Blogger of the Week: Redhead Memories

Hey guys! Today we have the guest post from this weeks "Blog of the Week": Kaycie from her blog "Redhead Memories"! Funny story- Kaycie and I actually grew up in the same neighborhood! Crazy right? So I've known and loved her for a long time and know that you will love her just as much as I do! Take it away Kaycie!


Hello friends! I’m Kaycie and I blog over at Redhead Memories. As you may have guessed, I’m a natural ginger and I love making memories. I love looking through old scrapbooks and laughing at good times. I also have a terrible memory, which makes things pretty ironic and funny.

I live with my husband, Scott and kitty Anya in Nevada where we do fun things like work, pay bills, and eat cookies. My blog is all about documenting my silly life and looking for the good in every day. Sometimes I even throw in a craft or recipe or two!

I’m a dabbler. I like to take pictures, but I’m by no means a professional. I love thrifting vintage and non-vintage things, but sometimes I buy things at full price. I love to cook, but sometimes I make complete disasters.

I hope you’ll come stop by to see my successes and sometimes, even failures. Thank you so much for having me, Gentri! 


Lovely right?! So go check out her blog! Like, now!

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How was everyone's Thanksgiving?! Or- How was everyone's Thursday?! :D I had a great Thanksgiving, it was a little different this year. Usually we get all dressed up, go see a movie, come home and eat dinner, then lounge on the couch. But there were no movies we wanted to see this year (my dad wasn't really excited about Breaking Dawn... Shocking?), and it was just my sister, mom, dad, grandma, uncle, and myself. (we usually have more people) So instead- my dad and I took the 4wheeler up into the hills before our early dinner. It was a lovely morning/afternoon in the mountains. My kinda day. :)

It was crisp and overcast. You could feel the temperature drop as we climbed.
(yes, that's a frozen pond)

I can't get enough of these mountains.

We also saw lots of wildlife! Now, I KNOW these pictures are TERRIBLE. But I had to zoom a lot. And my camera only has a 10x zoom before it starts loosing quality... Plus these animals would have ran if we had gotten any closer. So bad photos it is...
Wild Turkeys (how appropriate right?!) and mountain goats. Also some deer, but I didn't take any pics. I see them all the time.

If you look closely you can see the mountain goats to the side of me. 3 white dots. One is up higher and the other two are down lower.

Here's my dad! Gotta love his puffy orange coat. At least it kept us safe and easily spotted by those families who were in the hills practicing their shooting...

Here's a 360 degree collage from where we stopped. It's crazy how different Utah is. On the East we have the beautiful lush mountains and on the West we have the vast dry deserts.

Then we headed home and had our Thanksgiving feast! Mmmmmmmm....

Everything was made from scratch. My mom and grandma are awesome. She was practically finished by the time I'd offered to help. I need to be better at that. She starts the night before so it's not so hard the next day.
Sweet Potatoes with roasted Marshmallows
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Homemade Rolls
Homemade and homegrown Grape Juice
Turkey (duh!)
oh it was dellliiiiiissssssshhhh....

There was/is pie. But I didn't even think to take a pic. I don't like pie, so I just had second dinner... :/ haha! (don't judge me too much- our first dinner was really like lunch... haha!)

I'd love to hear how your Thanksgiving/ Thursday was! Please, do tell! :)

Might as well enter the Poshlocket Giveaway while you're here! :)


My bad... Missed one.

Missed a sponsor! Ah!

Meet tiffany!

This was a live band night at the old historic hotel where we (my hubby) met swing dancing. This was one of the best nights swing dancing at this historic hotel. The same hotel I met my hubby just a couple months before this picture was taken. Little did I know I would marry him.

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Favorite Shots- Sponsor Edition

Hey Guys!
I wanted to introduce you to my LOVELY lovely sponsors today! I was really tired of the normal "Sponsor Spotlight" posts so with the help of awesome bloggers (sarah) we're doing things differently. I've asked each of my sponsors to send me their favorite picture of themselves and a short description as to why it's their favorite. :) Read, enjoy, then hop over to each of their blogs and say HI!

