Gentri Lee: Blogger of the Week: Mrs. DTF


Blogger of the Week: Mrs. DTF

Hey guys! Today we have the guest post from this week's Blog of the Week. This week is Mrs. DTF. She's super cute and I love her blog and style. Don't ask her what DTF stands for, cause she won't tell ya. Although she gave some pretty good hints HERE. haha! Read and enjoy her post then go tell her hello!


hi there.
i'm mrs. dtf & i blog over here.

i met mr. dtf in art class last fall...
i bought black vans to match him,

& we totally fell in love.

we got married 8.5.11...
our hipster wedding bands even say so on the inside.

i blog about fashion.

& wife-like stuff.

& becoming a teacher.

& all things hipster.
you know, bikes & glasses & the like.

oh ya!
& i blog about being young & in love.
come say hello.
i think i'm pretty funny.
& gentri thought i was cool enough to be blog of the week...
or ran out of blogs to choose from... either way! ha!


p.s. mr. dtf says hi too.


WHAT?! I don't think I could EVER run out of blogs to chose from- first of all. haha! Second of all- She totally deserves to be Blog of the Week! Don't you agree? :) Now, go give her some love!


Rae Veda said...

Love her! She's so darling and funny! I can't wait to read more. xo, rv

AshtonRaeVest said...

Adorable couple can't wait to check out the blog!!

Ashton Rae from

karajean said...

Every time I stop by her blog I just think of the inappropriate "DTF". Ha! But, I do love those wedding bands. Like, a lot.

Love your blogger of the week feature, Gentri! Keep 'em coming!

Melu103 said...

she is adorable!
really stylish and she
looks like she is hilarious!

ill go check out her blog
thanks love!

Melina ♥

Melu103 said...

she is adorable!
really stylish and she
looks like she is hilarious!

ill go check out her blog
thanks love!

Melina ♥

JRuud said...

Love it! ADORABLE blog.

Miss you Gentri!! Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. xo.

Drama Queen said...

Love those weding rings!

Amber said...

She seems like a sweet girl but I must admit the blog name kinda took me by surprise at first. I am guessing that DTF are her/his initials and not a nod to Jersey Shore right?

memory said...

okay so i don't follow her now but i am IMMEDIATELY!! (:

Hilary said...

I love her blog so much!!!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh my gosh Gentri, you totally look like this girl! I thought it was YOU at first! You both are VERY cute! :)

Gaby said...

ha, too funny! going over to check out her hipster blog right now :)

christine donee said...

hipster glasses and bikes? Duh. Totally into that.

Kodi said...

I love Mrs. dtf!<3

Brhea {NoPlaceLykeHome} said...

The whole DTF thing made me thing of the Jersey Shore.. and then I was all, "silly her this girl doesn't even realize what DTF means" and then I was all, "wait a second she DOES know!" But is that what her version of dtf means? If so I find that kind of hilaarious :)

Alexis Kaye said...

you are DARLING! And gorgeous. and i love your clothes. and i love that youre young and in love too. it's just the bomb.

my soul is the sky said...

that description is awesome. i'm so glad you posted it on facebook cuz that's where i saw it! :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

what a cutie...both of them! and the blog name, well i'm sure that my curiosity is piqued now. caught my eye right away, blasted Sean and his penchant for some certain shorelines ; )

thanks for the share Gentri, will be having a click over to her space. cheers! ♥