterest!

Autumn said...

It's true, her blog is adorable. I love it :)

Alexis Kaye said...

wow what a fun, beautiful girl you are!

Karm said...

Wow what a lovely couple. And the jounrney they are on. Different places they visited. How cool.

Sara Shoemaker said...

you always find the most unique blogs Gentri! I love this, so jealous of her travels :) {I swear I will go to Paris one day.} I feel horrible for not stopping by your blog in so long! Life gets crazy doesn't it. Hope you had a marvelous Christmas and New Years hun!

The House of Shoes

Kaytee Lauren said...

i love your blog!!! ahh! so cute

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