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"I love being a wife, stay at home mom, and pugs. This picture represents my life so accurately right now which is why it's my current favorite picture. Very busy, but very fun."

Rolled Up Pretty:
"The reason I love this picture is because I am at lunch with my bestie Sara and that fancy scarf I am wearing and the cute little treasures I'm holding were some sweet gifts she brought back for me from Belgium and Paris.  I love her and I LOVE eating lunch with her every week.  This is my happy place."

Adventures of Newlyweds:
"I love this photo because I was surrounded by my closest friends and family and everyone was having so much fun!"

Awesomely Awkward:
"This is my favorite picture of me and my husband taken last summer. It shows how goofy we are. He's squinting because we are in a cave and I have my goofy "I'm so excited smile"."

Hue and Hum:
"I'm trying to enjoy the last few warm days with Albus before they're all gone."

Kristie Was Here:
"I'm a fan of this photo because it shows me and my ever present sidekicks: a smile and a camera. Can't go wrong with either."

Lil Noodle Bug:
"At the end of the day, I am a very simple person and all I truly need in life is God, Love, my Family, and of course Cute Shoes and Accessories!"
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Little Somethings By Little Lo Hood:
"This photo is of a friend and me at the waterfront in Burlington, Vermont. I grew up in Vermont and went to college in Burlington, I no longer live there and miss it so much, so this photo certainly has a special place in my heart."

Lovely Little Rants:
"Favorite photo because that is my twin brother, my best friend, the coolest kid ever, and he is currently on his mission, not a day goes by where I can't WAIT for him to come home in a little less than a year. :)"
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Mr. Taylor and His Lady:
"How classic is this 90's photo? It is my favorite because it highlights just some of my favorite people in my life, and showcases our personalities quite well!"
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My Remedy:
"This is my favorite photo of me for my Remedy because I'm wearing one of my favorite pieces (the tribal necklace), one of my favorite dresses (by Betsey Johnson), I'm outdoors AND my cousin took it (who I rarely see because she lives in Switzerland <3!)."
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My Soul is the Sky:
"This is my favorite photo because it perfectly depicts my personality and given the proper tools, circumstances, people, and props these are the adventures I love most! [ps. we only had one mask so I was forced to improvise and this is what my mastermind came up with.]"

Odds and Ends:
"I love this man and I love my birthday - and this photo combines both which is why I love it so much! (photo taken on my birthday last week)"
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Rogue and Whimsy:
"I've attached a photo from my beautiful wedding day two years ago when I married my best friend :)"
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And Here's to You Mrs. Robinson:
"This picture represents all my dreams fulfilled. And then some!"

Boyish Chic:
"I'm totally diggin' this photo for Boyish Chic because it describes me pretty perfectly: feminine with a boyish edge & a total goofball (+ it reminds me not to take life too seriously because sometimes I'm a workaholic!)."

Gastronomical Sovereignty:
"This photo was taken on Galiano Island just before I moved there to work for the Summer - it's my favourite not because of the fond memories I have of that job (because there are none) but rather because of the glowing sun, the smell of boat dock (I love that smell), the peaceful forrest, and the salty sea air - it just doesn't get any more West coast."
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Head Over Heels:
"This is the night I got engaged, I was so happy that night. I couldn't look away from my husband's face when he was proposing, I didn't even look at the ring. He was all that I needed. {the ring was beautiful though!}"

Little Miss LJ:
"This is a picture of me on the happiest day of my life- my wedding to the love of my life :)"
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Our Favorite Things:
"My Vintage Triumph Bycicle is the best present my Husband has ever bought me. He rescued 'Tilly' from the local dump and restored her. The woods here are private but we get to visit and camp in there amongst the Bluebellls whenever we like. It's our little piece of heaven."

So, hi:
"Here is a picture of me and my man. It encompasses everything I love about my life, my man, sillyness, laughs and mustaches. :)"
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The Spotted Umbrella:
"Here is a picture that we love because we are huge Harry Potter fans and so we made the most out of
the last movie and dressed up one last time!"

Trailer Gypsy:
"I love this photo because it includes some of my very favorite things, tights, cardigans, and berries for making jam."


