Blogger of the Week: An Eclectic Heap

Hey guys! Today we have the guest post from this week's Blog of the Week- Rae Veda from her blog An Eclectic Heap! Rae has a beautiful blog, awesome style, amazing photos, and an adventurous life that she shares with all of her readers. :) So read her guest post then head over to her blog. You won't regret it!


Hello Gentri Lee readers! I'm Rae Veda and I blog over on An Eclectic Heap. I'm so honored Gentri choose me as her blogger of the week this week! I adore Gentri's blog. It's so creative and funny! Funny blogs get me every-time.

You may have guessed by the title that my blog is very eclectic as is my life. In my book, eclectic is a synonym for messy. And some days that's just how my apartment looks. I try to keep it clean and organized but sometimes life happens and those things are thrown on the back burner.

I would consider my blog an eclectic lifestyle blog.

I typically blog about:

What I wear... I have a love of clothes... Actually I'd rather buy clothes than food. Come to think of it I'd rather buy clothes than a lot of other things. Mainly pay my electrical bill.

The food I cook... I love to cook. If I wasn't in school I'd cook every night. I'm an always vegetarian and sometimes vegan girl. I'd like to be completely vegan but that just isin't practical with my lifestyle right now. Maybe someday, when I have more, free time?

Books I read... I love to read! I have something on my blog I call the virtual bookshelf were I review the books I have read. Reading helps me calm down at the end of the day and also keeps me up to date with world happenings. Thanks, iPhone apps. You have saved my life many times. 

Things I like... My Sunday Swoon feature varies from week to week. Some weeks it's what I'd like to own from Etsy and other online retailers and other weeks it's homes, outfits, or patterns I'm swooning over. It's one of my favorite features to write.

I also love to craft! I blog about my craft projects as well.. I wish I had more time for this crafting really does make me so happy. The feeling of being able to say you made something yourself is so much fun.

Last but not least... Being a student. I am a sophomore in college and love learning but am always amazed with how much time school takes up. My Wednesday Workspace feature has helped me tie school into blogging. This feature, which is currently down for Christmas Break, Whoo!, is typically about my school workspace. Wherever that may be.

The rest of the time I blog about my daily life and fun little things I do. I would love for you to come over and say hello. Blogging is my favorite hobby and I just love meeting new people from the interwebs. It really has brought so much joy to my life. 



What'd I tell ya?? :) I knew you guys would love her! Now head over to her blog and say hello! Have a great Monday, everyone!


Madeline Grace said...

Her blog is super cute! I'm going to start following her! Thanks!

Candace Stevenson said...

awh she's a peach :) Love that she's crafty. looks like we'll be gooooood friends hah
Lovely Little Rants

Alisha said...

Aww how fun!! Gentri, you always have such great taste in picking awesome bloggers!

Heading over to her blog now to make new friend!! YAY!!!


shefoundstyle said...

I love "meeting" new people! Great find here - thanks for sharing.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Sounds like a blog I'd like to read! Thanks for introducing another great blogger, Gentri! :D

indie by heart said...

Thanks for stopping by !

Her blog seems sweet, must find time to check it out soon:>

xx Satu
Indie by Heart

jessica said...

I love her craftiness and her haircut!!

Deveny said...

CraftnBettie's Padfoot necklace is AWESOME

Deveny said...

The clips in Vintage Wanna Bee's shop are darling!

ekboxx said...

cool! I am a friend of hers!

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