Blogger of the Week: Classic and Bubbly

Hey guys! Today we have the guest post from this week's Blog of the Week! This week is Stesha from her blog Classic and Bubbly. Her blog is so fun and full of beautiful photos, and I love her "Bubbly Tuesdays" series! So check out her guest post then hop on over to her blog!


Hello readers of Gentri Lee! I am so so excited to be featured as Gentri's blog of the week you have no idea!!!! How fabulous is her blog? I started following Gentri when I first entered the blog world and I looked at her page so much it just become a site on my top visited pages. Clearly you all can see why!

Anyways, I am Stesha from Classic & Bubbly. I am a twenty-something year old girl who has always been looking for a special place in life. I started Classic & Bubbly as an outlet from the real world and turned it into my creative space for my photography. I love love LOVE photographs. It started as a love I developed as a young child and now has turned into my career path. I use my blog as a way to share my passion for photography sharing with all of you the session that I do. aaaaand some photos of me too :)

Each week I have a link-up on Classic & Bubbly called Bubbly Tuesday. Its awesome! (well I think it's awesome, come over and decide yourself though!) Tuesday's have always been a down day of the week for me. Monday you still have a little high from the weekend, Wednesday is hump day, and well Thursday and Friday are almost the weekend... SO I challenge my readers and myself each Tuesday to do something just for themselves. It can be ANYTHING you want. A simple walk, dinner with friends, sky diving, playing golf. ANYTHING, as long as you take the time to do it for Y.O.U! Each week I do a post on what my Tuesday is consisting of, or what the past Tuesday was, and you all can link up with me! You get to share anything you are doing, and why it makes your day Bubbly. Check out some previous Bubbly Tuesday pictures.




Looks like fun right? You should probably link up next week!!!

Thats a little about me and my blog. Thanks Gentri for choosing me as the featured blog of the week. I am beyond honored.



See?! LOVE her! Now go check out her blog and give her some love. :)


Mason Jar Snow Globes DIY

Hey guuuuuyssss!! I hope you all enjoyed Package Pals! It was super fun! I am so happy to have worked with all of those girls! If you would like to view all of the package pal posts you can find them HERE. :) I promise I'll announce when the next round will be- SOON! If you already know you'd like to participate you can email me at packagepals(at)gmail(dot)com!

Oh! And if you're interested in sponsoring Gentri Lee for the month of December- email me at gentrileeblog(at)gmail(dot)com. You can find all of my sponsor info HERE. :)

Today I'm going to show you all how to make your very own snow globe! Hooray! I've always loved snow globes and thought it'd be fun to make my own. :) This took LOTS of trial and error. But I finally did it! Here we go...

First you'll need:
Mason Jars
Liquid Glycerin (this helps the snow fall slower)
Distilled Water
Fake Snow
Hot Glue
Your Choice of Figures
Optional- I found rocks (in the pet section at wal-mart. I figured they'd be nicer than ones from the yard) so that my figures would stand taller.

All of these things can be found at your local grocery store. (I did have to go to Hobby Lobby for the trees. But I'm sure as it gets closer to Christmas they'll be easier to find)

Step One- Hot glue your scene to the bottom of the Mason Jar lid and let it dry.
Be sure to fit your scene on the inside of the rim. It won't fit otherwise. Also be sure to measure the height of your scene to fit in the jars you've selected.
I decided to go with a woodland animal theme. I love them. :)

Step Two- Place one to two tablespoons of snow and a dash of liquid glycerin in the bottom of the Mason Jar.

Step Three- Fill the Mason Jar with the distilled water. You'll want it pretty full but remember that your scene will take up space as well.

Step Four- Place the lid (with the scene) onto the mason jar and screw the lid on TIGHTLY.


*NOTE* the snow may float at first. But the longer it sits in the water the more it will sink to the bottom.:)


Package Pals Party- Group 5

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! I hope you're all having a great weekend so far! Today we have our 5th (and LAST!) group of Package Pals! They all did a wonderful job! So enjoy and then check out their blogs!

Group 1- Nnenna and Cat
"Hi there- this Nnenna from star-crossed smile!  I had so much fun participating in Package Pals and getting to know my pal Cat from the UK!  We discovered we shared a mutual obsession with nail polish, so of course I had to pick up a bottle for her and things took off from there :)  Check out what else we exchanged and I already can't wait for the next round of Package Pals! -Nnenna"

"Hey guys! My name's Cat & my gorgeous package pal is Nnenna. I'm from England & she's from New York. I absolutely love buying presents for other people, so when Gentri asked me to take part in Package Pals, I jumped at the chance! I've had so much fun finding presents for Nnenna. So please have a look at what we swapped & I hope all of you will consider taking part in the next swap 'cos it's such an amazing experience! -Cat"

Group 2- Amber and Rita
"Package Pals was such a great experience! I really enjoyed meeting a new friend, especially since I'm new to the blogging world. Its great to see that snail mail is still important to some people! I enjoyed expanding my crafts knowledge to make my package special and really hope to continue writing to my pal in the future. I just hope Rita enjoys everything I sent her! -Amber"

"I`m Rita, I'm from Portugal and It was ever so fun to take part of the Package Pal experience. 
My PP was Amber Kozo and she is from Maryland, U.S.A. We had to put together a package full of goodies and send to each other, can you imagine having more fun?! It was really fun changing e-mails and getting to know Amber better -Rita"

Group 3- Amanda and Kristy
"Cincinnati goes to Australia: Hey everyone, my name is Amanda and I'm from Cincinnati. My amazing  package pal is Kristy who happens to be from Australia! Getting to know Kristy has been a blast and it has been so fun putting together items that are unique to my amazing city. Here's a sneak peak of what was sent her way! -Amanda"

"A pocketful of Australia with a sprinkling of travel inspirations. My name is Kristy Bayliss and I live on the Gold Coast in Australia. Participating in package pals was just as rewarding as I thought it would be. I have made a great new friend in Amanda and we heaps of things in common. It was great to learn all about her home town of Cincinnati and I can't wait to hear more. My package for Amanda has a little touch of Australia and a small gift that will hopefully inspire her to get on a plane to Paris and explore the world....possibly with a stop over in Australia. -Kristy"

Group 4- Melissa and Nicole
"The oc weekly: a Local mag about our lil town, and the book believe with quotes from wine the pooh (my fav) and other motivating people! An orange crush to represent the city of orange. Tons of fun old fashioned candy from out local antique stores.. A magnet from our local soda fountain! The finished package getting put in a box to ship! Southern California meets Northern California... Some would say California is California... Wrong! My package pal Nicole and I came from two place so close yet so far from each other you would think they were different countries! Package Pals was a great experience and I can wait until the next round!! -Melissa"

"My package pal was from Orange county here in California where I am from, although, Northern and Southern California are like two different countries!  But really, this was an awesome experience and I would do it again in a second.  I have told a few friends about this and they want to do it so badly!  I was so excited to learn about my new pal and check out her blog.  I feel blessed to have made a new friend.  Great idea Gentri! -Nicole"

Group 5- Kacey and Kirsten
"Hey everyone!! My name is Kacey and I am from the middle of Canada! I absolutely love living in the prairies and have really enjoyed getting to know Kirsten who currently lives in D.C. There are a lot of differences and similarities between Canada the the United States, and it was fun seeing them surface between Kirsten and I. I thought I'd send her a few things that represent Canada and where I am from. Check out how I view my country with the items I sent to my Package Pal! -Kacey"

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing what all of these wonderful ladies sent. It was such a fun experience and I can't wait to do it again soon! I'll keep everyone updated on when exactly that'll be. :)

You can check out the previous Package Pal posts here:

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Package Pals Party- Group 4

Hey everyone! We've got our 4th group of Package Pals today! Once again- these ladies have done a fabulous job. I love everything they sent each other- it's all so thoughtful and perfect. :) Read and enjoy!

Group 1- Kate and Michaela
"HELLO! My name is Kate and as a South African living in New York, I just love learning new
things about different parts of America. When I was partnered with Michaela from Iowa I was thrilled as I know very little about her home state. I had so much fun putting together a "New York style" parcel for my package-pal and had even more fun unpacking all the goodies she sent me! Come on over and check out how it all went down. -Kate"

"The Big Apple in Iowa?! Hey there, I'm Michaela, and I'm from a small town in Iowa. Kate was my lovely package pal, and she just happened to be from the streets of NYC! We had a blast explaining our towns, and talking about all those little things that made them what they are. We had so much fun, why not check out our packages? -Michaela"

Group 2- Amy and Kristy
"Hey there! I am Amy. The second I heard Miss Gentri had a package pal I was envious. The second she posted that I could get one too I was ecstatic. And then, when I was paired with Kristy from I was over the moon. She is by far the wittiest person I've ever conversed with. From that first hello I was laughing - everything the girl says is funny. So I'm sure you can guage my excitement level when I actually opened the package. They are very big on recycling in Canada, which I love, so some of my packaging made it's way back to me. Along with these really funny bandaid stickers, each one made me smile. And while I was excited about the Canadian maple syrup I was swooning over the homemade blueberry butter (which is now almost gone). I thought the most fantastic thing she gave me (aside from her favorite book, because I LOOOVE books) was the mix tapes (cd's) she made me. They made me laugh, they made me look at my cd player in my car like it was on crack, and made me feel like I just KNEW her. My fingers are itching to put my next box of goodies together for her and can't wait to see what I else I can learn about Kristy and Canada especially if it includes anything else she cooks up in that kitchen of hers. -Amy"

"Package pals. Is. Awesome. And so is Amy (even if she is from Utah - jk Amy!). I'm Kristy from Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C.. Connecting with her over vast distances and getting to know a bit about her and where she's from has been an incredible experience! I can't even tell you how stoked I was to plan out the box I sent Amy and how elated I felt when her box arrived for me - I almost popped like a balloon out of excitement! Everything she sent me was just so rad AND she included a list, each item assigned a designated number to explain why she sent what she did! Amy is a kind, generous, and very thoughtful woman and I'm proud to have "met" her - don't think our packages are stopping here. I'm already planning her next one ;) For the time being though, here's what she sent me. -Kristy"

Group 3- Whitney and Chloe
"My package pall is the lovely Whitney & here are the items i have sent to her.. Some of my fav chocs & sweets A Will’s & Kate pillow a cat jelly mould and some lil witches from the witches shop...  Leaflets from attractions near to were i live A best of british book, telling of how fab we brits are Peter rabbit was my favourite book as a kid All wrapped & ready to go I haven’t gotten my package yet, can’t wait... -Chloe"

Group 4- Kate and Karly
"From Michigan to Idaho (the mitten to the potatoes!!) a goodie box full of great etsy finds, some sweet treats and a few more surprises made it's way to my package pal Karly! It was fun to break out the kraft paper and finger knitting and share a bit of myself with a new pal. -Kate"

"Idaho is kind of a crazy crazy place! We're known for our potatoes and so I sent her an "idaho spud" candy! Yep, candy! I also sent her a spud keychain and some other fun stuff! Christmas is just around the corner so I thought she'd like some cozy socks and some coloring books to cuddle up in a blanket with! Idaho is pretty bomb, so I was glad I got so share of it with kate! :] -Karly"

Group 5- Ariana and Laura
"I was so excited to see my package from Laura propped up on our stoop when I got home from work! It was the day before Halloween :) I loved the cute little Vampires notebook, little did she know: my hubby and I were vampires for Halloween, so it totally worked out! Also, she sent me an adorable Eiffel Tower key chain -- Et je parle francais! (And I speak French!) Of course, I love crafts so the stickers she sent me really came in handy, too. All in all, I loved being able to participate in the Package Pals of 2011 and look forward to reading about everyone else's experiences. -Ariana"

"Packages pals was fun! My partner and I did a 'favorites' box, we both sent each other our favorite things, and it was a really fun way to get to know each other! -Laura"
*Unfortunately Laura's computer broke so she won't be able to post about Package Pals, but you can still check out her blog!

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